• Baby girl…

    I love that this little baby girl is always up for whatever the day has planned for her.
    IMG_1636 IMG_1634 IMG_1616 IMG_1706

  • Pop

    I can’t help but think of the word legacy when my dad is around. He is a teacher, a storyteller, a friend and a great “pop” to the kids. They adore being with him. He loves each of them in different ways and I feel so lucky to get to spend time with him. I know how much he cherishes his time with the kids and he goes the extra mile to make them feel so special. I love watching how he understands my busy boys and I especially love how sweet he is with Mabry. He is kind, and sweet and oh so patient. I feel extra loved by how much he loves my  kids. How lucky we are to have him in our lives.

    He came for a visit and the kids and I spent most of the week at a resort in Hilton Head. It was a special time and etched memories were definitely made in my kids hearts.

    Favorite memories:

    Building kazoos at the kazoo factory and playing them every car ride we had thereafter.

    A walk on the beach and filling up the shore with drawings and teachings.

    Anything to do with water…the pools, the hot tubs, the bathtubs, the ocean…over and over again.

    Miniature golfing (which was like herding cats…so thankful for my Dad’s patience and perseverance for 18 holes!

    Meals, car rides and all the time we got to spend together catching up.


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  • Funny Sayings

    Mcree makes me laugh out loud.

    As we were headed to the park I asked the boys what the rules were. They usually run through the typical rules like no hitting, no kicking… Mcree immediately says, “no cutting people’s hair.” Really Mcree?

    We were riding in the car yesterday and Mcree said, “when I get older, a lot older, I am going to get a tattoo and ride a motorcycle.” Ok then.

    Mcree always tries to tell me how pretty I am. It usually goes like this, “Mom, you are so pretty I am going to fall down.” or “Mom, you are so pretty I am going to throw up.” Maybe I should teach him what a compliment is.



  • 6 Months

    As we sat in a restaurant today next to a family with a baby only a week or so old, I found it hard to believe that Mabry is already 6 months old. This little baby’s clothes were so big on her and Mabrys pants were long outgrown. Gress and I often day dream about what Mabry will be like when she can walk and talk. But honestly I am trying to savor these sweet baby days all that I can. They are moving along so quickly!

    Mabry now makes sounds like she is trying to talk. And when she is starting to get upset she makes little noises like she is spitting. She loves to play with her toes, loves to hang out with the boys, and loves eating real food. She scoots around her crib and often talks to herself in the middle of the night (which is cute and annoying at the same time). She often cracks herself up and you can hear her laughing. She really wants to sit up and will try any chance she can get.

    Love this sweet bundle of joy!

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  • In love

    photo 2 photo 1I love this kid with every bit of me. And when I see him in his cute little soccer outfit my heart smiles extra big!

  • Grandparents

    What a special gift for my kids to have grandparents. There is a sweet connection that exists between all of them. This weekend we had a visit from Grandmommie and PawPaw. And how sweet it was to see them meet Mabry for the first time. My kids would agree that the time goes by too fast when we are together.

    photo 3_MG_2575 photo8 photo 4 photo6 photo7

  • Neighborly Love

    The neighborly love is pouring out over here on all 3 sides of us. And when I say pouring out I mean towards us. Wow how loved we feel from these sweet people that live around us. A few weeks back I was thinking about how I could pour out Jesus’ love on them. They surely beat me to it! From them coming over to ask if we wanted to go for walks, or if we wanted to send the kids over to play, or that they would watch our kids while we did yard work, and even to offering us hand me down clothes (which we LOVE!). So thankful for this sweet place we live.

    A few random photos for your viewing pleasure!

    IMG_1391 IMG_1395 IMG_1402 IMG_1403 IMG_1404

  • Something to say…

    This little baby has a lot to say. And when she crinkles up her nose to smile at me I can’t help but smile too!

    _MG_2471 _MG_2509 _MG_2515 _MG_2523

  • Homeschool…


    Our “school room” looks different every day. Some days are inside with pens and paper, other days are outside elbow deep in dirt and sunshine. Some days there are big smiles, while other days there are crocodile tears. Some days there are big rewards while others there are consequences. Some days I work more on their hearts then their academics. Some days we read more books than I thought possible in a day’s time. Some days I have more grace while other days I think I might be the first to cry. When I first started homeschooling I thought that I had to set up my school room like they do in school. Then I realized that this is life I am teaching. And life doesn’t live within 4 walls. It reaches so far beyond what I thought possible. IMG_1382 IMG_1380 IMG_1373 IMG_1370 IMG_1360 IMG_1347 IMG_1346 IMG_1340 IMG_1336 IMG_1275 IMG_1274IMG_1334 IMG_1170