• Sick Days

    Life for the last 4 days has been miserable. Gress, myself and Rad have all been sick. We have been on the couch most hours of the day watching movies. But in the moments of Gress thinking “the bug is gone from his body” he has been entertainment. He dressed up in costume and played out “baby Jesus” with his finger puppets. This kid makes me smile even when I feel at my worst.

  • Brotherly Love…

    Gress has always loved babies and even when I was pregnant, he seemed to show love to “sweet pea” who was soon to come. Now that Mcree is here, he wakes up looking for him, wanting to hold him and kissing and singing to him throughout the day. It is fun to think about what their relationship will look like when they get older. Here are a few photos of Mcree getting loved on…

  • Firsts

    Mcree got his first bath (finally!). We were waiting until his belly button scab fell off, which seemed to take a while. Mcree wasn’t so happy about getting bathed but in the end, he smelled so good and took the longest nap yet. Here is proof of how much he enjoyed it!

  • Goodbyes

    It has been a crazy 3 weeks with a new baby. Lots of sleepless nights, lots of dirty diapers, and lots of trying to figure out what to do with a new baby. I thought maybe because I had one already I would have it all figured out. That WAS NOT the case. I feel like in a way I am starting all over. Luckily my mom has been here for the last 3 weeks and honestly I couldn’t have survived without her. She kept the house running (doing laundry, feeding the dogs, cooking, cleaning the house, entertaining Gress and putting up with his attitude and so much more). She was also a sounding board, a HUGE help in EVERYTHING, giving me the confidence that I was doing things right, and standing by me as a friend when I needed that most. Today she had to leave and there have been lots of tears, mostly mine but Mcree had his share and even Gress did at times. I miss her terribly. We all do here at the Harrell house!! THANKS Mom for everything!!!!

  • A week ago…

    Life is very beautiful and different than a week ago. We are all loving our time with Mcree and can’t seem to get enough cuddling with him. People used to tell me that your love doesn’t split between your two kids but grows double. I didn’t quite know how that would feel but I am overwhelmed by how much I love this little guy. He has no idea how much he is loved…and that makes me smile knowing how loved he will be growing up. We savor his awake times (yes even at the wee hours of the morning). Gress can’t get enough time holding him either..and that makes me smile even bigger. Here are a few photos just a week ago…

  • Delivery Photos

    Due to being in the OR, our delivery photos are limited but here are some first sweet moments with Mcree.

  • Mcree Inman Harrell

    We are so happy to welcome the newest member of our family, Mcree Inman Harrell to the world. He was born Wednesday, November 17,  at 4:32pm.

    We ended up having to deliver him via c-section as he was breach, actually standing up in my belly. I tried EVERYTHING to get him to turn (chiropractor, acupuncture, standing on my head, and handstands in the local pool). But come to find out, he probably would have never turned anyway. We had him on his due date. I am still recovering from the pain that comes with that kind of surgery (I really had no idea how much it would hurt). Thankfully my mom is here to help me with ALL the many things I need help with (which is quite a bit). So far (in the short days I have been with Mcree) he seems to be an easy baby. He both eats and sleeps really well and loves to be cuddled. We are loving this sweet time with him and the 3 of us can’t seem to get enough of him. 


    More photos to come…


  • Today is the day!!

    The day is finally here! We get to meet baby Harrell today. I am going in for a c-section at 1:30pm (since this baby decided not to turn). We could use some prayers for Rad to feel better as he came down with a pretty nasty bug yesterday and is slowly getting better. We could also use prayers that his germs to not spread to the rest of the household. We are crossing our fingers it is only a 24 hour bug or we will have to superimpose Rad into the background of the photos! 🙂 He looks better today so I am hopeful! This isn’t how I planned on delivering this baby (with a c-section) but I know God has it all in His hands. Praying I can be used as a light during this time.

    Soon, we will finally find out if this baby is a girl or boy!!! More news to come!



  • Baby Update

    We have been overly enjoying our family time together with reading books in bed, having family movie nights, and sharing great toddler conversations together. It seems like we have been waiting for this next member of the Harrell house to get here for a LONG time. Now that the moment is close, Rad and I both keep looking at each other in disbelief that we will have another kid. Baby Harrell has decided to remain laying sideways in my belly with no turning whatsoever. Today it seems it has run out of room as I have finally reached full waddle and uncomfortableness. People look at me in amazement that I have not had this baby. Perhaps it is the positioning that makes my belly look so odd, I don’t know. My view is a little skewed. Our midwives decided that we had to set a due date to have a c-section, in hopes that the baby would turn or that we could finally bring this child into the world. We met with an unbelievable doctor who met with us for an HOUR AND A HALF just so we could get to know each other and told us that relationships are the riches of this world. We couldn’t have asked for a more caring man and a skilled one at that (that has brought over 5,000 babies into this world). So I have finally come to grips with the fact that this baby may not come the way I planned but it will come regardless. The C-section is scheduled for Wednesday, November 17th…my due date. The doctor would have liked to deliver it this week but Rad and I wanted a few more days…. just to be us. I think Gress is the most excited to meet this new little person. He has his baby in the baby swing and will sit in front of it rocking it and giving toys to it. Oh how loving he will be.