• Sharing Chores

    We train our kids early around here to do our chores for us. Mabry isn’t quite big enough to reach the silverware drawer but boy does work hard to “re-organize” the drawers she can reach.

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  • Emerge

    I have never witnessed seeing a butterfly that has just emerged from it’s cocoon. I had thoughts on what it would be like….little perfectly built cocoon, small butterfly, beautiful transformation, always amazing. On this day, my jaw dropped while seeing what emerged from Gess’ found cocoon in his bug box. It was the biggest cocoon I had ever seen so I knew something big was in it. We watched it for weeks. And on this day, we were in awe of what escaped that cozy white cocoon. This Luna Moth was WAY bigger than the home it lived in. And it was WAY bigger than the bug box hole it was supposed to fly out of.

    The moment I saw it, I was instantly reminded of how God uses all of our hardships to grow us into something amazingly beautiful. And it is in those times of struggle that the story is just beginning. He has something planned on the other side of that steep mountain. Something so much more amazing that we can ever imagine.

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  • Heaven Bound

    IMG_3856My paternal grandmother went to be with the Lord a few days ago. I smile knowing that one day I will see her again. My Nana lived 97 years on this earth and I do think it was her spunky personality that kept her here that long. My memories of her span well into my childhood. Only 2 of my 3 kids ever met her, and Gress will be the only child that remembers her. In her last few years she lost the ability to recognize many of us so sadly the connection with her was limited. My daughter carries her maiden name as her middle name. Sadly Mabry Burke never met her great grandmother. I am thankful to have had my Nana for so many years.


  • Smiles

    These 3 little people bring so many smiles to my days! They are funny, and sweet, and cuddly and just so fun to be a around.

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  • Even in the Valley He is Faithful…

    image-1It’s those moments, when you hear a story about someone struggling to survive that puts all things in perspective. We have several people on our prayer board right now that are in the depths of some scary things. A friend clinging to the hope of her child recovering from complications from Cancer, a loved one waiting to hear about his health reports, a friend with a brain tumor, people with strained marriages, financial hardships, and some struggling to find Joy in the Lord through this valley.

    It is hearing those stories that remind me how blessed our family is right now. Oh how I cling to the knowledge that God ordained our days and He knows what lies ahead. I have hope in Him, for He gives life. He renews. He is faithful. Thank you Jesus for today. And thank you for healing, for restoring, and for drawing us nearer to you. And thank you for real stories that my children get to be a part of.  Let us not waste these days. Let us drink up every opportunity to pour out on all those around us!

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  • Full Hearts and Stomachs

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    The end to this week was full. And by full I mean filled with lots of moments to make our hearts and stomachs full! One of my favorite moments was the farmers loving on us with a farm grown meal (rabbit, corn, mashed pumpkin drizzled with Tupelo honey, cucumber and onion salad, and the most amazing blueberry crisp you have ever tasted.) It is a toss up between which was more amazing…the conversation or the food. And then a walk with Jack the farm dog to see and pet all the animals (pigs, goats, cows, donkeys and chickens). I think my favorite part of the walk was seeing a huge field of sunflowers growing and having some time at sunset to pick a vase full with my sweet friend Melissa. What a special friendship we share with this family!

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  • 10 months


    _MG_4899Sweet baby girl is 10 months old. It has been so fun to watch her grow into each new stage. While we were taking pictures she looked at her 10 month sticker, ripped it off her dress, wadded it into a ball and showed it to me.


    She now waves and makes a sound to say hi.


    When you ask her for a kiss she opens her mouth really wide and giggles when you kiss her.


    She has 4 teeth on top and 4 on the bottom and another one peeking through.


    She can crawl fast and pulls up on things to get a better view.


    She now thinks feeding the dogs from her high chair is important. She is sure to get her share of food first and likes all food (the girl can eat!).


    She loves the water, she loves exploring in cabinets, and she loves organizing toys in and out of bins (I was hoping someone would get my love of organization!)



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  • Our Paradise

    Every time I get my toes in the sand I think I must be dreaming. The wide open beach, the water that never ends, the wind that gently causes me to breathe deeper. I have to remind myself that this is real and this is right down the road from me. Oh how my soul is refreshed from time spent here.

    On this particular day, the clouds were thick and the rain was looming so the kids and I had an early morning beach combing with friends. The kids were filled with squeals over all their finds. They would run here and there calling each other to see what exciting thing they had found. It is here they are free to run, to scream, to toss about, to roam aimlessly, and there are little to no rules. It is their paradise. And I am so glad we share the same feelings about this special place!

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  • Friends…

    Friends always make our hearts happy. THANKS Sarah and Hal for extending your vacation to hang out with us! We loved getting the chance to catch up. Rad and I have known Hal and Sarah before we had kids and the memories that pop up are always funny.

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