• 1 Week Left…

    The question I keep getting asked is, “How are you doing?” and honestly, things are moving so fast I don’t even have time to think about my emotional state. I’m afraid if I did the hugeness of what is about to take place would overwhelm me. I feel like this whole thing is one long production and I am so used to living in the world of photography production chaos that this seems quite doable. Either way, I can’t even breech the conversation for living in denial is a way better place to be. In the next week we still have major renovations taking place which includes converting studs to a full functioning bathroom, laying flooring in the entire house, staining concrete floors in the sunroom, adding some lighting, (and that is a snippet of Rad’s to do’s), moving a household of 5 people, cleaning a dirty construction zone to move into, cleaning a dirty house we move out of, then pack for a trip we will be taking shortly after our move to celebrate my Grandparent’s 70th Anniversary. Luckily I have a super motivated mom who has kept the ball moving and had boundless energy to take care of us while packing our house. I have so enjoyed our conversations, and might miss that most when she leaves. Ok there is a lot of things I will miss when she leaves!

    This might be my last post for awhile as my computer is down for the count for a bit (my technical support, aka Radford, has little time to replace my hard drive..in denial about that too!). If we don’t meet again soon, enjoy your Thanksgiving. Make a list of all you are thankful for! I am always in awe of all the things I have to be thankful for!

    We have one rug left in our house that hasn’t been cleaned. The whole clan congregates on it. Maybe in our new house if we only had one rug, toys would only collect there. I doubt it…but a girl can dream!

    photo photo1 photo2 photo3

  • Mabry at 2 Months

    It’s hard to believe that Mabry is already 2 months old. I’m trying to savor these moments with her amongst the chaos that is going on around me. She is such a great little baby. She is content pretty much all day regardless of what is going on around her. I think the nosier the better for her, from little boys screaming and sword fighting to shop vacs and saws going on around her. She now sleeps through the night…lucky us. She loves to be held and when you ask her, “where is your smile?” she offers up a sweet little grin. She loves to have a little blankie right at her face when she sleeps and when she is hungry she snorts like a little piggy. She loves to cuddle and you will often find her asleep in Gress’ lap or in his bunk as he plays next to her. She is one happy baby and I am oh so thankful!

    _MG_0613 _MG_0635


  • Happy 3rd Birthday Mcree

    Happy Birthday to Mcree who always makes me smile. He is fun, lively, tough, loves humor, quite conversant, easily excited, cuddly, silly and so fun to be around. I feel so grateful to have this fun little guy in my life! We got to celebrate his birthday Sunday with Mimi, mexican food, and of course some time spent at the new house.

    _MG_0536 _MG_0565 _MG_0582 _MG_0744 _MG_0747 _MG_0760 _MG_0770 _MG_0776 photo photo1 photo2

  • Deserving of a photo

    There are so many moments from these last few days that deserve a photo. I would have loved to have captured… the boys pure joy in seeing Mimi at the end of the airport terminal, Gress proudly holding Mabry in his lap during church, Mcree with a full on dirt mustache, my mom with my boys and 2 others (all boys dressed in camo) “bush wacking” through the woods to find their way to the park, Rad giving my mom and I a pep talk to keep us encouraged through our painting of the house, Rad’s many talents in rebuilding the house (plumber, carpenter, electrician..oh the list goes on)  and hearing Mabry laugh with Mimi. These last fews days have been full. I have been completely spent at the end of these days but so encouraged to have my mom here to help me with EVERYTHING. What a huge heart she has to step into our chaos and truly give to our ongoing needs. I really am starting to feel like I am in over my head…, but somehow my mom always reminds me together we can do it! THANKS MOM!

  • Family Photo

    Soon, hopefully soon, we will have a new family photo. This one will have to do int he meantime.

    _MG_0194 _MG_0210 _MG_0214

  • Proud Moment

    You know those moments when you are really proud of someone? So proud that you can’t stop smiling and your heart is beating a little faster? Well, my dad and I had one of those moments while visiting Fort Pulaski with the boys. They have a Junior Ranger program which Gress decided he wanted to take part in. They gave Gress a book which he had to fill in as he visited different areas around the National Park. He had to interact with Park Rangers, answer questions, and pay attention to various things around the park. Once he did that he took an oath to now teach others about what he learned and to promise to help preserve other national parks. He got a badge and a packet of informational cards about the park. The cool part is that many other national parks also take part in the Junior Ranger program. It has surely sparked an interest for Gress to learn more about other historical sites. While we were there, they had a reenactment of how a solider would dress for war including him firing his riffle. Both boys were in awe and were enthralled with all the info shared by the park Ranger. It was a sweet moment to share with my Dad and really special to see how proud he was of Gress.

    IMG_4082 IMG_4087 IMG_4091 IMG_4092 IMG_4105 IMG_4187 IMG_4205 twins