• Sweet conversations….

    My conversation with Gress (while he was sitting on the potty pooping).

    Gress: “Mom, when I grow up and have kids, I want Mcree to be my neighbor. He can live next door to us.”

    Me: “That would be sweet but Gress, I probably won’t be living with you when you are grown up and have your family.”

    Gress: “Mom, you can have more kids, like 5 kids.”

    I wasn’t sure what else to say. Then Gress said, “Mom, will you tell me a story…one of you as a little girl.”

  • 4 months

    Can you believe Mcree is already 4 months old? Ok so he is really 4+months old and I am a little late with these photos. Time seems to be moving so fast these days. Mcree loves to grab his feet, chew on his fingers, swing his arm to make toys move, bounce as hard and high as he can in his bouncy seat, laugh at Gress, and scoot down wherever you set him. He is a sweet sweet baby and I just love being around him.

  • Parenting 101

    Where do we learn to parent? I know I learned a lot of great things from my parents about how to discipline, how to love, how to encourage…and maybe there are a few things I would do differently..I think we all want to make our own path. I find myself often times doing what “feels right” and not always paying close attention to how I parent. I love to see other parents discipline and guide their children as I still have SO MUCH to learn. I am a new parent and I know this stage of parenting is a lot easier than some of my friends with older kids have it. But there are times I just don’t know what to do. Yesterday, I had one of those moments.

    Gressett has been going to swimming lessons twice a week for the month of March and I have only gone with him a few times as usually Rad is the one to brave the range of emotions Gress often shows. The first weeks he was excited and had fun, that was until they asked him to jump off the wall and go under water. Gress was not having that. The other 3 kids in the class can swim underwater and Gress was still trying to convince the teacher that he was ok in the water as long as he didn’t have to go under. Every week Rad would give me the update of how it went (or didn’t go). This week was my week to go with Gress alone. Rad has tried everything from encouragement, to modeling, to being hard, to explaining why we need to learn to swim (so we don’t die! ) 🙂 I thought on the car ride there I had talked Gress into going underwater. NOPE! The second he had to jump off the side he started crying, making a scene, and acting out. This is the moment as a parent that you have to assess what you are going to do. I let him be for a minute, then stood by trying to encourage him, then told him he was being crazy, then I finally told him I was going to push him if he didn’t jump. That was the moment I put up my hands as a parent and really didn’t know what to do. I KNOW he is scared but he has done it and can do it again. But I didn’t want to scar him emotionally. In my mind I thought, if I want to teach my child, why am I leaving this up to someone else? Do I get in the water and help him to learn? Luckily, another swim teacher came over and said, let me take him for a few minutes while you go for a walk. Gladly I went (as she has helped him before). He was screaming for me (which made it even harder to leave) but then she jumped in the water over and over with him and got him to put his face in the water. Yes, we will be having private lessons with this lady and I think I will soon be in the water more.

    I know I will face this “moment” many times in my parenting life. I will be at the place where I just don’t know what to do. No book will tell me. It will just be a moment where I get on my knees and God reminds me this is his child, and I am just lucky enough to have him to love while I am here on this earth.

    I just went back to check on Gress as he was screaming for me. When I got there he told me he saw a big shadow with sharp claws and teeth and it was moving. He was too scared to go back to sleep so he asked me to rub his back. Was that a ploy? I don’t know but he is now laying in our bed until he falls asleep. I am glad that I still have that soft side of me that gives in to those moments.

  • missed…

    It is a good thing knowing you are missed. Gress had tears for me from miles away and there was no doubt he missed his little brother immensely. There was lots of loving and silliness from Gress when we got back. It’s good to be home…

  • Random Photos

    Who says the second child has less photos than the first born? This week there are definitely more photos taken of Mcree! 

  • Grandparents

    There is a special bond between grandparents and their grandkids. Gress is constantly making up stories of him with one of his grandparents. He always says, “when I was at Grandpas” and since we don’t call any of his grandpas that we have to clarify and ask him which grandpa he is taking about, which really doesn’t matter since the story is made up anyway! 🙂 I love seeing how sweet these relationships can be. We have missed seeing PawPaw and Grandmommy and are so glad we got to spend some time with them!! I think Grandmommy might have packed up Mcree in her suitcase and taken him with her if we weren’t looking!

  • The balance

    I have yet to figure out the balance between being a mom, a wife, a child of God, and a producer. I admit that sometimes one or most areas fail while one area really succeeds, and that is mostly when work is involved. A job comes in, and all of my other duties get put on hold. It is challenging…and THANKFULLY I have people around me that understand and step in to help. I had a job last week in Atlanta where I had to scout people and their dogs ALL over the state of GA it seemed and at the same time scout parks ALL over Atlanta from sun up to sun down most days. Since Mcree won’t take a bottle, guess who got to tag along with me. Luckily my mom was still in town helping my sis and so she came with me on a sightseeing tour of GA. I couldn’t have done it without her…ok I could have but I would have been a stressed out wreck. And THANK YOU to my sister for letting me steal mom for a few days. AND THANKFULLY I have an amazing husband who loves to be around our kids and he got to spend some quality time with just Gress. It was weird being separated as a family. There was a feeling in me yearning to be back home. But I must say, this little Mcree..he is a great baby. He just was along for the ride and didn’t mind that most of our trip was spent in a car seat. So THANK YOU to all of you who carried my load!! Couldn’t have done it without you!

  • Busy Weeks

    These last few weeks seem like a blur to me. Every night I keep thinking, THIS will be the night Mcree sleeps through the night. It has only happened once and sadly I couldn’t sleep as I was worried something was wrong with him. I think I run fully on auto pilot. I keep track of my days by what activities we do on certain days. I often get tired 2 hours into my day..pathetic! If only I had half the energy that Gress has. Just think of all the things I could accomplish. I hope my sleep depravation isn’t erasing my memory for these sweet moments that are happening right now. I keep telling myself…savor…enjoy….and you can sleep later! 🙂

  • Sweet Baby Girl

    I always wanted my sister to have kids…although for most of my life I thought that would never happen. It is almost impossible to describe the amazing feelings you experience when you have your own child. We went to visit Layla last week and it was incredible to see the unending devotion my sister has for her new baby. She now knows those feelings that well up in you, those feelings you thought never existed…until a baby came along.  Welcome to motherhood Karin. It is going to be a wild and amazing ride! I can’t wait to have a front row seat!

    Gress loved seeing Layla the most. We got in the car and he said, “I love Layla. She is my new favorite cousin. When I grow up I am going to marry her.” THAT’S LOVE!