• Teeth….

    I don’t consider myself a girly girl…and I rarely use the excuse that I am a girl to get out of something. But last night I would have used any excuse to excuse myself from the grody situation that was taking place. Gress has had loose teeth for weeks. First it was one, then three and somehow he made it to 6 loose teeth without any of them falling out. Last night he was ready for one to come out. He didn’t really care how it came out but he was determined for it to happen. I agreed to video what was taking place but honestly I had my eyes closed the whole time.

    First there was the tie the string to a door trick which failed twice. Then Rad tried to just pull it which failed again. Then came some big ol plyers and Rad tried to yank on the tooth with those which again failed. Gress was so disappointed he had to go to bed with all of his teeth intact. He was so excited and surprisingly not afraid at all with what was taking place. When Gress woke up this morning at 6:15am (sleep in kid!!) Rad pulled it out. The first thing Gress did when he saw me was smile. He is so excited. He thinks he can whistle louder, make funnier noises and pretty sure he things he is oh so cool now! He has decided he doesn’t want to give his teeth to the tooth fairy but rather keep them in a jar and study them. He might even make a bracelet with his teeth attached. I will make sure I have a substitute teacher for that day of crafting!!

    Let’s hope his normal smile resumes soon! The one below is quite comical!

    IMG_8697 IMG_8699 IMG_8701

  • Baby Talk

    Oh what a sweet day it will be when these boys get to meet this baby. Their commentary always makes me smile. Gress is constantly coming up with names for the baby. Yesterday he said if it was a boy he was going to name it Chuckstop (because the baby would probably throw or chuck stuff a lot) and if it was a girl we should name her Flower. I told him they were great names and we would consider them (haha!). Both of the boys tell me how pretty I am (which is so very sweet) and Mcree thinks my belly button is hillarious. Today he hugged my big belly and said, “you my friend….you getting bigger belly button…hahahahaha!” I’m pretty sure he was only talking to my belly button and not the baby! People keep asking me what I want, boy or girl? I honestly think either will be amazing. To have these 2 boys as their big brothers is going to be great!
    IMG_8585 IMG_8565

  • National Park Day

    IMG_0433 IMG_0442We took a field trip today to one of our local National Parks, Fort Pulaski National Monument. This fort was used during the civil war to defend against overseas enemies. It if rich with history and there are lots of things to touch and see within the fort walls. We went along with some friends and you bet there was lots of imaginary soldier play! Gress really wanted to wear his Daniel Boone costume with his musket gun however we compromised with some camouflage and a raccoon hat. Perhaps the Daniel Boone costume would have been more appropriate! It was a great adventure!

    IMG_0435 IMG_0439 IMG_0446 IMG_0448 IMG_0450 IMG_0469 IMG_0471IMG_0440

  • Dog Questions

    lunaWe took Luna to the vet today to get spayed. Oh boy were there lots of curious questions from the backseat like…

    Why are we taking her to the doctor?

    Why don’t you want her to have babies? (And if she ever had babies Gress assured me he would fully take care of the babies minus the poop cleanup.)

    What do they do to make her not have babies? (I really didn’t know how to answer that at a 5 year old level!)

    Do people take boy dogs to get the same thing even though they can’t get pregnant? (OH BOY..and when I said yes I had to stumble my way through that answer. Surely Radford covered this while they were castrating pigs!!! You did didn’t you Radford?)

    Can’t we just sit in the parking lot and wait for her?

    So do they cut her belly open like your belly was cut open when you had Mcree? Will she have a bandage?

    Luckily the conversation ended as I wasn’t quite ready to share the birds and the bees with these boys! Gress said when he grew up he either wanted to be a veterinarian or a hunter or a soccer player.

    Mcree keeps asking where Luna is and I keep having to remind him. Hopefully we can move on to another subject of questions for the remainder of the day! 🙂

  • Boys and Play

    photo1 photo2 photo3There are so many things that make me smile. Just this morning we were sitting at breakfast and Rad was reading the Genesis story out of the Bible. Usually when we read or pray Mcree likes to interrupt with his 2 cents. A part of the way through the story Rad asked Mcree, “what hasn’t God made yet”, and Mcree blurts out, “carpet and toys then he made me and glass.” So funny.

    We spent the majority of the day outside. The boys really needed to exert some energy. That morning after school we headed to the park to play and to have a picnic with friends. Little did we know we would run into another friend and a whole group of homeschoolers. It is so rare that we see kids Gress’ age at the parks so it was fun to have so many kids his age and older to play with. One kid that he sees every Sunday calls him Buddy boy and I’m not sure he even knows Gress’ name. It’s endearing.

    Rad had a meeting last night so the boys and I went back to the park and played until way past dinner time. Gress realized some of his favorite kids were playing baseball (The Coleman kids who used to live next door to us), so we sat and watched them play, and when they realized it was Gress they were so excited to love on him. He has a sweet relationship with that family!! Then for a special treat we went to Chickfila. These boys are just so sweet. Mcree walked up to a couple (who was visiting from TN) and started a conversation with them. He asked the man if he was drinking beer (nice Mcree) and then wouldn’t stop asking them questions. While we were eating our dinner Gress looked at me and said, “mom, they really need some music in here, and by the way, that lady is using the broom on the floor and the seats, that seems dirty.” Very observant Gress!! And Mcree was convinced his chicken was a cow…probably the marketing that confused him!! Because it was almost time to leave, I asked Gress if he wanted ice cream or to play in the indoor play area. He asked me how long he could play, I told him 5 minutes. Then he asked me how long it would take him to eat ice cream and I told him probably 10 minutes. Then he really couldn’t decide which one to do and asked me which one I would do if I was a little kid. Just because he made me smile I let him do both! And thankfully Gress was there to cary stuck crying Mcree down from the top of the jungle gym because there was no way this pregnant mama was climbing inside that thing. There were many more conversations between guests and Mcree and many more smiles between Gress and I. I love how these boys are so sweet and engaged in the things and people around them.

  • Busy Weekends

    We love our Saturday mornings on the farm. And we are so thankful for our farmers that grow our fresh tasty food! There was a baby donkey naming contest. Pretty sure Gress’ submission of the name Bambi didn’t win. Rad also submitted Theodora LittleNeck (the road they live on) Williams (the Farmer’s last name) which probably got a few chuckles! Then we were quickly off to soccer.

    On Sunday we got to spend time with some long time friends the Jones’. We have known them well before we all even thought about having kids. They are so easy and fun to hang out with and it was fun to watch the kids play together. Gress dressed for the occasion in his camo attire. Way to impress Gress.

    Gress has been very into his dressing up lately. Yesterday was camo, then Daniel Boone and right now as I type this he is in his Batman attire. So funny.

    Yesterday was a rough start to the day as we were up with sick Luna all night Sunday. My sweet friend Melissa (aka the Farmer’s wife) decided to brighten my day my coming for a visit with chai lattes in hand. WOW! I felt loved and no doubt it brightened my day! THANKS SWEET FRIEND!

    IMG_0410 IMG_0420 IMG_0430 IMG_1402

  • Pop

    I love seeing my boys with their Pop. There is just something special about the connection between Gress, Mcree and my dad that makes them giggle, smile and have so much fun together. It doesn’t matter what Pop is doing, the boys want to be right next to him. Thankfully my dad is a good sport and LOVES to be with them any amount of time they want. My dad is quite a kid at heart and always along for the ride. I love the little things he does for them and the way he remembers them. My dad saves his change and when he sees the boys he lets them pick out a gift each with the change. We went to Bass Pro Shop and the boys each got a truck set. Wow, were they excited!! I am so thankful that he is a part of our lives and that he invests in knowing my kids. THANKS DAD for making the trip to be with us all. It meant a lot to us!!!

    Photos include: a trip to the beach, a trip to the farm, a picnic in the park, a morning snack at the donut shop, hanging out at home, and a trip to Bass Pro Shops.

    IMG_1401IMG_1461 IMG_1414IMG_1284 IMG_1275 IMG_0406 IMG_0398 IMG_0389 IMG_0385 IMG_0382 IMG_0379 IMG_0374 IMG_0369 IMG_0368 IMG_0367

  • Life Lately…


    Luna always wants to sleep next to Mera. Secretly I think Mera likes it.

    The boys LOVE to sleep with stuffed animals. The more the better. And every morning, Mcree will come walking out of his room with as many as he can fit in his arms.

    There is no “soft touch” when it comes to Mcree and dogs. He loves to play rough with Luna, stealing her toys, climbing as high as he can get, and teasing her in anyway he can. He thinks petting her involves somehow laying on her or getting his hands in her mouth. Luckily she is tolerant and feisty just like him. They get along great.

    Every day, the boys beg to go ride their bikes, and every day, for hours they do.

    Most days, Gress is dressed in costume. The other day Gress went in full cowboy attire (gun in gun holster, big ol cowboy hat and fringed vest) out to lunch. It always makes me chuckle to see him like that. Usually, he goes straight from pjs to army man. He always tries to convince Mcree to dress up but Mcree isn’t quite sure he likes that idea.

    We feel lucky to have lots of kids around the boys age that we can get together with. The weather is turning beautiful here and it will be hard to keep up away from the parks (and the beach).

    We are excited to hang out with Pop this week who will be coming for a visit. The boys love their Pop and it will be special to have him here.
    photo16 photo15 photo14 photo13 photo12 photo11 photo10 photo9 phot17 photo4 IMG_0195 IMG_0191

  • Full Saturdays

    Yesterday was our first farm pickup of the year. We were so excited to go to the farm and pick up our organically grown veggies from our favorite farmer. We got there early and were so impressed by the “farm stand.” We love our farmers and are so thankful for all the hard work they put into feeding our family. We can’t wait to spend our Saturday mornings there for months to come. There are always adventures on the farm. Last year when the farm was in South Carolina, (a good hour and 20 minutes drive to Savannah to drop off the veggies), the day of their first drop off, their truck got stuck in the mud just before they were scheduled to drive to Savannah. This year, upon our arrival, we found out a baby donkey was born early that morning and we got to meet the little girl! Oh how we love the farm! We asked Mcree to pray before our breakfast this morning and this was his prayer, “We pray for the farmer, and Elijah and the donkeys and Lucy (their dog) and I’m gonna get a big gun and shoot daddy but mommy say no no no. Amen.”

    After our farm pickup we went to watch Gress play soccer. Last year was his first introduction to soccer. He enjoyed it and was pretty good. This year it has really clicked (maybe the cleats and shin guards helped boost his confidence) and he is great on the field. We love watching him learn and enjoy playing and he really likes getting to hang out with lots of his buddies.

    After all that activity I thought it would be a great idea to wash the car (inside and out including steam cleaning all the carpets/mats). Once I got half way through I wasn’t sure it was a great idea. But the day was gorgeous and it was so nice to be outside even if it did involve lots of manual labor!

    I always wish the weekends would last just a big longer! I love all the time we get to spend together as a family.

    IMG_0182 IMG_0180IMG_0339IMG_0337 IMG_0334 IMG_0328 IMG_0317 IMG_0316 IMG_0303