• Conversation with Gress

    gressGress asked me to come play Star Wars and Legos today while Mcree was sleeping. I love the conversations we have when we play together.

    This was one of our many conversations today…

    Gress: “Mom, when I grow up I am going to have a girlfriend.”
    Me: “How old do you think you will be when you are older with a girlfriend?”
    Gress: “7”
    Me: “That’s a little young. I would say more like 15 years old.”
    Gress: “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15”
    Me: “What do you think a girlfriend is?”
    Gress: “shhhhpt (noise like I should know), a girl mom. Do you marry your girlfriends?”
    Me: “Sometimes? What is the difference between a girl and a girlfriend?”
    Gress: “I don’t know and I guess if I don’t know then I can’t have a girlfriend.”
    Let’s just say I did not hold back my giggle. It was just to cute! Love this kid!
  • Hearts…

    I have been really thinking about my children’s hearts lately and how I am shaping them. Am I being intentional with my children or am I often just going through the motions of motherhood and taking care of their immediate needs? When I focus on the short term, it is easy to say yes, I am doing great. But when I look much further into creating their hearts to yearn to know a Father that created them for so much more…I have such room to grow. I often find myself day dreaming about who they will be when they grow up and then the dream is cut short with the reality that so much of that starts now. I am excited for this challenge!

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    I looked at the last date I posted a blog and I wonder where the time has gone. Lately it has taken all I have to school the kids, plan meals, get the clean laundry back in the drawers and keep the house in order. The camera hasn’t come out lately and that usually inspires my posts. So all that to say, sorry for the delay.

    The boys have been busy learning all about space, Gress is now moved on to 1st grade math (the boy loves math) and Gress is finally on the upswing of learning to read (boy was it a hard couple of months teaching that subject). Gress and I giggle daily listening to Mcree parrot anything Gress learns. He counts, says some of his ABCs, sings prayers (LOUDLY), and repeats what we read or talk about. I think he is just happy to be along for the ride.

    Caroline's Cupcake Toppers to Print IMG_7406 IMG_7440 IMG_7482 IMG_7483 IMG_7485 IMG_7489

  • Hatchlings…

    photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo6The farm is one big incubator of knowledge and I am so very thankful for all the amazing experiences we get to take part in. And speaking of incubator, Gress and I have been excitedly waiting for the tiniest quail eggs to hatch and finally yesterday they did. So today we headed to the farm and Gress helped the farmer move the 20+ baby quails to their heated home. They are oh so tiny and oh so cute. While we were enthralled with the new hatchlings, Mcree and Elijah were busy getting extra dirty all while entertaining the kitty (poor cat).

    I often wonder how these experiences will shape my kids. On our way to the farm Gress and I were having a conversation and out of the blue he said, “mom, when I get older I am going to buy hundreds of chickens and sell them and make a lot of money. I am growing big and my humps (muscles) are getting bigger. Mom, when I am older and I die, I want to be buried in America, not New Jersey or China but America because I love America.” It was hard to hide the laughter!

  • Puppy Days

    People tell us we are crazy that we got a puppy. Usually I would have to agree with them but this dog is something else. I remember the crazy puppy Mera was. Pillow contents strewn all over the house, coffee table legs gnawed on, escaping out of the holes in the fence, had to be leashed for fear of running away. Mera’s mentor was a slightly crazy border collie who didn’t much like Mera cuddling so close. Luckily, Luna has Mera to gnaw on, sit on top of, and pester until she gets tired. Mera is a calm dog that helps Luna stay calm too. Luna chews only on her toys (so far) and doesn’t mess with the other 50+ kids toys strewn across the room. She  lays quietly on her bed when we are doing school, gets excited to go into her kennel at night and doesn’t make a peep until we let her out in the morning, and stays close without needing to be leashed. We are pretty amazed and secretly take a little credit for the great behavior (which we shouldn’t at all!). And there is one 5 year old boy is quite smitten with her and constantly reminds us that “she choose him for her master.”
    IMG_7205 IMG_7189 IMG_7176

  • Lunch Date

    These were my 2 lunch dates today. Gress had prepared us a place to sit in his makeshift “cabin”. Next to us hung all of his outdoor implements from magnifying glasses, to a rope trap carefully stretched between 2 trees in hopes to capture a animal. There were also binoculars, a compass and a nerf gun hanging in the tree next to us. Normally I would prefer a much cleaner setting with a blanket laid out in a sunny location. But I have boys…and boys love dirt, and adventure and honestly I was impressed that he even prepared a special place for us to dine.

    I am reading a book right now so great that I have to force myself to slow down to really let the words sink deep into my heart. I am convicted in so many ways…especially when I am reminded of this statement: “The souls of our children will last for all eternity, and if we believe Scripture to be true, the way we shepherd them will undoubtedly have repercussions far beyond our lives here on earth.”  I am responsible for “crafting” my children’s lives for His glory. No pressure! I am thankful for the reminder that God made me their mama and “understanding that the best and most lasting work I would ever do was wrapped up in my call as just that” gives me grand purpose for my life.

    As I sit in that dirty spot with these sweet dirt loving boys, I am so very thankful for the time I have with them. Savoring these days!!

    photo1 photo2 photo3

  • Mom

    The older I get, the more I realize the amazing sacrifice my mom made on my behalf. It is humbling to say the least. As I look back on how I showed her gratitude (or lack there of is more like it) I am brought to tears remembering the way I often responded to her direction, advice and loving gestures. I wish I could have been more understanding, gracious and just plain thankful. Regardless of my snotty behavior, my mom always stood by my side and lifted me up. I can’t go back and undo the hurts I know I caused but I can move forward and work on making this relationship an amazing friendship. THANK YOU MOM for always pursing a better relationship with me, THANK YOU for loving me unconditionally, THANK YOU for your support, guidance and for pouring out your huge heart on me and my family. I love you mom!!!!!!!

    Loved having you here in Savannah!
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