• 10 Years

    It is hard to believe that 10 years ago I married my best friend. It has been an adventurous ride and I am so lucky to have Radford by my side. Who knew that we would be able to live out many of our dreams 1) to live near the beach, 2) have a growing family and 3) be working together in jobs that we love. Thanks for the amazing life Rad! I have loved living it with you!

    (We spent the night at several Savannah parties and then off to walk on the beach!)

  • Sometimes you just don’t know what you will find

    I love walking into a room and wondering what Gress is up to. Today this is the scene I found. Gress was overly BUSY at work using saws, drills and going to town building something. I tried to not to giggle in front of him and quietly walked to get my camera. My heart was so happy watching him be a full fledged kid. He also has taken a liking to some of his stuffed animals, usually “knuffle bunny” (named after the book about him) and so I decided to get him a baby doll from the attic (that was my cabbage patch kid when I was a kid). He asked me today, mom, will you snuggle with me and baby. He sleeps with him, carries him around, covers him up and plays lullabies for him. Yesterday he closed the door and said we had to be quiet because the baby was sleeping (under the covers face down!) WOW is our next kid going to be loved and entertained!

  • Once a week

    We promised ourselves when we moved here that we would get to the beach once a week. We have slacked a little on that and this last week we decided to start it again. So Friday, we spent the afternoon and evening on the beach, playing in the big waves (as a result of the tropical storm), taking a walk, and sharing a family dinner on the beach. Ahh, we do love that place.

    And one more funny saying from Gress. Gress and Rad were in the car together and Gress said to Rad, “Dad, I have a surprise for you.” Rad said, “you do what is it?”. Gress said, “It is in my mouth.” And Radford said, “in your mouth?” And then Gress said, “It is love.”  WHERE DOES THIS KID COME UP WITH THIS STUFF!

    DO something you love today…and try to do it once a week!

  • Family of 3

    I have realized how very special this time is right now. In a few months we will no longer be a family of just 3. I have felt the need to really take time to focus on Gress and make him feel extra special. This last week we went to a baseball game (we attempted it before and got rained out so this was our make-up game). It was fun and a special memory we can all remember.

  • Gress’ Sayings

    Soo many times during my day I wish I had a notepad to write down all the fuuny, sweet and odd sayings that come out of Gress’ mouth. Here are just a few in the last few days:

    “Mom, I very much love you.”

    When given his options for desert (which lately has only been several fruit selections), he looks at me and says, “is that all? Can you tell me my options again?”

    He uses the word “actually” quite a bit.

    Just today he asked me if the baby was ready to come out and I said not yet. He said, “God will die and then he will give us the baby.” and I said, no Gress, God already gave us the baby but I have to push the baby out. And he said, “through your belly button.” and I said no Gress, and he looked at me kind of funny and then he said, “out your bottom” and I said ummm, through another part down there. Wasn’t quite sure I want to explain that one quite yet.

    Gress also asks you to tell him stories or sing him made up songs. Then he will tell you one or sing you something. Is is pretty funny.

    More to come!

    People will ask him if he is going to have a brother or  a sister and he will say, “I am going to have a brother and I will call him sweet pea.”

  • Funny Moments

    Some of the moments at the beach that really made us smile:

    We took the dogs to the beach and realized Jesse couldn’t walk down there, play and walk back so we decided to take her in the stroller one way (ok I did, Rad had nothing to do with it). I have to say I giggled the whole way to the beach. I think she appreciated the help! REALLY! It was bittersweet knowing this was her last BIG moment. You could really see her age show on the beach. She turns 14 years old in November. She has had a GREAT life!!

    Another fun moment was watching Gress chase the birds. He would sneak up on them, run as fast as he could and then make this scary face….

  • Just what we needed!

    Our amazing friends, the Andreens, invited us to come vacation with them to a beach home on Cape San Blas (FL). Not only was it in the middle of nowhere, (which in itself was incredible) but we pretty much had our own private beach and pool the entire time! We so needed some quality time away with good friends, and family time before this new addition is set to arrive. We also brought the dogs and had a blast watching them on the surf. And a big THANK YOU to Hollis for putting the finalizing touches on potty training Gressett. He know can do #2 in the potty (A BIG STEP!!) Gress also didn’t know how lucky he was to hang out with 2 darling girls for the entire week. THANKS Andreens for giving us this opportunity. It goes in the memory banks forever!!

  • Mom….

    I have found that it sometimes takes my mom to help me finish the overwhelming to do list I have set before myself. I am a REALLY good starter and not so good at finishing. A BIG THANKS to my mom for helping me organize the attic, pack for a week’s trip to the beach (which I couldn’t have done without her), make homemade cookies so my child will know it can actually be done and that when I eat them I feel at home, clean my backyard and lay pinestraw that had been sitting there for months, cleaning, bathing Gress every night, and all the other huge tasks I just couldn’t seem to manage with this growing belly on me. While we were sitting on the beach together, I realized she loves the beach just as much as I do. Both of us wished we never had to leave it! Glad we got to play a little before all the work needed to be done. THANKS MOM…for everything!

  • A Little Place called Heaven

    Ok, really it is called Edisto (in South Carolina) but it feels like a piece of Heaven. Gress and I went to visit one of our friends there for a few days. It was way too much fun, and so much fun we decided to stay an extra day. Gress is still talking about catching crabs, riding in the boat and playing at the beach everyday with Stella. THANKS Stella and Liz for sharing BB and BobBob with us!

  • Visitors

    We love seeing familiar faces….and seeing PawPaw and Grandmommy was quite a surprise. Gress loved spending time with them and it had definitely been WAY TOO long since we last caught up on life. We feel lucky we got to see them. THANKS for the visit!!