• A Little Place called Heaven

    Ok, really it is called Edisto (in South Carolina) but it feels like a piece of Heaven. Gress and I went to visit one of our friends there for a few days. It was way too much fun, and so much fun we decided to stay an extra day. Gress is still talking about catching crabs, riding in the boat and playing at the beach everyday with Stella. THANKS Stella and Liz for sharing BB and BobBob with us!

  • Visitors

    We love seeing familiar faces….and seeing PawPaw and Grandmommy was quite a surprise. Gress loved spending time with them and it had definitely been WAY TOO long since we last caught up on life. We feel lucky we got to see them. THANKS for the visit!!

  • Ahhh, take me to the beach

    It had been a few weeks since we put our feet in the sand and, with the crazy work schedule that has taken over the month of July, finally we got the chance to get away. Gress and I were practically running down the boardwalk with gleeful anticipation to get our feet on the beach. There was NO one there and we pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves. I love this place! It always makes me feel at home!

  • Dogs

    Gressett usually asks people if they have dogs. When they ask him if he has any, he immediately says, “yes, Jesse is old and she is going to die.” They look at me like we are a little crazy and I just chuckle at the fact that yes, one day that will happen. Things die. We have a lot of conversations lately after those comments about plants and bugs dying. The fact is, Jesse has gotten old. And we are enjoying every minute we can with her.

  • More Firsts

    This week Gress had 2 more firsts…

    1) A Baseball Game with the Sand Gnats. Gress loved going and on our way there said, “I have never been to a baseball game before.” It was a blast and we will definitely be doing it again.

    2) A movie in the movie theatre. They have free movies every week for kids and this week was Charlotte’s Web. Gress sat on the edge of his chair for the whole movie and loved watching it on the big screen while eating his popcorn. We will definitely be going back to do this again.

    Gress loved going with his buddy Mason to both of these. THANKS Mason!

  • Happy Hearts

    Our hearts were overflowing this last weekend while Gress’ buddies Luke and Jake came for a visit. It was so much fun to have them here and we loved every minute of it. A BIG THANK YOU to Kristen for making the trek with the two boys alone. The last night there were here, Gress and Luke were sleeping in the same room and we were listening to the monitor. We heard Gress say, ” Buddy Luke, Buddy Lukey, I am going to miss you when you leave.” And Luke mumbled something and Gress said, “speak up, speak up.” Our hearts melted. We miss them already!!!

  • Dad….how we love you

    I have loved watching Rad being an amazing father to Gress. And I have loved watching Gress be fully involved in all details of whatever it is that Rad is doing. They have such a sweet connection and I am so thankful I get to have a front row seat. THANKS Rad for the way you love our sweet boy! You are incredible.

    Rad and Gress planted a sunflower seed sometime back and have been taking care of it together ever since. On Father’s Day, one of the flowers bloomed. How very special to see Gress’ face and for him to share that with Rad.

  • New Friends

    It has taken us (ok me) awhile to feel somewhat settled in this new place we call home. Today, I realized I finally have those feelings. Perhaps a big part of  it is the people we have met that have openly invited us into their lives, and have walked with us in this new chapter.  With so many changes, it is good to finally feel more at home. Here is one family we have grown to love..the Smiths. 4 children, who all have their own sweet personalities. They like to swim as much as we do so swim-time is a regular occurrence at our house!

  • The Reason

    I am always melancholy at the end of my trip when I know I won’t see my grandparents for a while. Too much time has passed since we last saw them and I am so thankful for this time with them. I LOVE that Gress has gotten to see 3 of his great grand-parents during his life. I don’t know how many more years we will be blessed to have them in our lives but thankful for the time we have gotten.

  • Leaving on a jet plane….

    It had been WAY too long since we last saw my grandparents. So we decided to take a trip out west. It was fun flying with Gress now that he is a bit older. And it was so fun to go with Aunt Karin, hang out with my mom, and see my sweet grandparents. We also got to take a trip to the “Out of Africa” Wildlife Preserve in the MIDDLE of the desert. We took a safari ride through the desert, fed the giraffes, camels, hung out with the zebras, lions and all the desert animals. It was WAY TOO COOL and has now become a tradition to add to our trips! Another special moment was a book of questions we are asking my grandparents to try and document parts of their life. I love knowing more about them.