• Mcree is One

    I always smirked at people that made the comment, “time goes so fast so enjoy every moment with your kids.” Yea, yea, yea I would think. But I now know exactly what they mean. I barely remember the tiny little 8+ lb baby Mcree once was. I look back at photos and I find myself oooohing and aaaahing over how little and cute he was and smiling even bigger seeing how sweet his big brother was to him (and still is). Somehow my brain lives in the here and now….probably because that in itself is a lot with 2 little boys. So happy birthday Mcree. You are sweet, you are fun, you are daring and adventurous, you giggle at the cutest things (when I get your toothbrush out, when I open a book up to read, when you first see me after your naps). I have so enjoyed your first year with you. How lucky and I to get to spend my days with you little boy!

  • Sunny and 80 Degrees

    I do not check the weather when I wake up. I know I have a fancy phone that could probably wake me up with the forecast or I could look at the weather station accessory sitting on my kitchen windowsill and see that it was going to be sunny and beautiful…(although everyday it still tells me we are due for snow flurries). Luckily, I married a weather forecaster who often predicts what the day’s forecast will be. One of the first things out of his mouth after I woke up was, “you know it is going to be 80 degrees today.” I just smiled, knowing where I had to go. Gress has had a fever and a cough so the thought of being around anyone we could share that with was out of the question. We were getting a little stir crazy so what a better place to be than the beach. I didn’t have to nag about him covering his mouth when he coughs or wiping his nose with a tissue. He gladly coughed into the open air and wiped his snot all over his shirt. Every time he did he just looked at me and smiled. He AND I were free of those rules. I also gifted myself with a chai latte from Starbucks and ….drumroll please…a Krispe Kreme Doughnut. Mcree and I had our own pumpkin glazed doughnut and Gress a had chocolate sprinkled. WHAT A TREAT!!! It was a cloudy and breezy day and although the temps didn’t quite reach 80 (sometimes my personal weather forecaster leaves out the fact that I would have to wait until 3pm to see that temp), we had the beach ALL to ourselves. REALLY! We were the only ones on the beach. I smiled and LOVED every minute of it. I LOVED watching the boys be boys! And they were!

  • Farm Kid

    Gress has been learning a lot about farm life lately. It has been fun to see what he remembers and how he is processing things once we have left the farm. Today we were at the beach and there was a dead bird and he said, “Mom, that dead bird makes me sad. That is wastable and someone should have plucked that bird and eaten the meat.” WOW, I love this kid!

  • This week

    What have we been up to this week?

    The dress up continues with Gress. This week in a discounted Halloween bin, we found a costume we haven’t yet completed in our house. An army man. I think Gress was most excited about the canteen. He loves the outfit so much that it is often his pjs too. Just in time for Veteran’s Day! The boys also got some new pjs from Mimi and can’t seem to sleep in anything else at night.













    In honor of Mcree’s first birthday, I thought the kid should have a proper haircut. So off we went to the barber shop. I wasn’t quite sure what Mcree would do. The lady asked me if I wanted to give him a lollipop while she cut his hair and when I told her he had never had one, she looked at me quite oddly. Really, do people give their under 1 year olds lollipops? I decided against it and luckily, Mcree just giggled the whole time. All the men waiting in line looked at us with smirks and how great he did. Because they both did so great, Gress offered Mcree and himself a lollipop. 😉 Mcree LOVED it and knew exactly how to eat it. Funny.













    The boys and I met Rad downtown for a Veteran’s Day Parade. I was completely humbled and honored to be an american. It was awesome to see so many veterans, young military people, and feel a community love for our country. Mcree danced at the music and when I asked Gress what his favorite part was, he didn’t mention the army tanks, the coast guard helicopter or the hundreds of army men, but rather he liked the pretty girls aka “cheerleaders”. So many people came up to shake Rad’s hand and thank him for serving (he was wearing a navy hat with his boat on it). So very cool!




















    Today we went to one of our favorite places, Oatland Island to their farm days. They had sugar cane making with a horse, butter making, folk music, sawing and woodworking, learning about fires and metal smithing, etc. Then we had a picnic by an old pirate ship on the dock. I love being with all 3 of my boys!!













    And the newest toy at our house, an early birthday gift from Grandmommy and PawPaw for Mcree, has gotten LOADS of mileage from BOTH boys! I am not sure who likes it more.

    That’s about it for now. Coming soon, Mcree’s 1 year photos. 🙂

  • We loved getting to see Grandmommy and PawPaw. We had fun hanging out and spending time catching up. The boys couldn’t get enough of them. THANK YOU for making the trek to come see us and for making us all feel so special!!!

  • Family Time

    We hang out a lot on our front lawn. There are Gress and Rad wrestling matches, Mcree exploring every square inch crawling around, Gress acting like various animals while running and growling, Mera thankful to be included, and me loving watching Rad and the boys. Thankful for these fall afternoons.

  • 11 months

    Mcree is so fun at 11 months. His little personality keeps getting bigger and bigger.

    What he can do:

    Hold up his hand when you say “high five”

    Wave hi and goodbye

    Blow kisses

    Stand alone with toys in his hand

    Get in and out of his new little car

    Loves eating more real food and has been pushing away his baby food

    Says dada and tries to say dog (which comes out as da da da)

    When he drops something he says uh uh uh (instead of uh oh)

    Gives BIG open mouth kisses and has started hugging

    Loves his big brother and often laughs out loud at his antics

    Loves climbing stairs and steps

    Here are a few photos: