• Helpers

    3 helpers at the grocery store. One helper held the baby (aka the other helper) and the remaining helper with his shoes on the wrong feet exercised his legs getting on and off the cart (which is the opposite of helping). Nothing is mundane anymore. It is quite the opposite. And for that I am thankful.


  • Snow Storm in Savannah

    If you narrow your eyes, and look really hard, in the photo of Gressett with the BBQ grill, you can see the snow that came to Savannah. A few measly flakes. But by the squeal that came out of Gress’ mouth, you would have thought that there was inches of snow on the ground. He quickly ran out to collect those few flakes. (And even tried to catch some on his tongue). I think Mcree was confused at Gress’ excitement as Mcree just ran for the swing and swung with his cup high in the air. Mabry happily sat by the door and watched the boys (Gress is entertaining her in the photo with his dancing) from the warmth of the house (which quickly made her fall asleep!). It is times like this that I really wish I could show my kids what an Iowa snow looks like! 🙂 IMG_0438 IMG_0441 IMG_0443 IMG_0445 IMG_0446 IMG_0449


  • Questions are like gifts…

    I read this and LOVED it. I feel like it was written straight out of my heart. Oh how I crave good deep meaningful conversation!

    “Questions are like gifts — it’s the thought behind them that the receiver really FEELS. We have to know the receiver to give the right gift and to ask the right question. Generic gifts and questions are all right, but personal gifts and questions feel better. Love is specific, I think. It’s an art. The more attention and time you give to your questions, the more beautiful the answers become.

    Life is a conversation. Make it a good one.”

    Gress is a great conversationalist. And a very observant person. Today he said, “Mom, what are those pants you are wearing?” (with a funny look on his face.) They were like sweat pants but way shorter just under my knees and more flared out. I said, “what do you mean?” He said, “they look like pants an indian would wear. A girl indian.” Oh boy. I am guessing that A) wasn’t a compliment and B) he thinks they aren’t cute. Definitely going to have to work on the thoughts behind his questions! 🙂

    Mabry is a great listener and I can’t wait to see what she has to say when she starts talking!


  • In my dreams…only

    I dream about Saturdays where we wake up and plan some little adventure for the 5 of us. And in my dreams, the little adventure doesn’t include saws, drills, painting, chainsawing, or any home improvement project. In my little naive mind, or maybe it was the lack of thinking due to sleep deprivation, but I really did think once we moved here, home renovations would be done for awhile. Boy, was that a great dream..and quite an unrealistic crazy one at that. I am sure Rad dreams this regularly. I get great small moments of family time that make me smile big and only crave more. I am glad to even have those moments to savor. Some of my favorite moments lately include:

    Hanging out in the front yard pushing the boys on the swing and trying to wear out one energetic puppy.

    Drinking mexican hot chocolate together on cold days.

    Passing around this sweet baby girl so we can all love on her, especially in the mornings.

    Hanging out in the boys room reading books before bedtime.

    photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5



  • Family

    All of our family live somewhere else. I can be with them for an hour or days and it never feels like enough time to catch up. My sweet (very pregnant) sister in law was in Savannah for a short visit with her parents and we were lucky enough to steal some of their time. We are kindred spirits and I always feel so great being around her and her sweet kids. We were all sad to see them go. Especially the boys. Hoping to get to hug all of their necks again soon!!!

    IMG_0315 IMG_0314 IMG_0311 IMG_0299

  • Mabry at 4 Months

    Time is flying by and I am late once again for the monthly photos of Mabry. I remember people saying that the second or third kid is lucky if they even have a baby book. I can completely understand that phrase. Gress’ book is chalked full of  weekly growth facts. Mcree’s book has monthly updates. Mabry’s…well, it’s a good thing we are only a few months in because I can still make things up! Here she is in all her cuteness. She is one happy content baby. She loves to chat away while on her changing table. She is now staring to put things in her mouth. She sleeps from 9 or 10pm until 7 or 8am. If she is tired, she will just fall asleep wherever she is hanging out. Gress can ALWAYS make her smile (even when I can’t). She loves to hang out anywhere and watch what is going on. She makes funny noises..growling, and screeching and has just found out how loud she can be. She still has a quiet cry and will cough when she wants attention. She is a true joy to be around. She has my heart!

    _MG_1508 _MG_1495 _MG_1462 _MG_1457 _MG_1388

  • Favorite Place

    I love where I live. I could have said that many times throughout my lifetime and with each favorite place I mean it more. We haven’t lived here long but already the neighbors are here when you need them. When our big tree limb fell, they already had it planned out how it was going to get cut and carried off. Multiple families came together to chop, load, entertain the kids, and haul off the wood. And they have opened up their homes, their wood working shops, offered their trucks, trailers, and any tool we could possibly need. Rad and I aren’t very good at asking for help or taking people up on their offers so we are lucky that they just show up when help is needed. Did I mention I love where I live and finally feel “at home” here under these 100+ year old oak trees. The kids love exploring every inch of this property and use it to it’s fullest potential. Gress was using the full length of the driveway to jump his bike off ramps yesterday, Mera was exploring the woods and snacking on who knows what, Luna was chasing all of her squirrel friends, and Mcree was jumping off everything he could find. The tease of the warm weather for a few days makes us only want to be out there more. Thankfully the warm weather brought the power tools out and I think I can say our bathroom is close to complete. (Now on to the other many projects waiting to be started/completed..the list keeps going for Radford!). The boys are lucky also to have some friends that don’t live to far away and will often come for a visit to get their energy out. We feel very thankful to be where we are.

    IMG_0258_2 IMG_0267 IMG_0349

  • TV

    God has already laid out the days for my kids lives. My job is to be faithful to Him and lead my kids to Him. While that still seems huge, it is also comforting that no matter what I teach, what experiences I place in front of them, or what they learn… God already has it all worked out. I always look for opportunities to expand what they know for who knows where that will lead. Today Rad was going to be on TV to chat about a business competition that he is on the committee for. I knew Gress would 1) love alone time with Rad and 2) love to see the world behind TV. I loved hearing  Gress’ explanation of the experience and his favorite part hands down was seeing his dad in front of the camera. These are the things about homeschooling that I love.

    IMG_4571 photo

  • Conversations with Mcree

    Mcree: “Mom, I want to marry you.”

    Me: “That is so sweet Mcree but I am already married to daddy.”

    Mcree: “Then I will marry a little girl. I will marry Mera (our dog) and she will stand up and talk.”



  • Despite my Circumstances

    1527080_10151924389293227_1855032391_nOh BOY did this speak so much truth to me yesterday. My circumstances of a house not fully renovated, or a cleaned room completely undone in seconds by two busy boys, or the mountains of boxes I seem to shuffle from one corner to another without any progress being made to feel settled…it turned my disposition instantly into someone who was NOT fun to be around. My “nest” is in shambles. And somehow I felt that way too. I kept praying for God to lighten my load. To help me realize what is really important. I thought perhaps a shower would help me feel better and give me time to think ALONE! WRONG! It turned into a bathroom break for the boys. I couldn’t see the real humor in it for the fact that our now one bathroom was a gathering place. I had lost my “team player” spirit and my own selfishness sunk into those places that used to make me smile at the craziness of it all. I remember the phrase that Rad’s brother Jay used at our wedding…”If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” That rung so true and I was setting the tone for discontentment. Definitely not the lesson I want to teach my kids. I want them to feel joy REGARDLESS of their circumstances. Their bad behaviors were just a reflection of my own sin. OUCH! Don’t we sometimes need to be honestly reminded that the these earthly things are so temporary! I know I needed that wakeup call yesterday. So today I am making a list of the things I am thankful for right in this moment.

    • I am thankful today for seeing Gress’ progress in math and reading and remembering the mountain we both climbed over to get to this point. Today’s lessons were a breeze for him and he is enjoying it so much more. I think he must have noticed my smile as he drew a photo of me.
    • I am thankful for indoor plumbing (ah showers!) and for Mcree being smart enough to not flush the kazoo down into the septic tank!
    • I am thankful for buckles on bouncy seats! 🙂 Not sure why it has taken me so long to learn that lesson!
    • I am thankful for Mcree being in the middle of our school time and a willing participant to do what we are doing.
    • I am thankful for a dryer that works for the moment and a husband that can pretty much fix anything should it start clunking and screeching again.
    • I am thankful the big limb did not fall on our roof and our supply of wood for the fire pit just increased 10 fold!
    • I am thankful to teach my sons about the brave work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    • I am thankful for hugs and apologies that make my crabbiness forgiven!photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo7