• Pop…

    I love seeing my dad with my kids. He teaches them, gets on the floor and plays with them, he loves on them, and he jokes with them. Gress and Mcree adore their Pop. He came for a visit to meet Mabry and has been a huge help to my tired self. I see parts of him in each of my boys. Thanks Pop for putting up with these crazy boys and for loving on us all! We must have worn him out today because as I type this he is asleep on the couch snuggling with Mabry. But shhh, don’t tell the boys, they think he is watching Star Wars with them!

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  • Happy Halloween

    Let’s just admit, kids in costume are always funny. This week the public library had a costume story time. You know how much Gress loves to dress up so we convinced Mcree to do the same. My dad is visiting so we took the opportunity to make a day of it with a trip to Chikfila afterwards. The looks and comments they get are always funny! Gress dressed up as G.I Joe. Mcree dressed up as Superman. And Mabry was just cute in her tutu outfit. Happy Halloween!!

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  • Tile, Dreams, and Inspiration…

    I feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants lately. I like well defined plans and when I look back to my last move I had a day to day to do list carefully planned out weeks in advance. This time, I am lucky if I get dressed. School is my main priority, followed by keeping all kids alive and happy, followed by keeping us fed (although we are still getting meals 3x a week) and cleanly clothed. Packing…its coming along slowly. My lack of sleep really slows me down and puts me in a state of complete delirium.

    I have dreams about tile, and how indecisive I am to choose a bathroom style I know I will like forever. I keep thinking maybe if I had more sleep I could make a decision. But then I remember I am indecisive so that’s just an excuse. The house is coming along great. Will it be complete before our move in date in a few short weeks? Complete is relative. Pretty sure this will be an ongoing project for some time to come! Rad and I had a “date” on Monday to the lumber yard, the brick and tile showroom, and the flooring showroom. Because it was just us (and a sweet little girl), we could actually finish a conversation. I even dressed up for it! Rad and I luckily have the same style so picking out doors, flooring and styles was actually easy. It was GREAT to hang out with Rad for a few hours.

    We (me and the boys) have missed him. He has been working on the house a ton and when he is home, we can’t seem to get enough time with him. Rad takes every last bit of energy he has and pours it out on us when he is home. I am looking forward to when we are all “home” together again!

    Off to find my inspiration for the bathroom tile…or at least try.




  • Dear God…

    How Mcree prays at night:

    “Dear God, thank you (insert some exciting part of our day). And thank you God for Jesus dying on the cross, thank you for Jesus walking on water, and for kicking and punching the bad guys in the throat. In Jesus name amen.”

    EVERY NIGHT! _MG_9785

    _MG_9782 _MG_9784

  • Gaggle

    Gaggle: defined as a disorderly or noisy group of people. That is exactly how I would describe what happens when my boys get around their friends. The crazy level elevates and it is oh so fun to watch. It is like they are part of a tribe working together to conquer whatever task at hand. Usually swinging sticks and screaming for one to follow the other. I completely don’t understand it but love it at the same time. Boys will be boys!

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  • Pumpkin Patch

    I have great visions of us having amazing family portraits. Truth is, when you get 3 little people together, no amount of bribery will make them all look their best at the same exact time. Oh how I wish it was easy. But it isn’t and somehow I still have yet to accept that. Someone is always looking in the distance daydreaming, or making a fake smile just to comply, or acting just as a 2+ year old should. And then I remember that the imperfect picture captures their personalities perfectly.

    The boys talked about getting pumpkins all day. It was a definite highlight of our day. My sweet Aunt sent us pumpkin shaped See’s (from California) candy in the mail and Mcree now calls them pumpkin patches. That kid always makes me smile.

    _MG_9914 _MG_9909 _MG_9905 _MG_9880 _MG_9869 _MG_9849 _MG_9846 _MG_9845


  • Conviction…

    I am finally feeling the after effects of adding another person to our family. There is more laundry, lots of time spent feeding, burping, and changing diapers, lots of time trying not to forget what to add to the diaper bag and way too much energy spent shlepping things here and there. My sleep deprived self can’t keep up this week. My house is not quite as clean as I like, the laundry is patiently waiting to be put away, and often times the kids wear their pjs way past morning time. I have been convicted this week to focus on having a heart toward teaching my kids and a passion to pour all my energy into that. And I had to come to the realization that I can’t efficiently manage it all right now. I have to focus on what really matters. Thankfully lots of sweet people have taken care of us from feeding us meals during the week (one meal this week included Squirrel and Dumplings. Yes, you read that right and it was delicious!), to providing hand me down clothes for our kids, to sweating with Rad as they get the house renovated, and the list goes on.

    School has been going great this week (THANKFULLY). Gress has been so excited to read (which was not the case last year). He asks to do it everyday and yesterday read sentences on his own. What a milestone for him and I am so proud of him. I think us homeschool moms need encouragement like that more often than we think to make us remember there is great learning going on!

    Gress has a couple more weeks of soccer and the farm vegetable pickup starts back again soon so our weekends will continue to be adventure filled. Looking forward to Saturdays with Rad again. SOON!


  • 1 Month

    It it hard to believe that Mabry is over one month old. We have loved getting to know her over this last month. She loves to cuddle, and sleep, and is always content going along on any adventure. I feel so lucky to get to spend my days with this sweet girl.

    _MG_9625 _MG_9635 _MG_9654

  • Twins

    I remember when I was first pregnant there was a moment I hoped I was having twins. Crazy as that thought was, it was practical knowing that I could populate our family in one pregnancy. When I saw this scene today it reminded me of what my days would have looked like. Good thing I had just one baby! 🙂


  • I did it!

    Walking into the grocery store with 3 kids in tow felt a little much mostly because I really didn’t know how I was going to fit Mcree, Mabry and all the groceries in the cart. It had been pouring rain all morning and with a break in the clouds, I hoped we could get in and out without being soaked. Surprisingly a car seat and a very heavy little boy fit quite well in the cart. The grocery store has a huge scale right when you walk in and Gress always loves to weigh himself. A whopping 47 lbs that skinny guy weighs. I decided to try out the scale myself and once it landed on my weight I decided the scale must have been quite off. Gress must have seen my face and said Mom, “guess you have to loose some weight.” Haha! Then I reminded him that I just had a baby and I guess I was saying that out loud to remind myself too. Seems odd to have a scale at a grocery store anyway…but maybe it is motivation to buy healthier foods.

    The grocery shopping was actually fun. Mcree had great commentary, Gress’ dancing in the isles was quite entertaining, and little Mabry took a little snooze. By the time we got to the checkout, Mcree was sitting, standing on, and holding groceries in his lap. Luckily shopping “is a pleasure” at Publix (that is their motto) and a sweet man helped us carry our groceries out to the car. Then I remembered that there was nowhere to put these groceries. The back of the car held a huge stroller, 2 kids bikes, and 2 folding chairs. UGH! It was quite a puzzle fitting it all in. I was also bummed Rad wasn’t home to unload all these “healthy” (remember the scale) food items for me. Yes, I guess I am a bit spoiled. But thankfully, the boys watch their daddy and realized that they had to pick up the slack so my 2 little worker bees carried all the bags into the house.

    I wondered what the experience of grocery shopping with 3 would look like..and I’m proud to say I did it.