• 11 Years Ago

    11 years ago today, I married the most amazing man. Lucky me! I am more in love with him today than I was 11 years ago! So glad I have him to walk next to me in this life!


  • Needs Explanation

    Some of these photos need explanation.

    If you come for a visit, Gressett might tell you that he has a baby kitty (not shown) and a baby dog (Gress is holding him in one photo) and that mama dog might be having babies or that you can’t go into his room because one of them is sleeping (on his bed covered with a blanket). He also might tell you that he has a real lizard. If you dare to tell him that they aren’t real, he becomes defensive and demands that they are real. So for now, they are real. We have 3 dogs, a cat, and random bugs or lizards on occasion. They are ALL REAL! So play along!













    Gress loves to dress up as a cowboy. On days where Rad works on the lawn, you can often hear Gress outside shooting his cap gun. He usually wants to wear the whole getup to the grocery…which always brings many smiles and awkward grins. It is too fun. Oh, and real cowboys love babies. And know how to swaddle them. Yes, that’s right!

    And then there’s Mcree. Always along for the adventure. Secretly, I often wish I could confine him to that basket for a bit so I could get a few things done…but no luck.

  • Personalities

    It is already apparent that Gress & Mcree will be very different people. I used to make fun of people that childproofed their homes with baby gates, drawer locks and toilet bowl locks. Yes, I am admitting that I thought maybe they were being a bit overprotective. (SORRY..to those of you who know who you are! ) That was until I had Mcree. (And those of you who know who you are always told me one day I would understand…well now I do!) Gress never got into anything. I could have a roaring fire going and he would never even think about going near the fireplace. With Mcree, I can’t tell you how many times the fireplace screen has fallen on him. He opens draws, displaying their contents a mile wide, and then moves quickly to the next room to do it again. I’m not saying exploring is a bad thing, and it is fun to see how different these 2 boys are. Here are some fun photos from today. Lunchtime is always a fun time with them both.

  • “little boy”

    Mcree, affectionately known as “little boy.” has gotten busier and busier. His favorite toys are: power cords, dirty shoes, dog toys (which even includes licking the dog bones), plugs, anything in the kitchen cabinets especially the fire extinguisher 🙂 , the recycling bin full of finds, and anything OTHER than a toy. Somedays I run in circles trying to first find him and then convince him that he really does like toys. Nonetheless, he is fun to play with and Gress and I are constantly laughing at his silliness. 

  • Silly sayings

    We were driving by the Sunbeam bread bakery today and I said, “Gress, do you smell that bread baking? They are making it there in the factory.” And he said, “Mom, I thought God was the only one that made bread.” I just smiled.


    My heart is still smiling from this past weekend. Our longtime friends, the Franklins, came for a visit and my heart is pouring over with so much joy from our time with them. To say that I miss them is an understatement. Distance surely has made the heart grow fonder for all the Harrells. Gress was counting down the hours and squealing with excitement when they got here. I didn’t stop smiling all weekend and now we are all wishing they would come back…SOON! Gress keeps saying, I want Luke to come back and sleep in my bed with me. 🙂 The friendship they have is so special and what amazing boys Luke and Jake have become. Little Jake is so cute and makes you giggle hearing him talk.

    There is something about being known. Really known in your flaws, in your struggles, insecurities, quirks…yet still being loved for them all. And there is an amazing thing that happens with true friends, who encourage you, push you to be better and give you their hand to walk with you in this life. This is truly a special bond we have with this sweet family!

    Life is so much sweeter because of them.

  • House Hunting

    It has come time to move again. If it were up to us we would probably stay put where we are until we felt that urge to go explore somewhere different. That usually happens exactly around 3 years. 3 years in Alpharetta, Decatur, East Lake and well, it has only been 2 years here..so we don’t quite have the itch yet. But unfortunately our rental house just went on the market (which actually might take a year to sell) but we know it is time to go. When we first explained to Gress that people were going to be coming to our house to look at it, he was quite confused and then cried because he was sad to leave his favorite neighbors. I failed to mention that this is Savannah and you see everyone everywhere time and again. It was better to just give him a hug and say, “I know.” I know this idea of moving has somehow affected us all. Part of me wishes I was Mcree and could just wake up one day and be in a new room. Ignorance is such bliss! Today at lunch Gress asked to pray (and his prayers are usually a song, started by a long breath so he can get started). He said (long breath) “God, thanks for the sun…and the trees….and the leaves. And thank you for our food and our house….because some people don’t have houses….and thats it. Amen.” There you have it, life put into perspective by a 4 year old. THANKS GOD…needed that today!