• Random Life

    I love my life. Even in the craziness of juggling work, kids, time together, the messes, and over committing to things we are passionate about…I find so many times throughout the day  to pause and smile, remembering how thankful I am for these sweet moments.

    What have we been up to lately:

    Our new friends are starting an organic farm (that hopefully will one day sustain an orphanage). God put this dream on both of their hearts before they met each other and they are now working on living that out. The farm in in South Carolina, about 1 1/2 hours away, is where the boys and I hung out last week for a few days and probably a few days this week. There is a LOT to get ready and we have loved getting to serve them business wise and with our hands and feet. I can’t wait to see how God works on the farm and in this family.





















    We have been playing and exploring farm things a lot and after being on the farm. Gress now thinks his acorns, aka “eggs” are really going to hatch.









    Mcree is getting faster and faster and is so close to walking. In the meantime, he loves anything he can roll and push around.












    With the cooler weather, the 18 kids on the block are always out playing. When Gress sees them, he immediately runs down to catch up. He definitely takes the commandment love thy neighbor seriously.












    We don’t need the radio because Gress makes up his own songs. You can often find him in his own world signing his made-up songs. When we go to the park and he is swinging, he usually can be heard (at the top of his lungs) singing, “MY GOD IS SO BIG, SO STRONG AND SO MIGHTY, THERE’S NOTHING MY GOD CAN’T DO FOR YOU.”

  • The Many Faces

    How many faces must I go through to get an honest smile from Gress. See for yourself. QUITE a few!


  • Happy Halloween

    (Mcree’s outfit is straight from our Friend Sam Lu in China. I bet you didn’t ever expect to see it worn like this Sam! 🙂

  • Rhino the Squirrel

    You may not believe this but our neighbors have a pet squirrel. (They also have 5 kids, 3 dogs, a few cats and various other animals). The squirrel’s name is Rhino and they nursed him from infancy until now. He lives in the tree outside their house and often comes when called. He sometimes drinks formula from a syringe but he is mostly on his own now. He loves acorns and if you get close enough to the tree he will leap onto you. He will sit and eat and then gets a little crazy nibbling on your fingers. I couldn’t tell if my sister Karin was more excited about him or if Gress was. Just one more great thing about this neighborhood. Too fun. I know you can’t believe your eyes but it is real. Gress has now fondly made Mera’s squirrel dog toy his new favorite stuffed animal and carries it around. Nothing like a kid dressed as a cowboy carrying a squirrel around. 🙂

  • Sisters

    I love being with my sister. I could be anywhere in the world and as long as she is by my side, I would feel at home. Being with her brings out my belly laughs, my practicality, my love for fashion (which ONLY comes out when she is around), and so much more. Karin is an amazing sister and so very thoughtful and giving. And I love watching her be a mom. I was lucky enough this last weekend to get to spend it with her and Layla. Gress and Rad went camping so we got some special girl time. I savored every minute with them both and realized that distance really has made my heart grow so much fonder.  Oh how I wish we lived in the same city again! Mcree giggled when he saw Layla for the first time and Gress just wanted to hold and cuddle with her. THANKS Karin for making the trek to Savannah. I loved hanging with you 2!

  • It’s Raining…It’s Pouring

    You know the song, “It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring. He went to bed and bumped his head and couldn’t get up in the morning.” Gress always asks, “Mom, why can’t that guy get up in the morning? Did he die.” And I ALWAYS think to myself..I don’t know, did he? But I always say, “no, he just hurt his head and can’t get up.” Silly nursery rhyme. All that to say, it has been POURING here for the last 24 hours. Gress LOVES to play in the rain. So that is what we did today. He got on his boots, his jacket and while Mcree and I played in the garage, Gress jumped in every puddle he could find. Needless to say, every square inch of him was wet by the time we went inside. It was fun watching him have fun.

  • One of our adventures…

    Gress, Mcree & I went to Hilton Head’s Kid’s Imagination Museum last week. It was WAY too much fun. It was a great place to explore, pretend, and have a blast. Gress’ favorite things were acting like a pilot on the plane, captaining the pirate ship, and constructing a building. I always ask Gress what his favorite parts are. Today he said the fish (which was a fish tank at the front that he looked at for 5 minutes of the 4 hours we were there), and dressing up in the glitter outfit (which was the pilot outfit). I think he sat in the pilots chair for over an hour. His friends even brought him pretend meals while he was flying the plane. Mcree explored every square inch of that place on his hands and knees and even brought home some nasty germs. Guess we left with more than just memories. It was fun hanging with the boys in such a fun environment.

  • Saturday

    A day in the life….

    Today is Saturday and our to do list was way too long. Really, Rad and I just wanted to sit in bed, drink our tea (for me) and coffee (for him) and hang with the kids. We were especially slow today because 7:30am was really 4:30 am on our body clocks as I don’t think we have yet adjusted to our regular time zone after being in Arizona for so long. But, Mcree has a clock all of his own and it has managed to snap back without a problem. Not lucky for us. You know how it is when you get back from vacation….you have to re-enter all the duties that haven’t been done. And on top of that, our house is having an open house Sunday. So there was lots to get done. But I was so distracted by so many fun moments that I decided just to slow down and enjoy the day. Sorry tomorrow, you will suffer the consequences.

    Remember that Gourd plant that we planted some time ago? That little one that came in a little cup and it was supposed to grow a (1) bird house? Well, after counting 30+ gourds now, I decided to cut some down for decoration. It is October so bring on the pumpkins.








    And since Rad had to work outside today, I gave Gress a fun project I made before we left. I took a tupperware and filled it with toys and water and froze it. Gress hammered away for an hour to break up the ice and retrieve the toys. Safety goggles and all. Safety first people!














    And who knew that Gress could feed Mcree food? I loved the help today! And this was after Gress busted his chin open on the outside brick stairs.













    Goodbye Saturday. It was fun and now I am off to relax and finish my book! I have to rest up for tomorrow!

  • Arizona

    We had so much fun going to Arizona. Our days were filled with visiting, hanging out with family, exploring, hiking, walks, playing with rocks and dirt and golf balls, and loving every minute with Mimi. THANKS Mimi for taking such good care of us while we were there.

  • Animals everywhere

    While we were in Arizona, we went with Pop to their local zoo and also to the Out of Africa Wildlife Safari. Gress LOVES seeing animals and we were pretty blown away too. We took a safari ride through what felt like Africa and the animals were everywhere. The zebras in particular loved the zebra bus. What a great memory for  us all! The boys love their Pop so it was a treat that we got to spend so much time with him. And even though I am not in a single photo from these days, I really was there.