• Happy Easter

    What an amazing day to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Gress keeps asking this last week to read the story over and over again in all of his different bibles. And although he isn’t fully aware of the magnitude of what took place, it is neat to watch his curious mind put all the pieces together. I’m glad he hasn’t asked how that relates to the Easter Bunny because I am not good with lying so I would probably have to just come right out and fess up.

    We just got back from church where for the first time since last Easter, we were able to worship as one church body. Usually there are 3 services but our church really wanted us to all be under the same room for one service again this Easter. It was amazing. Usually we have about 600 people in our church and we were at capacity this morning well above 1100.

    Thank you God for sending your son to save us from our sins. Thank you for your glorious grace! Christ is risen indeed!

    IMG_0217 IMG_0224 IMG_0229 IMG_0238 IMG_0240 IMG_0249 IMG_0255 IMG_0260

  • Here Donkey Donkey

    “Here donkey donkey, he haw donkey donkey.” I am not sure what a “donkey call” sounds like. We visited the newest additions to the farm yesterday…2 donkeys named Jeannie and Jeannette, and after giving them time to adjust to our human ways, they eventually came to reside next to us as we busily played, planted flowers, fished, picnicked, sunned by the pond, and watched the boys get amazingly dirty. We had planned to stay until just after lunch, but when mud and boys are involved, how do you make the fun stop. All I could do was giggle while watching them play. THANKS Farmers for your awesome playground and sharing your land of learning with the boys! Oh, and an update on our pig, aka pork chaps, she is no longer a tiny little piglet. See for yourself.

    IMG_0046 IMG_0060 IMG_0062 IMG_0066 IMG_0085 IMG_0087 IMG_0101 IMG_0112 IMG_0119 IMG_0126 IMG_0131 IMG_0148 IMG_0153 IMG_0154 IMG_0158 IMG_0169 IMG_0174

  • Nesting

    I have been anxiously awaiting for that pregnancy “nesting” stage to set it. That supposed time when one get lots of energy and starts organizing and homemaking like mad. Since I have been so tired, lots of things have gotten undone or maybe I should say not done.

    I was going about my morning yesterday changing sheets for laundry day when the nesting started. I thought I was just being diligent when I heard that little voice in my head, “hey, maybe you should wash all of your bedding even the bedskirt and go ahead and wash those pillows will you?” Then I realized all the things that had been stored under my bed, including a small dog’s worth of dog hair. So I cleaned out under the bed, then I heard the voice again, “you are going to vacuum under there right, and by all means you better get the mop out, and hey, maybe you should change exchange the art in here with another room, and while you are cleaning, go ahead and scrub the shower…and that shower curtain needs to be bleached and machine washed.” SIX loads of laundry later I realized that this nesting thing was WAY out of control.

    As I was making my bed last night at 11pm I forgot that I had washed Rad’s pillow and when I took it out of the dryer, it was QUITE lumpy. I tried to fluff it but it just wouldn’t transform back to it’s old self. I mentioned it to Gress earlier in the day and asked him what I should do about Daddy’s pillow. He said, “I know mom, we can put a rock in the pillowcase and when Daddy lays down, he will just feel the rock.” WOW, that was actually a great idea. So as I laid down last night, I anxiously awaited Rad putting his head on this dryer beaten lumpy pillow (minus the rock). After a long day he was so tired and looking forward to sleep. He immediately said, “what happened to my pillow?” All I could do was blame it on the nesting.

    All that to say, maybe things were better when all I did was lay on the couch and eat bon bons. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We are off to the farm today to meet the newest members of the farm..two donkeys. It will be an adventure for sure!

  • Parting Gift

    We all like parting gifts right? Especially the ones that you can eat, or that one you can actually put to use. But let’s face it, there are parting gifts that aren’t so great and you wonder what in the world you are going to do with that thing that is now yours.

    Somewhere along our weekend adventure, Mcree picked up some bug that decided to arrive Monday morning. First the diarrhea started, then Monday night vomiting was added onto the list. Some of you know this about me (and have even rescued me during such events) but I can’t deal with throw up…not the sound of it, nor the smell. When I used to work in the ER, a patient would start gagging and I would throw the emesis basin at them and run out of the room. Just the other day Mcree was choking on a piece of food and was about to throw it up and both Gress and I dashed away from the table covering our ears. I wish I was better with it, I really do. Especially Monday night. I don’t know how you overcome such a thing. But while yelling for Rad to come to my rescue, most of the throw up from Mcree was covering me. I started gagging and well after trying to get my nightgown full of Mcree’s day’s meal off of me, I threw up. And after feeling bad Rad was going to have to clean my mess up, I proceeded to do it myself, which only made me throw up more. Looking back I chuckle a little (just a little) at the thought of that crazy night. Hoping Mcree was done throwing up, I slept with him on the couch.

    It was so sad to see him in so much pain. UGH your heart breaks. He still has diarrhea and now a horrible diaper rash that makes him shriek in pain and me about cry every time I have to change his diaper. It’s one of those mom things no one prepares you for. I realize I have not seen him in much pain in his short life and I find myself thanking God that this is so minor compared to what could be.

    We are hoping this passes soon before I go more OCD with the lysol cleaner. This mama can NOT handle one more vomit episode. Wouldn’t you know it just before I typed this, I heard Mera gagging and ran to move her onto the hardwood floor to vomit there. Pretty sure she consumed a nasty diaper from Mcree.


    Thanks for the sympathy. ย This sure did make me feel better to write this….but I bet you are thinking you sure wish you had skipped this post! Don’t worry, there are no photos attached to this post! Okay, maybe just one to get your mind off of this gross post.

    Have a healthy day!!

  • Full Heart

    I don’t even know how to process the fullness that I felt in my heart this weekend. Oh was it good to be back in Atlanta. We went for a small group reunion to celebrate one of our favorite couples, Justin and Amaris, who are about to have their first baby. It has been too long since we were all together and it was oh so special to reunite our kids with each other (none of us had kids when we were in small group together and the oldest kid among us is 7). There wasn’t enough time in the night to catch up with each of them on all the life that has taken place in the last few years. My dear friend Kristen surprised us by hiring a photographer to capture the night. What a true gift! I can’t wait to look through the photos and remember that special night.

    If you asked Gress his favorite part of our trip it would be hands down hanging out with his buddy Luke and Jake and having sleep overs with them. Our closest friends Kristen and Michael hosted us while we were in Atlanta and they know Rad and I better than anyone. I love watching them parent their boys just a bit older than ours…so much to learn. I love the way Kristen knows how to make us feel special by feeding our hearts and our bellies. I love that we can pick up exactly where we left off. I love that Kristen and Rad can delve into intellectual conversations and Michael and I can laugh it off knowing we like the simpler things in life. I love watching them constantly striving to be better followers of Christ. It was hard to leave them and even harder to watch Gress cry as he knew it would be some time before we saw each other again.

    Another favorite part of our trip was seeing cousin Layla and Ray and Karin. Gress adores Layla and I love watching the boys interact with her. She is so delicate and sweet and everything a girl should be. While she sat quietly holding her baby, the boys were throwing balls, wrestling and being loud. She sometimes got that face…you know, the one girls make when they don’t really understand boys. I don’t blame you Layla, I make that face a lot. But she is a trooper and we love getting to spend time with her and Karin and Ray. Soon they will have a boy and I can’t wait to meet him. I loved spending time with my sister and so wished we lived much closer so we could have more time together!!

    And we feel so lucky to have gotten to spend time with some other great friends the Andreens. Gress and Mcree loved getting to play with Hollis and Reagan. Gress and Hollis grew up together and it is amazing to look at them now and see how much time has gone by. I loved sitting by the fire and picking up our conversations right where we left off. There definitely wasn’t enough time together to just sit and relish in life but our time was special!

    And to end our non stop tour, we got to have Sunday brunch with Nana. I love watching the sweet relationship Nana has with the boys. She makes us all feel important and special. And there is no shortage of laughter at how funny she is. At one point, Nana and the boys were sitting in her bed, crunching on their crushed ice in baggies while watching the kitties play. They could not have been happier. It is sweet to see how smitten she is with them. Makes your heart smile.

    I have never missed Atlanta but I sure have missed the friendships we left there. This trip has only confirmed that I need to do a better job at growing those relationships, even from afar. THANKS to you all for loving on us this past weekend.

    IMG_7597 IMG_7577 IMG_7569 IMG_7566 IMG_7559 IMG_7552 IMG_7549 IMG_7545

  • Cooking Lesson 101

    Most days when I am cooking something, especially if it involves some machine that makes noise, Mcree comes running with his stool to “help.” He loves pushing the buttons, mixing things up and getting to taste test all the foods. This day I was making a test cheesecake lemon pie and I had to walk away for a second. I specifically told Mcree to NOT TOUCH ANYTHING that I would be right back to put the lemon juice in. I am guessing he thought it would be helpful to go ahead and help with the lemons. When I came back this is what I found…


    He is a great helper and an even better taste tester.


  • Our Family

    These last few weeks have flown by and honestly there haven’t been many photos to blog about. What there has been are lots and lots of Gress’ drawings of me or Rad or us as a family. Gress is so very proud of them and Rad’s wall above his desk is quickly getting filled with self portraits. I love Gress’ explanations of the photos and to understand how he sees things. This is his latest drawing. Take a good look and then let me explain…

    our family

    There is of course Mera and Luna followed by me with the dreamy curly hair, Rad with glasses, Gress who apparently can hear very well, Mcree with a helmet (YES FOR REAL), and then there is our next child (which Gress has drawn as a girl). Yes, that’s right…I’m pregnant. Whether we are having a girl or a boy is yet to be determined but I know what Gress is rooting for. So now perhaps the many weeks between blog posts will make sense. I have been oh so sick, and tired, and just having a hard time getting anything done. There have been lots of prayers that I would get this far and everything would be okay and so far so good. It has been so sweet to hear the boys pray every night for the baby and we were quite impressed that Gress could keep it hush hush for so long. Gress constantly hugs my belly and tells me how pretty I am (what a gentleman!!) and mcree thinks that the baby is growing in the area above my belly ๐Ÿ™‚ Today I am 13+ weeks. We are excited to see where God takes us on this journey.