• Different Perspectives

    Sometimes I think we question things….what we do, why we do it, and will it really all work out in the end. When I get into conversations with people about how they do things differently, I sometimes wonder if I really am doing the right thing. I get flustered and a bit agitated with myself that I waver…mostly because I KNOW I don’t want to live the mainstream life and I don’t want to compare this to that. In a long conversation with someone today, I walked away knowing exactly why I have chosen this path to homeschool and be at home with my kids. I realized my heart is in a different place than it was a few short months ago. I am not taking the easy road…I know that. But to have the ability to pour into these kids hearts, to direct their learning toward the way their were made to learn, to teach AND show them about the God that created them, to teach them how to use the gifts God gave each of them, and to get a front row seat to watch hearts and minds flourish is a RARE opportunity. I am so thankful for the confirmation today that God wants me right where He has me.

    Here’s a fun moment from our morning grocery store errand…

  • Randomness

    Random things..

    We have been trying out our local pool however this one is a great alternative for hot days!

    All 4 of us went to the farm one day last week. Rad worked the hardest of all of us. The farmer needed help castrating one of the piglets and also harvesting vegetables. So Rad and Gress helped with both, although pretty sure Gress ate most of what he harvested. After one day of work (not sure I actually worked but instead offered company to the farmer’s wife), we were all exhausted. We constantly say we don’t know how the farmers do it day in and day out and still have energy. The bounty they provide our family is AMAZING! The cooked us an amazing lunch and dinner that was food only grown on the farm. WOW! I love that concept! We also love getting our weekly share of veggies (and occasionally flowers). THANKS Farmer (and friends) for feeding our family in so many ways!




















    This is Mcree getting caught after resetting all of my sewing machine settings. He is trying to smile. How can you be mad at that sweet face….

  • Alone Time

    Yesterday I had Mcree all to myself. Where was Gress? Rad and Gress went to help the farmer and another farm butcher 100+ chickens to sell to market. Gress went to hang out with another family’s kids that were there too. Both of them were exhausted when they got home at the end of the day.

    I remember the days when I just had Gress and I thought it was so much work. I complained I couldn’t get anything done. Now that I have 2, I realize I had no idea how easy it really was. I LOVED watching Mcree yesterday. He explored every inch of the playroom and knew exactly what toy he wanted to play with. At one point, I thought I lost him because he is so quiet when he is alone and he will wonder off into a little corner and play for some time. We read books, cuddled, and just hung out. It was such a sweet day.

    I snuck up on him laying with Mera on the floor. It was such a cute moment until I realized he was “petting” her eyeballs.

  • Happy Monday

    It’s always hard to get re-focused for my Mondays, especially if it was a whirlwind of a weekend. This last weekend we had a fast trip to Atlanta. We went mostly for an event TalentSoup was sponsoring for a gathering of photographers and creatives, but we managed to squeeze in a quick visit with a few peeps. If you weren’t on the list (which was many of you and we were sad we couldn’t see you) but, know you are WELL loved but we only had a little bit of time to make it all happen. Hopefully we will be back again very soon.

    The boys loved seeing their Nana and especially loved giving her birthday gifts. We even got to see the horses that live behind Nana’s house. They are mostly miniature horses. It is oh so cute when Mcree can stand face to face with them.

    We also got to get together with Layla. I love being with my sis and watching her with her little girl. So sweet. And I especially love watching the boys with her. That makes my heart happy! And there is nothing better than spending time with my sis. I so miss her!

    And we squeezed in too short of a visit with Gress’ favorite buddy Luke. They are peas in a pod and just all boy when they are together. And I so do miss my dear friend Kristen. She knows me better than anyone and is so encouraging and inspiring!

    Our Atlanta visits are never long enough as we have so many people to see and too little time to make that happen. I have to say it is always good to come back home to Savannah…even if there is a lot waiting for me to do when I get back here.

    Happy Monday!

  • Interviews

    For those of you that have been around this site for sometime, you will remember the interviews I did with Gress when he was so little. I thought you would love to see him in all of his 5 year old “silly boyness.”

    (Click the link and then click on the little video in the lower left corner of the image and the video will load and start)


    And for those of you that want to see sweet Mcree, here he is too.


  • Recent Meanderings

    I’ve been trying to be more present with all of my boys lately, which often means the phone is somewhere else, which also means there are no photos to account for our days. That doesn’t mean we haven’t had any fun…in fact quite the opposite. Gress, Mcree and I laughed so many times today while we played and worked outside washing Mera and the car. At one point a van full of people drove by twice, I think just to wonder why Gress was sitting in a cooler of water. That kid cracks me up.

    I just went to several workshops this last weekend, one talking about having a heart for your child. It no doubt has changed how I treat these sweet little boys. So often I can get so task oriented that it is easier to just do something by myself and get it done. Little did I often realize that the boys really wanted and could be involved. Yes, it means more messes, getting less done, and having to explain things sometimes many times in a row. But I realize  that I want to raise boys that know how to cook, clean, do laundry, run a house and have fun doing it all.

    We got a chance to visit the farm recently. The farm is always exciting and there are always things to learn and new things to see. That place is magical. And of course we love the farmers and little Elijah! We leave with happy hearts! And this time I even had fresh cut flowers in my cup holder for the drive home thanks to Melissa.

  • Fun Moments

    We are so thankful for fun friends here in Savannah that love the beach as much as we do. Last week we got to take one of Gress’ friends with us and then we met some other friends there. Oh how we love the beach!

    Yesterday was my birthday and I loved every minute of spending it with people I love. Some of my sweet girlfriends took me out to dinner the night before, and one made me “paleo cupcakes” which was actually breakfast muffins (egg whites and bacon that she dyed pink). From a friend who doesn’t eat that way it was so special and they were so good! Then the boys and I went to feed the ducks at the park. I have to admit it is a little intimidating to walk up with 2 loaves of bread only to be swarmed by geese. Mcree would hold on to the bread so long that the geese became impatient and would get so close I thought they were going to eat his arm. While I was busy supervising him from being consumed, I realized Gress had walked out amongst the flock to find the underdogs. He found the small ducks who were sitting quietly by the tree and then found an injured goose who couldn’t make his way over. I love this kid and I love watching his little personality unfold.

    We then went to Toys R Us to redeem a few gift cards Gress got for his birthday. I have to say I am overwhelmed by that store and the many options there are to choose from. Now that Gress is 5, he got to watch Star Wars. I think a lot of it is still over his head but he loves it. For his toy he picked out a Star Wars jet and some figurines. (He really wanted a 4 foot Star Wars Animal and so thankful I talked him out of that).

    Once Gress picked out his toy, he looked at me and told me he wanted to use some of his money to buy his brother a toy. My heart just melted. Just the day before Gress looked at me with sad eyes and asked if I would get the cabbage patch kid babies down from the attic (that were mine when I was a kid). I told him we already had a baby and his name was Mcree. He said, but Mcree won’t let me hold him. So I felt bad and maneuvered my way through the scorching attic to find them. And since Mcree and Gress have a lot of friends that are girls, they both love pushing around baby strollers. I thought what a better toy than a baby stroller. So we are now a family of boys sporting a baby stroller…that is BLUE!  Although as I sit here typing, Mcree is launching it off the couch pillows. Usually when we get the babies out or see anything baby related, Gress looks at me and asks if we can have a real baby girl. HA! I usually just giggle and say maybe one day if God decides that is in the plan.

    And then to end the day, the farmer’s wife called me to see if I had enjoyed a birthday chai latte yet and when I told her no, she said she was on her way from the farm (1+ hours away) to bring me one. So very sweet and crazy of her. We then enjoyed dinner together and some birthday deserts! What a special friend!

  • Happy Birthday Gress

    We were so lucky to have Pop here for Gress’ birthday. The boys love hanging out with him and Pop can’t stop smiling when he is around Gress and Mcree. We celebrated Gress birthday all day long starting with mini cupcakes for breakfast, a trip to the beach ALL day and ice cream later that night. I loved celebrating this sweet 5 year old. THANKS Dad for making the trip!! We loved having you here!