• He knows what we need…..

    I feel overwhelming lucky to be where I am at this moment. For so many reasons. One in particular is that I have been able to experience another side of things from our neighbor kids. These children were abandoned, left behind, forgotten and yet their hearts are still in tact. They crave attention, love, someone to tell them they are good enough. I get to watch my husband as a teacher, a mentor, and a fun guy the kids love to be around. The second he walks in the backyard, they are there yearning to learn and help. It makes me sad to know what they are missing from those that should be providing all their needs….. yet I am so very thankful that God placed us in this very spot.

  • All BOY!

    I always wondered where boys got their roughness. I wondered if it was taught or ingrained in them. I learned this weekend that it is something innately built in them. I gasped at first, almost in awe that my child would push, shove, pull, and be “all boy.” But then when I saw him with an equally “all boy” friend, I realized how much God made them that way. THANKS LUKE for letting Gressett be all boy and for showing him what tough is all about!

  • Shared Moments….

    There have been many sweet moments these last few weeks, mostly due to Willa. Willa is Gress’ new nanny and he LOVES her. Willa likes to be outside as much as Gress does. She even let him pet a snake! She is so very sweet to him and I love seeing them interact. Here is a shot of her sharing her popcorn with him. Too cute!

  • BOYS will be boys!

    I watch in wonder at how boys are made. Loud, silly, full of boundless energy, rough, feisty, did I say loud? And then I smile, knowing Gressett is just like Radford. And I love to watch Radford with Gress. The way Radford does things are so different than how I would approach them, and yet I smile at knowing how very cool it is that Gress gets to experience it all. I wouldn’t give up my life for anything. I get to hang out with both of them, and simply enjoy life. What more could you ask for!

  • Too cool

    I can’t help but chuckle at the cuteness of this. 

  • Saturday Mornings


    Things I love about Saturday mornings,

    Hanging out in our pjs, waking up to Jesse and Mera and the way they make me feel I am the best thing ever, watching the dogs love on Gress, hearing the sweet babble of my baby, seeing my husbands sleepy face and knowing I get to spend the rest of my life with him.