• Red Headed Baby

    It’s sometimes questionable whether or not Mabry has red hair. On this day the answer was most definitely YES! _MG_2257 _MG_2251 _MG_2266 _MG_2270 _MG_2265

  • FIVE Months

    Slow down time. You are moving way too fast. I love watching this baby change and grow and seeing her little personality emerge. But, I already miss the teeny tiny baby that she once was. She has moved on to another size in clothes and now the pile of sweet little infant clothes are waiting for another home. Savoring these sweet days with this sweet sweet girl.

    I love seeing her:

    Explore her hands and watching her realize she can move her fingers and strum them against each other

    Blows raspberries when she is on the changing table

    Giggle when Gress acts silly (he is the only one that can get her to laugh)

    Smile and wrinkle her nose

    Bounce herself around when she sits in your lap

    Scoot herself around in her crib

    Sit up in her bouncy seat

    She is now getting a few teeth in and is starting to eat her first bites of food. She is happy and content wherever we are.

    _MG_2218 _MG_2224 _MG_2227 _MG_2331

  • Brotherly Love

    How lucky is this little girl to have a big brother like Gressett. He always considers her, wants to hold her, wants her right next to where he is playing, and always tells her how pretty she is. This day I laid her down for a minute while I was doing something in the boys room. Gress pulled out the finger puppets for her and then cuddled up next to her to hang out. He is smitten with her!

    IMG_0868 IMG_0873

  • A Beautiful Mess

    I remember those days before I had kids that I would look at moms and wonder why many of them seemed to look frazzled, or chuckle at the way they would secretly give their child a “you better behave look” or wonder what in the world they carried around in that huge diaper bag. I no longer wonder these questions because I live them out on a daily basis. I went to see a friend yesterday and my coat was on inside out and I only realized it when the pocket seemed to not function properly. Today at the doctor’s office with all 3 kids, I gave Mcree so many of those “don’t make me discipline you in front of the doctor” looks that I thought I might go blind. And my purse no longer has makeup and lipstick and fun journaly girly things inside. It is currently filled with cars, legos, boys underwear, wipes, diapers, clothes covered in poop and some crumbs. Just when I think I look cute and curl my hair, I realize my zipper is down. I can’t win. The best part about it all is that even when I look my worst and I don’t have it all together, my boys turn to me and say, “mom, you are beautiful.” I love these boys hearts. They know how to make us girls feel beautiful inside and out! IMG_1115 IMG_1107 IMG_1098 IMG_1091 IMG_1086 IMG_1080 IMG_1119

  • Just the Highlights…

    I think I rewrote the start of this post 10 times. Life has been crazy busy lately and instead of boring you with many adventurous stories, I will just hit the highlights…

    1) I don’t recommend your washing machine breaking after major company and before a trip. 13 + loads of laundry done in one day was surely an accomplishment. (I didn’t even tell you I made multiple dinners and lunches to keep in the fridge in between each load). Now that I am writing this I am not quite sure how I pulled this off with 3 small children. I will not however be awarded with a medal although I do think it was in order. Perhaps Rad is really the one that deserves one for fixing it!

    2) If you want to dream you are on a car ride adventure by yourself, just turn on a movie or 3 for the back seat passengers and you will never know they are there for the next 4 hours. Perhaps I needed a little quiet time/renewal for myself. It was lovely.

    3) I loved seeing Mabry meet her Nana. Oh how sweet. And the boys adore her.

    4) When you stay at someone’s house that isn’t use to boys…you realize the noise level and busyness you put up with on a daily basis. Girls are VERY different. I can only dream of crafting and quiet conversations. Sorry Karin for the circus I rolled in with.

    5) The only way to get energy out of my boys is to let them run free in wide open spaces. The Atlanta Zoo fulfilled that freedom needed. I love this place and on cold days you have the park all to yourselves! And I loved that Gress had his fake bird on his shoulder in the bird aviary!

    6) Being with my mom and sister and her kids is just plain special.

    7) I always wish while in Atlanta that my time there was endless and I could travel around and see all my friends. One day! One day! Hopefully soon!

    _MG_1750 _MG_1814 _MG_1857 _MG_1858 _MG_1906 _MG_2180 IMG_0915 IMG_0936 IMG_0943 IMG_0951 IMG_0952 IMG_0957 IMG_0970 IMG_0983 IMG_1004 IMG_1008 IMG_1016 IMG_1017 IMG_1019 IMG_1027

  • Toes in the Sand

    Mabry, meet the beach. It will be your playground for years to come. And it will always cause you to stare in awe at it’s beauty. It will make you feel strong, and brave, and beautiful. And it will only make you crave more time there. Glad you could finally meet.

    Gress couldn’t wait to introduce Mabry to the sand. He picked her up and immediately put her toes in it. My heart beat a little faster and the sweetness of it all! IMG_0785

    IMG_0758IMG_0774IMG_0699IMG_0786 IMG_0793 IMG_0799

  • Girl Time

    Precious girl conversations over coffee and delicious sweets. There was so much to savor in this moment. Thank you Nikki for opening my eyes to the importance of time away with your daughter.



  • Doing Life Together

    The house is much too quiet this morning. I miss hearing the morning chattering of 5 kids waking up together followed by 2 sweet babies cooing not long after. I loved peering into the lives of another family and learning how they do life. And I loved building a relationship with a sweet sweet mama and friend. Mcree sobbed yesterday as our friends all drove away and Gress stood with a somber look on his face as the reality was setting in that it would probably be a while before we would all be together again. I thought I would welcome the quiet back after 5 days of busyness. But honestly I miss it and I miss walking alongside another mama doing our daily life together. I feel encouraged and inspired in so many areas because of our time together. And my heart smiled seeing Rad and Eric together. They work together remotely every day but seeing them be able to build on their relationship in person was an awesome sight. _MG_1597 IMG_0527 IMG_0593 IMG_0606 IMG_0747 IMG_0572 IMG_0612 IMG_0615 IMG_0652 IMG_0721 IMG_0848 IMG_0637



  • Knitted Friendships

    Can you imagine being a 3 and 6 year old and waking up the next morning with new friends in your room. We have all been anticipating the visit from Rad’s business partner, his sweet wife and their 4 cute kids. They all get along great and we have so much to catch up on. Last night Nikki and I high fixed each other after all the kids were bathed and dinner was on the table. It was NO small task to get that done. What sweet friendships are getting knitted together these next few days.

    IMG_0460 IMG_0462 IMG_0464 IMG_0466 IMG_0467 IMG_0473 IMG_0475 IMG_0479 IMG_0486