• Bubble Bath

    Some years back Rad gave me an ipod and he had it engraved on the back to say, “Life is short, stay awake for it.” Apparently I liked to sleep (I still do). And so does little Mabry. She had her first official bath the other day since her belly button is healed (we won’t talk about how we lost the belly button cord and who might have eaten it…Mera). She immediately fell asleep when we put her in the bath. No crying, just sleeping. There were many little people poking (I mean washing) her and she still stayed asleep for the majority of it. She is a girl, of course she loves bubble baths (and massages). IMG_1661

    IMG_1653 IMG_1656 IMG_1659 IMG_1669 IMG_1674 IMG_1677 IMG_1680 IMG_1686

  • Yawn…

    I don’t know who is more tired…me or Mabry. I am yawning just looking at these photos! 🙂 The girl could sleep her days away. Someone please tell her she should save her long naps for night time!

    _MG_9333 _MG_9224 _MG_9193 _MG_9144 _MG_9135


  • 2 Words…

    We are LOVING this cooler weather, which only makes us want to get outside more. We had a picnic in the park today with some friends. Luckily my friends realize I need help unloading the bikes, the stroller, shlepping all my things…and they always come to my rescue. It makes getting out much easier. There are days I just want to stay home and get stuff done, but these 2 busy boys have different plans and they would rather be covered in dirt than stay cooped up inside…so outside we go. I have to admit all that work does equal me having a nap later that afternoon. Trying to accept that is just life right now!

    If I had to pick 2 words to describe our weeks it would be demoing (the house) and cuddling (with this sweet baby).

    IMG_1608 IMG_1610 IMG_1634 IMG_1641 IMG_1645 IMG_1693 photo


    This morning was way busier than I would have liked. Mabry was hungry at 4:45am and didn’t really want to go back to sleep after that. Luckily I placed her in Rad’s sleeping arms at 6:00am and got another hour of sleep before we were quickly off to a Dr. appointment for Mabry and Mcree. Then a trip to the library to return 50+ books and then home to make lunch for Rad who was off to attempt to work on the house with an imperfect back. I was looking forward to the boys spending the day at the new house with Rad but it is pouring rain here and boys + rain + dirt = a big fat mess than no one really wants to deal with. All of this before 9am. I had decided to get some school in with Gress before a sweet lady was delivering dinner to us for tonight. I felt my tiredness weighing in on my body (and my mind) and decided I needed a chai and some time in the bible before I attempted anything productive. 1 minute into my bible, Mcree is wrestling with the dog and laughing/growling loudly next to me. Gress is yelling from the other room for me to help him pick up 100’s of legos that are strewn across the floor. Mera is licking and licking and every time I tell her to stop, I think I might just loose my mind. Mcree is now yelling he is a fan and spinning around banging into everything around him. I have now read the same paragraph in my bible 4 times.  Mcree is now disassembling the couch, sitting on Luna and someone has found a harmonica and is attempting to make music. My heart and soul are still craving for the word and some serious quiet time. Guess that will have to wait, and deep breaths will have to be my way of getting myself back on track. BREATHE!

    After I wrote this I went to a website I often find encouragement as a mom… www.itakejoy.com and today’s blog post was labeled, “Ways to Make Time for His Word.” Oh how fitting! The writer Sally shared, “Yet, we cannot show our children the excellencies of God’s character if we have not invested time in His presence. We become like the ones we spend time with! –And so if we can never make time to cultivate a deep love, a fresh worship, a spontaneous conversation with our dear Father, then we will not be living from His spirit’s truth, wisdom and grace.” How I realize I need to be in His word even more! I will find time today to be filled!!!

    On another note, Mabry is back up to her birth weight, exceeding it in fact. She now weighs 9.2 lbs. Way to hold in all your poop this time Mabry so you would weigh more! (If you missed the post about Mabry’s last Dr. Appt, here is the link: http://gressett.wordpress.com/2013/09/19/blessings-in-the-chaos/ )


  • The Gift of Saying, “Yes!”

    I have always believed in the motto, “it is better to give than receive.” I never considered the other side to that saying and when I was the one being given to, it was hard for me to receive. I sit here now thinking of all the “gifts” I probably turned away due to my own pride of thinking I could handle things on my own. We were eating lunch out as a family the other day (mostly just to get me and the boys out of the house) and a wise lady from our church came up to us and was talking to us about this very thing….that people want to give and it is a gift to let them do so.

    So today I said yes, even though every part of me wanted to say, “no, really I am fine.” A sweet family offered to not only take BOTH boys for the afternoon but also for the husband to come help Rad demo. WHAT A HUGE BLESSING! She wore my kids out and even had them to chores (like herding and feeding the chickens! 🙂 YES! What did I do with my free time. I slept! I so wanted to do something productive but I knew I needed sleep more than anything. And I also got some sweet quiet cuddle time with Mabry. We have also been blessed with many friends and the church family bringing us meals throughout the week. We almost said no to this great blessing too. Looking back how silly that would have been.

    We are slowly learning the sweet gift of saying yes. And it is a true gift!

    photo3 photo2 photophoto

  • Moments Together…

    I wondered when Mcree’s questions would come about how I feed the baby. He usually giggles when he sees me feeding the baby. This morning Rad saw him feeding his baby with his shirt up. And just now I told him we needed to get him a bottle to feed his baby and he told me I could use my “bottles” to feed his baby. The conversation always ends with Mcree saying ohhhhhh. And later the questions start again. It is quite funny. He is really good at taking care of his babies and always has to sleep with both of them at night. Sweet boy.

    It has been so low key lately in our house…especially yesterday. We had all the blinds closed, we were ALL on the couch watching tv and it was great. Not often are we all snuggled up together in one place. I cherish those moments.

    I love that these boys get to grow up with a sister. Gress always makes comments on how cute she is and there is no doubt he will be the one spoiling her! He is now snuggling with her on the couch. He can’t get enough time with her! On Sunday I dressed Mabry up and put her by the front window so when the boys got home she would be the first thing they saw. She couldn’t stay awake for the moment..but the girl does love to sleep (during the day!) I never thought I would be big at putting bows in her hair but every time I do, I realize how cute it is. It makes me giggle at the silliness of it all!

    _MG_9086 _MG_9090 _MG_9097 _MG_9108IMG_1532

  • Blessings in the Chaos

    It has been a crazy filled week this week at the Harrell house. I am trying to see the blessings within the chaos.

    First Mcree got sick (throwing up) Monday night. Not only was he up during the night but so was Mera. Luckily I was already up with Mabry so it all worked out! 🙂 Those 2 are fine now.

    Yesterday afternoon, Gress got sick. Luckily Rad deals with throw up WAY better than I do so he took the night shift with Gress and today the washing machine will be quite busy. Luckily, a sweet friend brought us a yummy dinner last night that will  feed us tonight as well. It came at the perfect time!

    The renovation house work got put on hold for these days but thankfully we realized our lease on our current house doesn’t end until the end of November so Rad has a bit more time to get things done. I’m pretty sure more tasks got added to the list but moving into a more complete space will be easier in the long run. But as of today Rad pulled out his back using some heavy machinery to demo the bathroom, so the extra time is definitely needed!

    I took Mabry to the pediatrician yesterday for her checkup. Luckily I had Gress with me to help because as soon as I went to change her diaper, poop was shooting everywhere (on the table, her blankets, her clothes, 2 clean diapers, the changing pad…and it goes on.) It was like the scene off of Saturday night live. I kept smiling with disbelief and was thankful it was just us in the room. Gress was a huge help to bring me supplies and keep the humor going. Mabry doesn’t quite weigh her birth weight again yet so we will be back there next week, hopefully with less poop! The doctor assured me babies poop a lot. Somehow I don’t remember that.

    And somehow I don’t remember being in as much pain with the last c-section. I guess those are things you forget. Trying to take it easy as much as I can which really just means moving at a slower pace to get things done. I think today will be a good excuse to have a movie marathon.

    Looking forward to my 2 super heros getting back to healthy. (THANKS Pop for the great costumes!)

    IMG_1519 IMG_1523

  • Humbled

    I’m not going to lie…I was in tears yesterday when my mom left and was pretty much tear filled ALL DAY! I found myself completely humbled and grateful that she would not only come and help but that she would take over my place with the boys, the household duties, feeding my family, loving on us, cheering us on with this crazy house renovation and making life so much easier. I so needed her and she willingly came to my rescue. I really didn’t want her to leave, mostly because I loved watching her love on the boys and sweet little Mabry. There is just something about having your mom near that makes you feel like everything is going to be ok (even if it is pure chaos!). THANKS mom for your amazing generosity and loving care that you poured out on us! Please come back soon! 🙂

    IMG_1581 IMG_1582 IMG_1596

  • One Lucky Girl

    Wow do I feel like one lucky girl as I enter my 13th year of marriage. 13 years ago today I had no idea the adventure I would step into. And I can say time has made my heart grow fonder for this amazing man I married. Instead of a romantic candlelight dinner date tonight, we are in the midst of another great adventure of renovating our new home we will occupy in a few short weeks. While Rad and Gress are busy tearing down walls and demolishing bathrooms, Mcree, Mabry and I will be relaxing at home. I think I have the better deal for sure! Rad did make it home for a leftover dinner and we lit candles and even pulled out our wedding album. (It was the best our sleep deprived selves could muster). I can’t wait to reminisce with Rad by my side. So thankful to have Radford to share my life with!photo photo1