• Favorite Things…

    Every day seems to be a new adventure in Savannah. Sometimes we stay inside and make up new activities, and sometimes we get out and explore the many things Savannah has to offer (which is a lot!).

    Some of our new favorite things are:

    1) cutting with scissors…yes seriously!

    2) water play of any kind…in the sink, in the fountains, and in the pool

    3) and hanging out with our new buddy Mason who is exactly the same size as Gress

  • Will you come play with me?

    Sometimes Gress thinks that visitors are only here for him. It is hard to explain that we have to share our friends. One person that is especially hard to explain that concept about is another one of Gress’ favorite people, Willa. Thankfully Gress did share her! THANKS Willa for coming to see us!!

  • Gressett is 3!

    Gressett turned 3 this Memorial Day Weekend. WOW! These last 3 years have flown by and I have enjoyed every minute with this little guy. I am so thankful I get to be in his daily details and watch him learn more and more about the world around him. THANKS Gress for bringing so much joy into our lives! One of Gress’ favorite people came to see him this weekend! POP! THANKS Pop for making the trip!

  • Morning by the Seashore

    There is not much better than walking with my boys by the early morning seashore. It makes me feel completely at home. Gress can’t get enough (and honestly me either). Gress and I have made many friends who love the beach too so we will be making weekly visits with all of them this summer! We can’t wait!

  • A Visit to the Farm…

    A few weeks ago I asked Gress what his full name was. He immediately said, “John Deere Harrell.” I KNEW he loved tractors, but to think he was named after one was pretty funny. I can’t imagine what his mind was thinking the moment he got to ride one. We went to visit some friends at their family Pecan Farm. WOW. I had NO idea what it took to harvest Pecans. This family opened their arms to us like we were part of their family and showed us the whole operation. Rad and I joke that when Gress is old enough to work we are sending him to a farm to show him what work really is. WELL, I think we found our place! Thanks Lanier Family for sharing the day with us! It was a blast!

    P.S. Gress’ serious face makes me laugh because there was so much excitement behind that straight face.

  • The many adventures

    It seems we have had lots of fun moments these last few weeks. I think the photos speak for themselves!

  • Who KNEW?

    Here are some fun moments from this last week:

    1) WHO knew Gress knew how to hold a bat or swing at a ball. We found it out when Nana played baseball with him.

    2) When you hear miniature pony, do you really think it can be as small as your 3 year old child? Too cute. This little guy (named Nacho) loved Gressett and followed him around everywhere. THANKS Nana for taking us to see the horses!

  • Friends

    I know I miss my friends and family…..but somehow I think that Gress is much more resilient than me. I realized this week he misses them as much as I do. When he sees his Aunt Karin or Nana and Willa or all of his little friends, he lights up with such excitement. He runs up to them, gets in their face and says hi. So cute to watch.