• House Full of LOVE

    These last few weeks have been busy and oh so great. There was a trip to the beach with the boys, and then my sweet sis Karin, Ray and little Layla came for a visit over the MLK holiday. We sure did cram in a lot of quality time with walks to the park, a picnic on the farm, lots of great conversations around the dinner table, and all of our favorites…a trip to the beach. We loved watching the boys with their sweet cousin. She is just too cute. And we are SO very excited to have a new cousin in June. THANKS for making the trek Karin and Ray!!!! We loved our time with you!

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  • Luna…

    IMG_6887I find myself wondering what this sweet puppy will be like. She is sweet, overly attentive, loves to cuddle with mera and us, is quite sensitive, and sometimes a bit of a scaredy cat. She doesn’t love car rides but likes to wake up before the sun and will gladly follow at Gress’ heels wherever he goes (sometimes even nipping to keep him in line). Her dad is an Australian Blue Heeler and her mom is an Australian Shepherd and she is a little mix of both.
    IMAG0349IMG_6937 IMG_6934 IMG_6929 IMG_6906 IMG_6896

  • Beach Days

    IMG_7287It feels more like summer around here lately. It was 74 degrees and sunny on Friday so..you guessed it…we packed up and went to the beach. I kept looking around in awe and had to remind myself I just might be dreaming. It sure did feel that way every second I was there (oh that is until one boy would start yelling and tugging on a toy from the other and crying would ensue….then I got snapped back to reality). Oh how we love the beach!

    IMG_7262 IMG_7267 IMG_7288 photo


    A PIGLET!!!

    You read that right. A pig. It was an amazing Christmas gift from our friends the famers. What a gift huh? I know many questions are running through your head right now like…Where will you keep it? How will it get along with the dogs? How will you potty train it? What does it eat? What happens when it gets big and stinky? LUCKY for us, the farmer’s have graciously offered to keep it and feed it right on their farm. All we have to do is name it, teach it some tricks (like come, sit, stay and play dead), and figure out how we want to process it when it becomes big enough to eat. Yes, you read that right too. What a HUGE life learning lesson for our WHOLE family.

    We were at the farm on Saturday while Rad was helping with cleaning up the farm.  There is a kitten on the farm named Fig that is Gress’ buddy. He follows Gress around wherever he goes. Gress carries him, stays outside in the cold and dark with him, and has a huge heart for this animal. I love getting to see this side of Gress. He is the same way with Luna. Well on Saturday, another family came to help clean too and mentioned how much they loved Fig. Several hours later, they were the proud owners of this sweet little kitty. Gress’ heart was broken. He loved this cat. As we hugged, his tears broke my heart. So many lessons learned through these animals.

    No doubt there will be many more lessons learned. Gress already knows how you castrate a pig, butcher a chicken, what rabbit tastes like, how to plant potatoes, how to water and feed pigs, and so much more. I can’t wait to see what lessons this pig and this farm will teach our family this year. So thankful for teaching friends and mentors in our farmers. Humbled to be a part of their journey.

    IMG_7233 IMG_7228 IMG_7086 IMG_7080 IMG_7072 IMG_7048 IMG_7045 farmphoto

  • Back to School…

    Oh how I am longing for our beach days this week. Sitting on the sand with not a worry in the world. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect with this first week back to homeschooling. We have had TOO many days off and have gotten way off routine. I was doing so great with building one skill or task on another. Learning was progressing at a great speed. Lesson learned….when you take too much time away, it is going to take lots of refreshing to get you back to where you once were.

    Day one back: Gress slept in his camo army outfit and refused to change into real clothes for the better part of the day. After realizing we were going to have to take things slower than expected to ramp back up, we packed up and headed to the farm to meet the newest 8 piglets and had a picnic on the farm. Gress was dressed in different camo from head to toe (pants, shirt, jacket and hat). We also took a walk to see a dead coyote up close. It was a different kind of learning but exactly what Gress needed.

    Day two back: After trying to get through math and reading and only making it half way through before Gress was clearly done (as evidenced by his oh so silly behavior), we pulled out the crayons and colored and made birthday cards, followed by a library visit and physical education 😉 in the park!

    Don’t be shocked if by Friday we end up at the beach!

    IMG_7210 IMG_7218 IMG_7220 IMG_7249 IMG_7252


  • New Year’s Memories

    I am still smiling from so many great memories over the Christmas break. Among my latest favorites are:

    1) Opening the memory jar New Year’s Eve and reading through all the memories made.

    2) Watching Gress shoot fireworks and Mcree swing his sparklers around New Year’s Eve. Thankful the fire extinguisher didn’t have to be used!

    3) Watching Luna cuddle up right against Mera and fall asleep.

    4) Hanging out with Rad’s Brother Tom, and my awesome sister in law Lisa and watching cousins Tyler and Sarah love on the boys. SO MUCH FUN! There was swimming, and football, and the park, and dinners together, and a seafood buffet, and too much laughter! We are so excited to meet little Tommy Jr in a few months!

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  • Days with Luna

    Our days are so much sweeter with this little puppy. Yes, there may be a little less sleep and a few more afternoon naps but this little bundle of fur is sure fun to be with. Gress can’t get enough of her and has made her a dark comfy fort and is cuddling with her now. Since we haven’t had a collar or leash for her, she has had to have alternative means to walking. Pretty sure there is some disclaimer on herding dogs that they aren’t supposed to be in a stroller for fear of making them twitch or loose their herding capabilities. Also, Mcree wasn’t the most accommodating and at times Luna wasn’t so sure about him thinking she was a “furry pillow” to lay against.

    photo photo1 IMG_6847