• Friends, The Beach, and The Dentist

    Yesterday we went to the beach with several of our friends. We had kids ranging from a new baby to 5 years old. It was a blast watching them all play in the surf. We took this group photo after all our kids descended on one little kids tidal pool. I think this other kid was curious at first and then happy to have lots of playmates. Later that night I thought I would save time by starting the bath while I cleaned up the kitchen. Gress ran in to check the water and I heard him screaming, “mom, it is really full.” So, the kids took baths with the water to their necks. Mcree thought he was in a swimming pool and just swam around the whole time. I love when the kids are fed, kitchen is clean and the boys are clean in their pjs. I could have accomplished nothing else that day and that would be enough.

    This week, Gress and I also got our teeth cleaned. He was a BRAVE guy. Earlier that week I told him we were going and he started saying he had a bump on one of his teeth and one of his teeth were loose. I just figured he was making up things to show the Dentist. Just as he got into the Dentist’s chair, he started telling them all these things. She started looking around and said that he had a bunch of stuff stuck behind one tooth. It took her many implements and different flosses to get it out. She said, it looks like meat. And she said it looks like he has it in between a lot of his teeth. Ok people, we brush his teeth, even with an automated toothbrush, EVERY DAY! I told her we had eaten deer meat almost every night of that week (remember the deer Rad butchered in the kitchen..FINALLY we cooked just a little..but honestly so much we had to eat leftovers for the whole week). She said his teeth were so close together that he may be a candidate for daily flossing. As if flossing my teeth daily isn’t enough, now I have to do it with another little person. But we both got A+ checkups (okay maybe a B- for me because they did talk to me about not brushing my teeth too hard.) Glad that is done for awhile. Now onto flossing. 🙂

  • A little bit of this and that…

    Life has been a little busy lately it seems. I just got back from Texas doing my last project with Wrangler Jeans. We photographed a country music artist roping and then at his concert that night. It was a lot of fun and took me back to my boot scooting days in Des Moines. I even (FINALLY) got another pair of boots just in time for this project.

    It has been HOT here in Savannah. So hot that even sitting with the kids outside while they play in the pool is just too much. I figure we look country enough with the baby pool in the front yard. Not to mention when we open the garage, probably makes people wonder what we are hoarding in there. No doubt that if I got in the pool with them people would talk! But it is quite fun to watch the boys do cannon balls in the pool.

    We did some art projects the other day. We were painting some cards for a friend’s dad that was having surgery. Gress took it to a whole new level with painting when I looked over and he was covered with paint. He even started painting sticks. Oh boys!

    And just some sweet moments to share….Mcree and Elijah eating raw corn on Saturday at the farm pickup day, and then Gress reading to the boys.

  • Fourth of July

    Who doesn’t love the 4th of July? I know we do. This year we got invited to visit with our friends and their parents in Edisto, South Carolina. We love the Sandstroms and have missed them since we moved away from Atlanta. We had a blast playing at the beach, riding in the boat, boating to a private beach, catching crabs, watching a golf cart parade, going to a family BBQ, and just hanging out together. It is oh so sweet to watch Stella and Gress together…not to mention watching Stella take care of Mcree. We miss you Sandstroms. THANK YOU for including us in this great adventure!

  • Family

    It has been just under a year since we saw Rad’s step brother Tom and his new wife Lisa and our new nephew Tyler and niece and Sarah. They came for a visit just last week and we LOVED getting them all to ourselves. I could have sat and talked for hours with Lisa as she is so easy to catch up with. And Tyler and Sarah are so very sweet with the boys. And no doubt I love seeing Rad with Tom and the humor that comes out in them both when they are together. THANKS for making the trek to Savannah!!! We loved every minute of it!

  • Super Heros

    The photos speak for themselves. Dressing up has become a daily occurrence in this household.