• Dream Big…

    We hope you can look back over this last year at some little moments that made you smile. Sometimes it’s the little things that create the biggest smile. Here’s to happy moments behind you and big dreams ahead! (Mcree might be looking tough or really concerned about how the mustache was going to come off!)
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  • Friends

    We love catching up with friends! Especially friends that we have known for a long time. We knew all these friends long before we all even thought about having kids. They are all special friendships. Wow do we feel lucky to have gotten to spend time catching up! THANKS Landis’, Laniers and Sandstroms for coming to see us these last few weeks!IMG_2028IMG_2083 IMG_2091

  • Sweet Smiles

    This sweet sweet baby is such a joy to be around. I know one day she will have a lot to say but for now I am just relishing in her sweet little smiles.

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  • Sneaking Candy

    I’m not sure if the boys were more excited about making gingerbread houses or actually “taste testing” the candy that sat in bowls in front of them waiting to be put on the houses. They were very into decorating the houses and it was so fun to see their creativity. We happily displayed them in the dining room so we could all enjoy looking at their art. Not an hour later Rad noticed Mcree running in and out of the dining room. Rad said, “Mcree, you aren’t eating your candy off of your house are you?” Mcree quickly said, “no” and off he ran. A little while later we realized he had eaten all the candy off the front of the house. We just smiled realizing you can’t put a display of candy in front of them and expect them to only look! 🙂

    Here are before and after shots:

    IMG_2040 _MG_0947

  • Christmas Day

    So many moments to smile at this season. I wasn’t quite sure this Christmas would feel like home in our barely lived in house but I have to say this season has been extra special. Decorating gingerbread houses together as a family, spending Christmas Eve with friends and then our church family and then sharing dinner with many of our new neighbors, our yearly drive to see all the christmas lights, reading the story about Jesus’ birth and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. We were in our pjs all day (except for Rad who had to find Mera who escaped out of the open fence and took herself on a walk to visit all the cats 5 houses down). The day was special for so many reasons. My cup runneth over.

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  • Perfectionist…

    I was told recently that I am a bit of a perfectionist. I don’t usually think of that term as a positive quality. If I really think about my character, I do tend to like things just the way I like them. Family photos…yes I usually have something in my head I want and can’t be satisfied until it is just right. Gifts wrapped just right…yep…that’s true. I feel like this Christmas I winged a lot of things. Christmas cards turned into New Years cards (hopefully), a life to hectic to really shop for gifts, and no time to even think about hand making something, bows not even on the presents I wrapped, a Christmas tree barely decorated and with lights measly tucked in (you can only imagine what happens to those lights when the tree falls over…yep..start over) and just flying by the seat of my pants to pull of any Christmas traditions. I keep saying, “it is what it is,” but deep down I feel like somehow I should have done more.

    I keep being reminded of the word grace. I so rarely offer that to myself. And when you are well…”a perfectionist..” there is little room for grace. I am reminded of the story of Jesus’ birth and how very simple the stable must have been…but how very amazing that moment must have been. Our Savior was born…to rescue us from ourselves! His beginnings were so humbling…and His life impacted so many lives. I so don’t want to get lost in the busyness and distraction this holiday can bring. I realize this year I have to let what I deem “perfect” pass and relish in the sweet moments before me. What amazing gifts I already have right in front of me!

    photo1 photo2 photo3

  • Leaving on a Jet Plane

    Glad to know our whole crew are good travelers. Thankful for that considering all it took to get us on the plane. I’m not sure how we pulled of packing when the day before our washer drain was clogged and dumping into the bathroom and Mr. Roto-Rooter (aka Radford) spent the whole day unclogging the way clogged drain. Not to mention half of our clothes were still packed up in boxes who knows where, or that we didn’t start packing until 9pm the night before. And I’m not sure how we pulled off making the house livable with den, kitchen and bedrooms set up in less than a week so that our house guests could feel like they weren’t living in a maze of boxes. It was probably just adrenaline that kept us moving each hour of that week. And honestly we were all probably so tired once we got on the plane that we could do nothing but sit quietly in our seats! Either way it was a fun adventure with 3 kids in tow. Looking forward to doing it again one day (hopefully not during a huge major life change).

    photo1 photo2 photo3 IMG_1794 IMG_1791

  • Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Blizzard

    Snow makes me giddy. I remember the days Rad and I lived in Iowa we would play in the snow for hours or take drives through the snow filled back roads of Des Moines. We were usually the only ones out in the blizzard and people would give us crazy looks. Rad can say he doesn’t like snow but he sure smiles A LOT when he is doing doughnuts in the parking lot. Somehow snow just brings out the kids in us..and happy to know it brings huge smiles to my kids faces as well. Mcree has never seen snow and Gress can hardly remember the time there was a huge snowstorm in Atlanta. To our surprise, while we were in Arizona it snowed a few inches. It brought out the kid in Rad for sure as he was sledding down the icy street. What a fun memory. Mcree told me yesterday he wanted to go back to Arizona and see Mimi so he could play in the snow. Me too buddy! Me too!

    IMG_1932 IMG_1931 IMG_1927 IMG_1922 IMG_1917 IMG_1915 IMG_1910 IMG_1907 IMG_1900 IMG_1899 IMG_1894


  • Favorites

    I have so many favorite parts from our trip to Arizona. Honestly most of them include just being with my family. I love seeing my parents with my kids and knowing how much my kids enjoy them. I loved my one on one time with my parents and just getting to catch up. I love hanging out with my sister for so many reasons which include watching her be a mom and finding time to laugh together. (This was the first time we had met each other’s babies). I loved reconnecting with my cousin and seeing how funny he can be with the kids. And most of all I love seeing my grandparents and introducing them to Mabry. Too much time passes between our times together so this was cherished time for sure!

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