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Remembering when…

We miss you Maeve… we miss your sweet smile, your ability to make us feel like everything was going to be just fine, your love for life, and your ability to want to grasp every moment you could and just dwell and dream of what was next. We are teaching Gress to say Maeve…come back!

Sleepy Head!

It is no fun to be sick. It is even less fun be attached to a sick 1 year old for 3 days. Luckily, Gress chose Rad, not me. THANKS GRESS! I actually got a lot done in those 3 days. Rad didn’t. In a sweet moment of Gress actually taking a nap, this is the only place he would lay…in his parent’s bed!



Remember when

Do you remember the last time you learned a life task? Well I don’t. Gressett learned to rock himself in the salvaged rocking chair today. I set him in it, he smiled really big and started rocking back and forth. Who knew? I better start learning some tasks myself or this little one is going to show me up! 

(P.S. this rocking chair was abandoned on the side of the road and Rad saved it, made it shinny and new again with the help of Grandma Mimi).

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Sit him in the sand, he eats it. Sit him in the pool, he splashes around. Sit him next to a pretty girl, he has no idea what is going on. Gress, you don’t know how good you have it! Thanks Stella for sharing your pool with us.


Good night sleep?

As I look at Gress, and I can’t help but giggling at the puffy eyes and bed head, and I realize to a 1 year old, that means it was a good night’s sleep. 


In denial…maybe

We had the incredible opportunity to share life with 2 amazing college students this summer. The first one was Maeve, a person who taught us how to love life fully and smile at every opportunity, good or bad. She was more than an intern and someone who has changed us. The second was Katie. Not only did we fall in love with her sweet, gentle heart, but Gressett found a new best friend in her. I have never heard him laugh more then when he was with her. There is a void today as both are gone and back to life as a college students. I miss them not only for the incredible help they gave but for the pouring out of their boundless energy and love on everything they both did. I find it hard to move forward today in searching for more people to fill that void. Those are some big shoes to fill! (Thanks Brad for the sweet hookup on these two!, we owe you BIG TIME!)

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Crazy Love…

I love my husband. I couldn’t imagine there was room left in my heart to love another the way I love him. And then this little person entered my life and captured my heart. Thanks Gressett for showing me the capacity of my heart. I now find myself loving my husband even more. Love is a crazy and wonderful thing. (Thanks Daley for capturing that moment with this photo.)

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Here we go…

This site is dedicated to Gressett, the one who has truly brightened our lives. In this journey, we hope to laugh often, learn from our mistakes, and instill great insight into our child. Here we go…fasten your seat belts, it is going to be a wild ride.

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