• Rainy Afternoon

    It is a rainy afternoon this Saturday. Usually I like to stay in my pjs and hang out at home all day but this day we felt like getting out on a mini adventure. With duck caller in hand, we went to Lake Mayer to feed the ducks. Mcree and I smiled from afar at how sweet Gress was honking his duck caller while feeding the 50+ ducks. 

  • We have a crawler

    Mcree has finally figured out his way around a room. He is pretty proud of himself. He crawls faster and better when there is a mac computer in site! Check it out for yourself. Copy and paste the link below. Once you see the photo, click the video camera below it and it should start playing after that.


  • Boys

    Oh what sweet moments I have had with these 2 little people. Last night at 11am I was awakened to Gress calming yelling, “Mom, I need you for the thunder.” I was already awake and knew I would be calming one of them. To be honest I was a little scared myself. I crawled into Gress’ TINY twin bed and we laid there for hours waiting for the storm to pass. I would occasionally get up and head back to bed, only to realize that another storm had rolled in. Mera was scared too but was in the room pretending like she was protecting us. For those of you that know me, you know that I like space, and lots of it, to sleep. I like to be on my side of the bed with an array of pillows and lots of space to stretch out. SO this was a sacrifice. But SO WORTH IT! I know these days will pass quickly when I am no longer needed to calm the fears of a passing storm. Time is racing. Just 2 days ago, Mcree crawled for the first time. Put the MAC computer in front of him, and he races for the power cord like his feet are on fire. The other toys, he will take his time getting there. Just tonight, I set him on the bathroom floor in a sitting position while I was getting the tub ready, and when I turned around, he had pulled himself up to a standing position looking into the tub. Not only will he one day be a MAC user, but he will be a great swimmer too. The boys are different, and I love watching just how God made them so. In just a short week I leave for a week. I know when I come back there will be moments I missed, stories to be told, hugs to be had over and over, and Mcree might even be walking (ok a slight exaggeration). I am thankful for the reminder (only on occasion) that distance truly does make the heart grow fonder. Thankful for all 3 of my boys and for the life I have….as crazy busy as it is right now. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  • Family

    It has been way too long (let me say it again), WAY TO LONG, since this whole family was together. What a great reason to come together in celebration. Congrats Tom and Lisa! So excited to walk this life with you! PLEASE let’s see each other more often! 🙂

  • Marriage

    Marriage is an amazing wonderful thing. Congrats to Rad’s brother Tom and his new wife Lisa. So excited to have you in our family Lisa and so glad to have been a part of the celebration! Can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead for you!

  • Nana Banana

    THANK YOU Nana for your hospitality! We loved coming to see you and LOVED getting to swim in your pool. THANK you for making us feel at home! Thanks for making us and the boys feel so special!

  • Cousins

    Growing up, I didn’t get to see my cousins very often. Maybe on Easter or when we would visit Oak Creek Canyon. I have such fond memories of our times together (except the one memory where Karin got kicked in the face by our cousin on a rope swing and they begged her not to tell…yes had to bring that up Karin because I think it is forever imprinted in your mind as well). There is something special about being with those you are related to. There is a bond that draws you together. This last weekend Gress and Mcree got to see MANY of their cousins….from littlest cousin Layla, to cousins Maggie and Katie who Gress hasn’t seen in awhile and Mcree has never met. They even got two new cousins, Trevor and Sarah. I hope these relationships will continue to grow over the years to come.

  • A true teacher

    It has been fun to watch Gress try to teach Mcree things. Like how to eat cheerios by shoving multiple in Mcree’s mouth and showing him how to chew. Like Gress picking Mcree up and moving him into a sitting position and pretending like Mcree did it all by himself. There are so many truly sweet moments too! He always says, “Mcree watch your big brother”. Here is just another sweet moment.


    Mcree wants to show you his teeth. 2 on the bottom and 2 on the top that are very far apart! There are actually 4 on top but only 2 you can see. This isn’t his most glamorous view with double chin and all, but he is quite proud. 🙂

  • Seeing life from a kids view

    I LOVE watching big fireworks. I ohhhh and ahhh over every spectacular display of lights. I would look forward to it every year and felt like a kid again. But somehow, having kids that go to bed before 8pm when the fireworks don’t end until well after 10pm ruins the excitement of going to them. It has been a LONG time since I (ok me in the presence of someone much braver than I) shot our own fireworks. I think the last time was when I was dating a boy and he lit the neighbors lawn on fire. (sorry mom and dad if you didn’t know that!) Kind of ruins the excitement really quickly. But this year, with fire extinguisher in hand, Rad, Gress and I lit our own (Georgia legal) fireworks. There was not many oooohs and ahhhs, just lots of smiles watching my boys blow things up. I forgot how much boys love that sort of thing. Somehow fireworks take on a new meaning now.