• Singing in the Rain

    Today we found ourselves swimming (and maybe singing) in the rain today. We had some good ol family time at the pool today. It was our own private pool as we were the ONLY people there. So much for a 170+ capacity pool. It started to rain and we just floated around and ALL the boys took full advantage of the diving boards (low and high dives). It was magical and so much fun. The pool closes after this weekend so we will probably be there every day until then.

    photo6 photo8 photo9

    And I had another “last moment with just the boys before baby arrives” on Friday. We had to have our power lines worked on which meant no power ALL day so the boys and I headed to the beach. Honestly I wasn’t sure I could do it but with help from Rad loading and unloading the car, I made it there and back. It wasn’t easy or relaxing considering Mcree wanted to be wave diving the whole time we were there. And you bet I took a big nap just before dinner time. And in case you wonder what is all over the boys legs and in their buckets, they were super excited to play in the foam (GROSS!)!

    photo4 photo3 photo2 photo1

  • Throwback Thursday

    Just wanted to take you back in time….oh say just over 6 years ago. Thought you would enjoy what we looked like before each kid arrived into our lives. I must say we have gotten better looking with age! (haha). Many of the photos I had, Mera was faithfully sitting by our sides. She has endured each new stage in our lives….sweet girl. We have brought home each new baby to a different house and this one is no exception. Life keeps changing and becoming more beautiful!


  • Funny Sayings

    IMG_9270Gress: “Mom, you know you get shorter when you are pregnant?”

    Me: “Really Gress?”

    Gress: “Yes mom, the skin on your legs goes up into your belly and you get shorter.”

    No wonder I am waddling more lately! 🙂


    Me: “Gress, what is the study of animals called?”

    Gress: ZooLology (yes spelled and pronounced wrong).

    Me: “Who are the people that study animals?”

    Gress: “Vegetarians?”


    This kid always makes me laugh out loud!

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    IMG_1281The sweetest side of Gress comes out when there are little kids and babies around. He is especially sweet with Elijah and baby Caleb. We got a visit from our friends last week. Gress couldn’t wait to hold Caleb. He got dressed for the occasion too! 🙂 He talks to Mabry daily and can’t wait to meet her. It’s going to be a sweet sweet moment when he gets to meet her for the first time.

  • First Day of School

    The boys started school today. We jumped right into quiet time, learning about serving others, math, zoology, a little science experiment, writing and reading. We decided to take our learning how to read lesson outside since it was such a beautiful day. We even spread out a blanket and decided to have a picnic lunch too. I loved seeing how Gress picked up right where we left off last year. I always wonder what will be retained and I was quite surprised. We don’t have much time before the new baby arrives so I figured I should get as much learning in as I can before life looks a little different.

    It’s hard to believe how big these boys have grown since last year….(see the photos for comparison).

    IMG_1284IMG_1393 IMG_1294IMG_1385IMG_1302 IMG_1303 IMG_1306 IMG_1318

  • Taking the Plunge

    Was our pool membership worth it? You bet it was. Just to see Gress swim and dive for toys at the bottom of the pool is a HUGE improvement. And to see Mcree  jump off the HIGH dive was so worth the cost. We are just getting into our swimming grove and the pool season is just about over. We will just have to soak up every last opportunity to build bravery!


  • Dirt


    This is where my boys would rather be….barefoot and in the dirt. I knew they needed to get some energy out so I opened the back door, and with shovels and buckets in hand, and their trusty dog Luna by their side, off the boys went for a morning adventure. At one point I looked out the window and Gress was busy digging a BIG hole while Luna was in the hole digging as fast as she could to help him out. I just smiled and knew they LOVED every moment of their morning. That was until Luna got overly excited about digging that she threw dirt right into Mcree’s face. Luckily he recovers quickly and was off again to make the hole bigger.

    I thought, wow, this is a pretty great deal. I can get a lot of things cleaned inside while they are outside. Little did I realize that both boys AND Luna would be covered with dirt. So our morning of adventure continued with a swim session in the kiddie pool and baths for both dogs. Luna is scared of water and hates getting baths. She also likes to hide when she is scared…and by hide I mean under a bush in the dirt. At one point I was running around screaming at her, and I looked over at my filthy kids playing in their underwear in the kiddie pool and realized I really should live in the country. While most kids are in uniforms and off to their first day of school, my kids are scantily dressed getting a dawn dish soap bath from their really pregnant mom.

    We will start school this week and I love seeing Gress’ excitement for what he is about to learn.

    IMG_1267 IMG_1268

  • Countdown…

    It is becoming more real lately that we are having a baby. I am not saying I have been in denial but it sure does seem like I just might go on being pregnant forever. It’s probably the heat that is fogging my countdown, or perhaps the fact that this belly can’t get any bigger. There are days I just wish we could go ahead and meet this little girl. But then I remember that my to do list is still very much unchecked and I need every free moment I can get. I look at our family photo and smile knowing how it is about to change. And as the baby items start to appear from the attic, I know the day is drawing nearer. 5 weeks to go!!

    The sweet bassinet has slept each of my children, Rad and his brother when they were babies, Rad’s dad and his brother when they were just wee ones and I am not sure if the list stops there. Thankful to be able to carry on the tradition!

    family photo

  • Magazine Fantasy…

    You know the magazine photos….the ones that have rooms that are perfectly lit, impeccably clean, and decorated perfectly to fit the fantasy life that takes place there? I look at the photos and dream about my rooms looking that put together. Then I remember that life happens in my house. And by life I mean a little boy forgetting that he can’t pee in his pants while sitting on the couch, a puppy patiently waiting to get fed while drooling all over the newly mopped floor, and just today someone thinking a stamp with his brother’s name would look great stamped all over the furniture. There is dog hair floating near every baseboard (even though the vacuum makes its debut sometimes daily), there are legos under every piece of furniture in this house, there are markers and paper strewn all over the table that are still waiting to finish the masterpiece that was started, and there are boys clothes and pjs that didn’t quite make it to their hooks they supposedly hang on. I sigh most days because no matter how many times I pick something up, there is always more to be done. Just when I think I have a handle on it, I look over just now and Mcree is standing on the playroom table with wet pants down to his knees. But then I reminded that my life is by no means boring. It is full of an abundance of  great stuff and I have so so much to be thankful for. So my sighs remind me that thankfully, there will always be more life happening all around me!


  • First of my lasts…

    I remember when I was pregnant with Mcree that I started counting down the “lasts” of things. Well, my list of lasts have started a lot earlier this time. This week was my last outing to the Sand Gnats game. Honestly I didn’t want to go but I knew Rad and the kids really wanted to go so I went. We met up with our old neighbors and some friends. It was fun but boy was I ready to put my feet up and relax on the couch when it was over. Resting trumps fun these days…sadly. As much as I would love to go to the beach with the boys, I just don’t have the get up and go lately. But I refuse to say yet that I have reached a last for that adventure. Here are a few photos from our LAST baseball game.

    sand gnatsphoto