• The Dentist

    I have been told over and over that kids are supposed to see the dentist at 3 years of age. I really had a hard time believing this knowing their teeth fall out and they get new ones. But knowing how many cavities I had and wanting Gress to KNOW great teeth hygiene, I figured it was time. Today we went to the dentist to get his teeth cleaned. I wasn’t sure what he would do but he just hopped right up in the chair, the hygienist let him play with all of her tools which including spraying water everywhere, and then he laid in the chair and got his teeth cleaned while watching one of his favorite movies, The Incredibles. Gress was so interactive with the dentist and hygienist, tickling them and telling them they were joking. It was a proud moment watching him be a big boy in that situation. I personally dislike going to the dentist and so wanted his first experience to be a great one, which it was. THANKS to the team at our dentist office. I am not proud that afterwards he wanted a BIG m&m cookie from the Publix Bakery. Of course he got it and enjoyed it the whole way through the grocery store. Yes, we will be brushing good tonight!

  • Home life

    2 of Gress’ new favorite activities..

    1) Acting like he is killing something with the sword. ALL BOY and he even dresses up in his night hat.

    2) Licking the batter off the spoon while making brownies and pudding (since I don’t make this often, I must say he has NEVER done this and wow was it special). While he was licking it, he looked at me (as if he knew this was a rare moment) and said whole heartedly, “Mom, thanks a lot for letting me lick this!”

  • Dinners

    Lately it seems we have been eating out a little more. The thought of planning meals, going to the grocery store, and then coming home to make it all, and then clean up is just too much for this tired pregnant one! So we have been frequenting some of our favorite cheaper dinner places. It is great quality time to sit and just be together. I love looking across the booth at my boys and realizing that we will be asking for a table for 4 soon.

  • Remaining Moments

    I have tried to soak up my last remaining moments of life with Gress and Rad as just the 3 of us. Although my to do list is still unchecked and our schedule seems to be getting busier rather than slowing down, I am reminded these last few days that I have to wholeheartedly trust in God to carry me through this time. I am tired, I am slower, I am less patient but that is not how I want to remember the remainder of this time. I put these two verses up on our chalkboard a few weeks ago and have been trying to constantly dwell on where God has us. Little did I know that I would really need to hear these words throughout these last weeks.










    I am still trying to get this baby to turn and it may just wait until the last minute or it may decide to stay right where it is. Either way, I have to trust God has me right where he wants me and focus on that. I am tired of the appointments of poking and pushing this way and that and the weekly updates of nothing has changed. I can’t say I am 100% ready to deliver this baby (as I can’t seem to get my bags packed), and I can’t say I am ready to not have one on one time with sweet Gress. But I am ready to meet this new little person God designed. How amazing that moment will be.

    But for now, I am going to savor every last moment of rest, every last moment of cuddling with my boys, and every sweet moment we are a family of 3. Gress and I found some mistletoe on the ground today and I held it up over his head and gave him a kiss. He then told me he liked the “kissletoe!” He also prayed last night for dragons and cows udders. I love this kid. So grateful to have him on this journey!

  • Trick or Treat

    Best highlights of the night:

    Hanging out with some great neighbors at a neighborhood party.

    Watching 18 kids trick or treat at 1 door for over 15 blocks (the poor person that answered that door bell!).

    Seeing the sweet older kids take care of Gress (helping him get candy, waiting for him, calling him their buddy, and once he got too tired, pushing him in the stroller and getting candy for him and not for themselves). WOW we have great neighborhood kids.

    Having the fire truck show up and the fireman hand out candy.

    People thinking my costume was a pregnant lady! (and realizing after 15 blocks of walking that when I waddled, it was the real thing….(wow I think I was more tired than Gress!)

    Ending our night at another neighborhood party (10 blocks from home 🙂

    This was the perfect way to start another year in Savannah.


  • Halloween











    The question for the last few weeks has been what is Gressett going to be for Halloween. Today I think the answer is he is going to be sweating. It is still hot here. So the costume is still up in the air. Our options: A lion, a handyman or buzz lightyear. His choice. We shall see.

    A few days ago we celebrated our 1 year anniversary in Savannah. It is hard to believe we have been here that long. I can remember unpacking boxes and Gress dressed as a cowboy. Time has flown and we have grown to love Savannah. This year we are headed to a neighborhood party and to trick our treat with some of Gress’ favorite neighbors (who have 5 kids!). It should be fun and probably one of my last big outings before this baby comes.

    Here are a few photos of a pumpkin patch we visited. Pumpkins don’t grow in Savannah so they fake it here by laying them in a field. Something felt a little odd about that but Gress had no clue. He loved riding the hay ride.


  • The countdown is on

    Today I have 27 days left until this baby is due. When I break it down to a little over 4 weeks, the panic wells up a bit and my heart beats a little faster. For the last many months, I have carried this child around on the inside of me and although the weight of it all now has gotten a bit heavy, managing one child is doable. I am not sure what I will do with 2 kids. Don’t get me wrong, I am overly excited to meet this new little person….but somehow managing 2 seems like it could be just a tad overwhelming. Lately I have lost my wallet, only to realize it after the checker got all my groceries bagged…I hit a pole in the parking deck with my car for no apparent reason, and that is just the start of it. Where will my brain be when this next one arrives, if I even have one left. Gress

    asked me yesterday if the baby was ready to come out and I said not yet and he said, can’t you just push it out. Seems he is more ready than me. On a side note, the baby is no where ready to be born (in my mind at least). Baby is facing head up or transverse (across my belly). The midwives are trying all their magic to get it to turn. Today I visit the chiropractor for the second time. Not sure what to think of that but we will see today what transpires. If nothing then the next action plan is to do handstands in the pool (for real). So please pray for baby to turn…soon! Thought you would enjoy some photos of what everyone talks about when they see me. The comments have ranged from, “how much longer can you walk,” to “that baby is coming out today.” I have tried to take it all in stride but I do occasionally say, “now was

    that a compliment to a pregnant women”, and people just go on with more comments. The best question has been am I ready to have this baby….and the answer is not quite yet. Although the to do list has dwindled down, I still want sweet time with just Rad and Gress before life is a little different. 

  • “Baby”

    “Baby” aka cabbage patch doll, aka “sweet pea” seems to go everywhere with us lately. If we go to the grocery, he is usually with us in the car. If we are watching tv, he is there too. If we are eating dinner, baby is usually not far away. Baby even cries, gets covered up, takes naps, and gets lots of love. It is sweet to watch Gress be so nurturing. These aren’t the best photos but you can see baby in EVERY shot!

  • Artist

    Gress has been taking great pride lately in anything he draws or paints. The other day while he was drawing on the chalk board he said, “look dad, I am an artist.” He loves to cut, paint, color, and create things. Our office looks like an art gallery, filled with his creations. It is fun to watch his skill level improve too. So here he is, in the apron I wore as a little girl, painting.

  • 10 Years

    It is hard to believe that 10 years ago I married my best friend. It has been an adventurous ride and I am so lucky to have Radford by my side. Who knew that we would be able to live out many of our dreams 1) to live near the beach, 2) have a growing family and 3) be working together in jobs that we love. Thanks for the amazing life Rad! I have loved living it with you!

    (We spent the night at several Savannah parties and then off to walk on the beach!)