• Mcree @ 9 months

    Mcree is one happy guy at 9 months. He crawls fast, so fast that when you turn around he is 3 rooms away. He is noisy and loves to hear himself scream. He loves to eat and gets mad if you don’t start feeding him fast enough. He is a great cheerio eater and eats whatever you put in front of him (that’s my boy), all while throwing his sippy cup on the floor over and over again. He can stand up holding on to things, and loves to pull things off of tables, or pull stools on top of himself. He is quite fond of chewing on the stainless steel stove handle (YES REALLY), and is always happy when his big brother is around. He used to wave and clap but he is too distracted to do that anymore. He giggles when you read him books, and always goes happily into his crib. He smiles, makes raspberry noises, tries to talk while making the cutest syllables and is happy being held by ANYONE and most people just reach out and hold him. His nickname for those that don’t know him at church is “Mr. Smiley Face.” He loves any body of water, especially crawling all over the sand and surf. He is not afraid to fall over or get soaked by the waves. He is one fun little guy.

  • Favorite Place

    Yes, I am blog happy today. I am trying to make up for lost time. Here are some of Gress & Mcree’s friends who love the beach as much as we do. We can’t get enough!!

  • How lucky am I

    It is hard for me to remember sometimes that I have one of the most important jobs in the world. In the midst of getting stains out, hourly perusing for choking hazards left on the floor, chasing a quick baby around to figure out what room he has crawled into before I hear a crash and a cry, making sure Mcree doesn’t de-fur Mera, oh and feeding Mera (sometimes more than twice a day if I can’t remember if I fed her), making meals and convincing Gress that eating meats and veggies is way better than that granola bar he is eyeing and making sure Rad feels loved in the midst of the chaos…. I have 2 amazing little people that are waiting for my attention. They could care less about a dirty house, a stocked fridge, a hairless dog 🙂 , and wearing dirty clothes. They want me and all of me. It is hard to convince myself that all that other stuff can wait. But it can. Gress won’t always want to read the Bible (and the WHOLE thing) every night. He won’t always want his back rubbed while you sing him his favorite songs. He won’t always stop and tell me that I look pretty as a princess and ask that I spin around. Mcree won’t always babble his cute little syllables and quietly sit in your lap. He won’t always love being hugged and laugh at all of his brother’s silliness. So I’m trying to figure out how to make less time for all the stuff that doesn’t matter and more time for the things that do. And in the midst of that, I’m so thankful for a husband who waits patiently for his hug and kiss, even if it doesn’t come first…and working on how to make even more time for him! How lucky am I that this is my battle today?

  • POP

    There is a special bond between a grandfather and his grandson. I am so thankful to have my dad, aka “POP” in my kids lives. He is playful, funny, a smart aleck, and loving. The time always seems to fly by when he is around. Before he got here Gress told me he was so excited Pop was coming because he loved him and liked him. And while they were swimming together, Gress told Pop he was his best friend. All of our hearts melted. THANKS Dad for making the trek to see us and loving on us. We miss you already!!

  • The Great Outdoors

    Before we had kids, Rad and I were constantly exploring parks, trails and finding new adventures. Now our adventures are of a different sort and it is rare that we get out for a hike. Last weekend Rad and I were both itching to be out in the great outdoors, so we took a short hike to Skidaway park. It was a great family outing and one that we said would be more frequent.

  • Rad…

    I often wonder how I got so lucky to have an amazing husband who not only loves me unconditionally but also works hard to be an amazing dad. I am better because of him!

  • Busy busy

    We have had several busy weeks at the Harrell house…with travel, me on a job out of the country, another weekend at a a sorority reunion out of town, a week of volunteering at camp, some of us being sick, an open house and and then company. Luckily the wheels didn’t fall off. I am so thankful for a husband that can take care of the kids for 8+ days without a single complaint and actually loving every minute of it (all while being sick himself). With all of the craziness, I haven’t had time to sit and write….and the photos have been few and far between too. Here are a few of my favorites from the last weeks of mayhem.

    (For a week straight Gress would not dress in anything BUT his lion costume. He even slept in it).

  • Mcree @ 8 months

    It is hard to believe Mcree is already 8 months. I know I say that every month but it is flying by. Every month presents new and exciting things Mcree can do. He now crawls, anywhere he wants to go. He also pulls himself up and when he is ready to wake up you can usually find him standing in his crib, squawking at the top of his lungs. He is loud in everything he does. He thinks the louder the better. He now sleeps from 7pm until the crack of dawn. He is a morning person usually chatting at around 5:30-6:00am. He is a great eater and keeps doubling the amount he eats….oh boy! He is easily amused by Gress and you often hear him belly laughing. He tries to wave and clap but hasn’t mastered either. He loves the water and kicks and splashes every time he is in it and he equally loves sitting in the sand, and playing in the surf. He has 4 teeth up top and 2 down below. He has started babbling and dada might be one of his first words. He squinches up his nose when he gets excited. He is curious, cuddly and a sweet bundle of love.

  • Gress…

    Gressett loves…to dress up like a cowboy, to watch Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett…or really anything that involves shooting, fighting or silly scenes. He loves bugs, real ones of course. He loves his “baby kitty and mama dog” and pretends that kitty is his real baby and that his mama dog has babies regularly. He loves to tell stories and will often ask, “mom, do you want me to tell you a story while you are driving?” He loves to be outside and doesn’t mind getting completely dirty from head to toe. While outside he loves to chew bubble gum, rescue bugs out of the pool, put them in his bug box and watch his tadpoles grow daily. He is a big help with his little brother and it is so sweet to watch how he loves him. He just recently confessed to feeding Mera multiple treats daily and often closes his bedroom door so that Mera can’t escape. He peers out his window at night and during naps to see what is going on..and always puts himself back to bed without anyone knowing he was even out of bed. He is not afraid of strangers and loves to talk to people along the beach. I love being with this little guy…he truly brightens my days!