• Moving…along…slowly

    I wish I could report that we found a fabulous home to move into. I keep reminding myself it took us a LOT of searching and a super duper connection to get into this current house we live in. Having 30 something days to find something great is proving itself to be quite challenging. Time is running out and I really am wondering what this next chapter will look like. I KNOW this next year will be a temporary moment leading us to something better down the road…just wondering how far I will be stretched in the process.

    I wish I could also report that these 2 little people in my house were great packers, but truth is, they would rather climb, unpack, snack, and request to get out every messy toy that is still left to pack. They sure are cute though.

    We have taken short breaks to get outside. Yesterday we were outside when we heard the street sweeper going down the street. When we first moved here, every Wednesday, Gress would run to the front door and watch the awesome machine clean up the leaves. You can pretty much rake your yard into the street and waalaa, Mr. Street Sweeper helps you out. When he saw me taking photos of the boys, he stopped and asked if I was happy with how he was cleaning my street. He said he was hoping my picture taking wasn’t to show what he was missing. I told him how much Gress loved his street sweeper and it was the highlight of our Wednesdays. He got out of the machine, and placed Gress in the driver’s seat. Gress now thinks he is the coolest kid ever. He now carries around his owner small street sweeper (that hasn’t been played with in months). PROUD MOMENT! Glad I had my camera to capture it all. THANKS Mr. Doug for a great memory and for making a kid’s day!

    I have to admit, there have been lots of sweet moments I have missed due to my distraction with all that is going on. I am tired, probably a bit overwhelmed, and somewhat worried that all my early possessions will soon be in a storage facility for a year..making me again realized first hand what really matters here on this earth. I know this is temporary and soon we will have lots of free days to hang out at the beach. But for now, the stacks of boxes, the sound of the tape gun, and constant piles moving from one room to the other (oh and Mera nervously licking a hole in her leg) will continue. I would be taking a nap right now if it weren’t for the constant stream of contractors in and out doing repairs on this old house.

    So, tomorrow is a new day. My to do list is slowly getting checked off this week and hoping to have LOTS of energy tomorrow to not get one, not 2 but maybe 3 things checked off!

    I have also learned my lesson that if your kids are stuck inside for the day, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT feed them marshmallows and expect them to be calm! Silly me!

  • Life’s Latest Adventure!

    In 30 short days the trajectory of our lives will be different. We have known this day was coming for some time but we weren’t quite prepared for the onset of this next move to sneak up on us so quickly. Since I have known Rad (13+ years now) we have had lots of adventures…one being that we have moved EVERY 3 years. This next chapter is no different (except we probably would have stayed a little longer had we not been forced to vacate). We knew we wanted a change, a little different scenery, a different life experience for our kids. We had gotten complacent. We wanted to be closer to water, whether it be a river or the ocean. Isn’t that why we moved to Savannah? But we got in a rut and were waiting it out…although we were starting to feel the itch to go. Rad did say we wouldn’t stay long enough to fill up the pool. I didn’t really believe he was right but this last Saturday, our rental house we live in (which was put BACK on the market) sold and the new people want to move in quickly. So here we go.

    We don’t know where we will live, we don’t know how the logistics will all work out, but what we do know is that God has something great planned for us. Yes, this is inconvenient. But aren’t all things that are great….hard? Mcree now knows how to climb up on the kitchen chair and from there I often find him sitting on the kitchen table trying to make signs with sharpie markers. He also helps himself to the crackers in the cabinet and is constantly using his sign language to sign “hungry” several times a day so that I will feed him continuously. Gress wants to be outside or running somewhere loudly. He wants to help with packing and questions why every little single item needs to go in a box and wants to ensure he will one day see it again. This isn’t helping the packing process…in fact it is quite slow. Packing with 2 little busy people is craziness. I admit it. Today I searched for the tape gun for 20 minutes and almost drove to the store to buy another just before finding it under Mcree’s crib.

    Life is always an adventure. I don’t know what the next 30 days hold but I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for our family.












    Gress has been drawing a lot lately. The other day he drew a picture of a frog and it was amazing. Today he drew me…is this how I really look right now? He did say I had a headband on…thanks Gress for the accessory. He said I was sitting, which I haven’t done in days but I bet he wished I would. He also drew a picture of him and his brother holding hands. I said, oh, you have curly hair and he said, “I don’t want curly hair because people will make fun of me and I will punch them” (WOW). And then I said, well Pop has curly hair and he said, “I like Pop and I like his curly hair but I don’t like curly hair on me.” There you have it.

  • St. Patrick’s Day

    We had a BIG St. Patrick’s Day. Our sweet neighbors who know practically everyone in Savannah invited us to tag along to their celebration along the parade route. Little did we know what we were in for. It started with a bike ride to downtown (with 20 plus people and kids on bikes)..that alone was a blast and entertaining to watch people’s faces as we were like our own parade. The Coleman’s family and relatives had set up tables and tables of catered food in a courtyard, their was a park next to their setup, they had their own flat bed trailer with chairs set up at the parade site and then they brought in their own personal bathroom. Their sweet kids love our kids so they were constantly entertained. It was amazing and we loved getting to experience the parade in that way. Gress’ favorite part was riding in the bike trailer down and back. Sweet Mcree fell asleep on the way back and his helmet was completely over his face by the time we got him out. Savannah really rolled out the hospitality red carpet on this day! THANKS Colemans!

  • Adventures

    This last week was by far more adventurous than I was really wanting. Instead of giving you all the groody details, I will just paraphrase the week. The boys and I went to Atlanta to go visit my sis and Layla and see my mom who was visiting and helping my sister pack up her house. I was a little hesitant to go with a baby that wasn’t feeling so great but I really thought Mcree was on the upswing. Everything went terribly down hill the longer we stayed. First, severe diarrhea for Mcree which continued throughout my visit, and caused us to stay quarantined from anyone but family. Really, I considered packing back up the car soon after it had been unpacked and driving our germy selves back to Savannah. Looking back that is exactly what I should have done because our last night there (Tuesday night) Gress started throwing up and for anyone that knows me, you know that I don’t do well with this. Someone throws up, I gag. Well, after much throw up all over everything, and 2 hours of sleep last night, and Karin finding Layla covered in her own throw up this morning, I do believe the adventure had to come to an end. We drove ourselves back to Savannah this afternoon and I think everyone is on the mend.

    If I had the choice to do this all over again, would I have made the trek again? I LOVED seeing the boys with their sweet cousin Layla, I loved seeing my mom and soo enjoyed getting to spend time with her, I loved laughing out loud with my sister and have so missed her humor and I LOVED watching my boys be loved on by Karin and my mom. But I was a hinderance to the packing as 2 extra little busy people don’t make for progress when it comes to a task needing to get done. And I brought germs into a house that has a lot to get accomplished in just a short weeks time. The last thing my sister needs is for her or anyone else to be sick during their move. So I am torn. I cherish family time but not at the expense of getting everyone else sick. Soo SORRY Mom and Karin and Layla for putting more on your already full plates this week. I can’t say I loved every minute of the adventure but I sure LOVED getting to be with you 3!

    We did have some highlights from the trip..

    Karin gave Gress a bug box and apparently the Kudzo bugs were multiplying by the minute on our daily walks landing on our shirts every few minutes so Gress now carries the bug box around his neck everywhere he goes. There are well over 15 bugs in this small bug box.

    Gress is still asking about how they got the big rock into REI and why it is in there…even though we told him several times it is to try out your shoes and see if you think they are comfortable while you are hiking. He got a new pair of shoes thanks to MIMI! They are his favorite and will be all summer!!! (And I got a new pair too, thanks to my mom’s prompting…very excited to wear mine this summer too!).

    We took daily walks around Grant Park and Gress rode his bike…..he now can brake and go down hills on his own. So proud of his bravery.

    We were hoping to make it to the zoo but with all the germs, we decided against it. Instead, on the drive back home, there is a gas station about an hour from Savannah that has a petting zoo next to it (yes, random). We stopped off, sat in the grass and ate ice cream cones while watching the animals, then fed the animals. I think the animals have more than multiplied since the last time we went there. The boys loved feeding them. Okay, really Mcree loved all the animals and was picking up dirt to feed them while Gress was pretty much just interested in luring the duck to feed out of his hand. Moments like this make my heart melt and remind me how thankful I am to be these boy’s mom.

    And I loved the girl time with my mom and sister. How sweet that time is and how rare it usually happens. It meant a lot to be together!

    Here are a few of the happier moments from our trip…

  • Special Guests

    I know you probably wondered why it has taken me all week to blog. Well, we had some very special guests this week and blogging wasn’t really fit into the agenda. Rad’s business partner and developer Eric (who Rad has worked with for 2 years now) and his wife Nikki drove from NY to come see us and check out Savannah. Eric had some business meetings here and maybe just maybe one day they may move here (I AM REALLY HOPING!!). I had never met either of them in person and Rad flew to NY less than a year ago to meet them. Eric has devoted so much of his time to TalentSoup and Nikki has so graciously given up her time with Eric to allow him to spend it on TalentSoup. Rad told me how much he liked them and I figured I would too. I must admit (honest confession here) I didn’t know if I would like them as much as he did. And we were only really going to have them stay with us 2 nights and then they were going to stay in a hotel for the rest of the visit (their choice). Well, I LOVED them both! They loved on my kids like they were their own. (They have 3 kids by the way). They were sweet, kind and so so easy to be around. And they are just like us. I wasn’t expected to like them so much (yes, another honest confession). They ended up staying here the whole time and it was a blast. I am actually sad they are leaving. This week has been fun and encouraging in so many ways. THANKS Eric and Nikki for making the trek to come see us and for all your devotion to TalentSoup! I feel so lucky to have 2 new friends!

  • Sweet Brotherly Love

    We see a lot of this in our house! I love that Gress loves Mcree and teaches him. Oh, my heart melts when I see moments like this one.

  • Fresh Vegetables

    The day we had been waiting for finally arrived last Saturday. The farmers harvested their first vegetables!!! There are lots of families that have signed up for a share of the farm and each Saturday for the next 30 weeks we meet at our local park and the farmers bring lots of veggies for us. Rad and I were jumping for joy knowing this day had arrived. Just a few short months ago, the farm was brought to life and with MUCH hard work, and many LONG hours, the farmer worked and worked to get this vegetables planted. The other night he even slept in the Hoop House (“Greenhouse”) with a heater just to make sure the newly spouting vegetables survived. That is love and I am so very thankful that I get to take part in eating these amazing “fruits” of the farm. I have seen all the work that has gone into them feeding our family and it is HARD work. Early this morning vegetables were being picked and for hours and hours, they will be washed, spun dried, washed and spun dried again. I definitely took for granted my clean packaged vegetables in the grocery store but there is NO comparison in taste. I have never had such fresh and healthy spinach in my store. SO THANK YOU FARMERS for feeding my family healthy, clean food!

    With the spinach alone, we made creamy spinach, spinach salad with shrimp, spinach and egg fritatta, and steak and eggs over wilted spinach. OH so good!

  • Fish and a Picnic

    Remember the fish we thought we would only have for a few short days or weeks, well, apparently someone (not me) was feeling sorry for their constant breathing at the surface and dirty tank so the fish now have a new and improved home. Gress ran to the UPS man with pure joy and later that night the fish thought they had died and gone to heaven. The boys stare for hours and Mcree stands on his stool and laughs out loud! Gress is responsible for feeding them 2x a day and has taken great pride in doing so.

    We also had one of Gress’ friend Caroline over for the day and they are just too fun together. They play mommy and daddy (with Gress sometimes being the mommy…not sure why) and their humor constantly makes me giggle. Caroline is such a girly girl and we just love being around her. We went for a bike ride to the park and then had a picnic in the park. Rad and I kept smiling at each other with how cute Caroline is.

  • Productivity at it’s finest…

    I just found myself glazed over staring at the computer screen for way too long. I don’t think I fell asleep but I bet if I laid down on the floor, sleep would come in about 1 minute. I was hoping to blog with photos and all but can’t quite make that happen. What has put me in this state of tiredness you ask? Here is what I have done today so far:

    Straightened and vacuumed the house

    Wiped down the kitchen, appliances and all

    Cleaned out the dishwasher

    Did 2 loads of laundry

    Vacuumed and Washed 2 cars (yes you read that right)

    In between the car washing, Mcree ate dirt, smeared it all over himself, and proceeded to scream telling me he was done…so I showered one baby

    Made cheese/meat quesadillas for 2 boys

    Mowed the backyard, which hasn’t been mowed for months. (I actually did that for Rad who has his plate full and it needed to be done by tonight)…why you ask, well, our house is going back on the market today and they are having a caravan of real estate agents come through tomorrow. Lovely.

    Blew the backyard and driveway (which trying to get the blower started was exercise in itself) Gress was cheering me on for about 5 minutes while I yanked on the string to get that thing to start.

    Picked fresh flowers for every room in our home.

    Went grocery shopping for our company that is coming today (Rad’s biz partner Eric Farkas and his wife Nikki). SO EXCITED, although I might be sleeping by the time they get here.

    Went to the bank to deposit a check.

    About to cut Rad’s hair and then clean the shower and then clean myself because I am a dirty mess.

    And then wash Gress, make dinner and entertain.

    WHEW! I am already tired. I ate a few (ok a little more than a few) chocolate chips hoping the caffeine would keep me going!

    Seriously thinking about going to get on the rowing machine and seeing if that gives me a pick me up.

    Mcree is now awake so back to it.

    Have a great day.