• Great Job!

    I’m pretty sure the rule is that you teach the first kid everything they need to know and the second just learns from the first. Wouldn’t that be great if that were the case? Today Mcree came into the playroom and said, “look mom, I dressed myself!” He has been struggling to get his shirt off and then a new one back on for a little while now. This morning he even choose his shirt from the top bar in the closet. Impressive Mcree. Job well done. The matching and style lessons come later! And please don’t learn to only wear green or camo outfits from your brother! 🙂

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  • Road to Recovery


    In between the smiles, I knew this little girl was hurting. Luckily we already had a checkup at the Dr’s office Monday for her 6 month (ok, 7 1/2 month) checkup. She indeed was hurting from a bad ear infection. She’s still pathetic at times but slowly getting her happy personality back. She did accompany me to a wedding Saturday, tears and all, while rad unearthed every object from the shed in an attempt to organize and fit it all back in neatly so it is usable. (If anyone knows our moves, you know that our garage items filled an entire 26 ft truck at one point). This shed is tiny and my neighbor came over smiling asking if everything outside the shed was going back in. Ha! And while Rad lay with Mabry for a few hours on Sunday, I got busy trimming our driveway trees and vines. The boys thought it would be fun to decorate a car box for Mabry and then wrestle to entertain her. Our family makes a good team!
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  • BUGS

    We have been collecting all kinds of bugs lately to study. The other day we did an experiment where we drowned and ant, and then brought it back to life by pouring salt on it and letting it dry out. I loved seeing Rad’s expression when he saw the ant moving. He was sure we were making this crazy thing up. Nope. The ant crawled away.

    This place is full of bugs. So full that when you go out at night, you might think that dew is scattered all over the ground. I sure wish that was actually true. Instead of moisture, there are hundreds of spider eyes reflecting the light. Yes, you read that right. Spiders everywhere! Let’s just say me and flip flops at night are no longer.

    We have been doing homeschool on our back porch and instead of birds distracting us now, the bug net and bug boxes have been in constant motion. Speaking of constant motion, the squirrels pretty much emptied the home made bird feeders and the other day the squirrel was carrying one of the empty 2 little bottles up the tree. Talk about a distraction…and funny one at that!

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  • Wash Away Pollen

    I got to hang out with this little girl this morning because she wasn’t feeling so good. While all the boys went to church, Mabry and I had some sweet cuddle time. She had a few moments of feeling okay but most were spent whimpering or begging to just be held for hours on end. Rad isn’t feeling so great either. Although pretty sure his is allergies from all the dust/pollen/dirt that got churned up when we was drag racing the riding lawn mower down the driveway at full speed. I don’t like my people feeling bad. Hoping the rain washes all this pollen away soon. Ready for this family to be healthy for awhile!

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  • Hard Working Boys

    I love these boys. All three of them. They are hard workers, love to get dirty for the sake of making something look good, love a good adventure, will go as fast as they can on their riding machines just to humor me, and know how to make a girl feel loved with some fresh picked flowers. This was the afternoon scene. And yes, the riding lawn mower is now working thanks to the handy work of Radford (aka Dr. Diesel).

    And the gator can almost keep up with the mower (again thanks to Dr. Diesel). It is great exercise for Luna to follow those boys around!

    What were Mabry and I doing you wonder? I was trying to vacuum while she looked at me and screamed in fear of the loud machine. Guessing housework is not her thing.

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  • Bath Helpers…or lack there of

    This sweet baby girl doesn’t usually get baths by herself. Lucky for me I have a great baby holder named Gressett that does a great job not only holding her while I bathe her but he also entertains her. But my luck runs out when Gress isn’t around and Mcree is my only option. The other day Mabry was in her little bathtub all by herself and Mcree wanted a bath too. So the bathtub was filled with a baby in a baby bathtub and Mcree sitting in the rest of of the tub filled with water. I am sure there is an image of this exact situation with a x through it of how not to use the baby tub.

    Somehow my great baby holder was not around again and Mcree was my only option. He akwardly held Mabry in his lap. My phrases went from, “try not to squeeze her so tight,” to “let’s keep her mouth above the water,” repeated over and over. The poor girl must have gotten a 3 minute bath. Oh how she loves the water. She really missed out this day!

    I know you were hoping for photos of these situations but it was all hands on deck these days. There were lots of giggles and one happy clean baby (who I photographed after the fact).


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  • Boys Need Jobs

    I have heard Rad say this phrase many times…”boys need jobs.” My boys thrive especially on outside jobs. I looked out the window the other day and this is the scene. Gress is driving the John Deere gator, and he is making stops at sticks and moss and directing Mcree to get out and pick it up and put it in the back of the gator. They picked up the ENTIRE front yard. Without having to be reminded to keep going. What is so funny is that this gator must have a bad battery because it goes about 1 mph. It is so slow so this task took awhile. At times it would get stuck on bumps because it didn’t have enough power to roll over them. Gress would tell Mcree to get out and push. And he did. Way to work together boys. I have a feeling Gress with be the manager and Mcree will be the manual labor for years to come.


  • 7 Months

    Not sure how 7 months have gone by but they have in the blink of an eye. This tiny baby is no longer tiny and quiet. She is finding her little personality day by day.

    She got 3 bottom teeth at 6 months and another bottom one is popping through.

    She loves to eat and will squawk at you loudly if you don’t feed her food fast enough.

    If you wave at her, she will look at her hand and try to wave back.

    She loves her Bubba (aka Gressett) and is already making sounds like that might be her first word.

    She loves when you trip or make falling noises and will giggle.

    She loves the water and could stay in the bath for hours.

    She sits up, rolls around (I have yet to witness this as it seems to only happen at night), and loves to chew on her toes.

    She is a GREAT napper and such a fun companion. She smiles at new faces and is one happy little girl.

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  • Easter

    Big family time today. Thankful for our church (that we got to worship as one body instead of the church spread over 4 services). Thankful for my sweet kids love for the magic in Easter and getting to smile big at the joy that brings them in this season. Thankful that my kids know Jesus died for them and thankful we get to openly talk with them about that. Thankful for this busy yet sweet season we find ourselves in.

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  • He is Risen

    We have talked about the meaning of Easter with the kids so many times these last few weeks. We even have an easter display with a banner that says “Jesus is Risen.” We want the true meaning of this season to sink deep into these kids hearts. Beyond the frilliness of the bunnies, and the easter egg hunts, and the baskets of candy and even the extra dressy clothes they might wear on this day…we want them to know that Jesus died so they can be saved. He wiped away all our sin by dying on the cross… our past sin, all our current sin, and all of the sin we haven’t even committed. He rescued us.

    As I enjoy the beauty of this season around me, I am reminded of how beautiful he has made our life by his sacrifice.