• Our week…

    School has been going good. We are starting to find our rhythm of getting all our school work done while also fitting in field trips and social time. This week we met up with 4 other moms (and 17 kids total including mine) who are all home schooled and who ALL live on our island. It was our first time to get to know each other and for the kids to meet. It was accidental (or maybe even divine I should say) we all met and when we all figured out we lived within a few miles of each other, we were excited to start a social/encouragement/teaching time for us mamas and kiddos. The kids and I are looking forward to building friendships with these families.

    We have also loved getting books from the library. Our checkout total at this moment is 77 books. Mcree gets excited to visit with all the stuffed animals while Gressett really gets into the books. I love to see how different the boys are.

    The kids also went to a Ninja birthday party for one of their friends. Any chance these boys can dress up and have a reason to throw and hit is great for them! They had an all out nunchuck fight with all the boys and a ball launching game at each other. Boys will be boys!

    IMG_4656 IMG_4681 IMG_4682 IMG_4686 IMG_4689 IMG_4690 IMG_4692 IMG_4719

  • Landscape Architect in Progress…

    Our boys love to work. And that work always includes dirty feet, dirty faces, stinky boy clothes and them feeling like they accomplished a huge task. It was in the 70’s the other morning and before school Gress went outside to “work.” I thought he meant he needed to just get some fresh air but when I went back outside I found a beautifully created stepping stone path. My jaw dropped at the the fact that he moved all those heavy stones and secondly that what he created was so perfect, needed, and pretty. School got started a little late that day only because this little landscape architect had found a passion in creating something beautiful around him. Apparently their friends love to work too because they all tried to excavate a brick structure from our backyard and shelled beans from our garden.

    photo 4-1  photo 3-1 photo 2

  • Love Bug

    I love the days I get to see this little guys heart pour out love on those around him. This day was full of love and giggles for this cute little dog.

    photo 1-1 photo 2-1 photo 5 photo

  • Exciting Week


    There are so many reasons I love homeschooling but one in particular is for reasons such as this week. Not only was it our first week of school but my dad, aka Pop, came to hang out with us all week. He loves to teach and is always at the ready with answers when Gress asks some random question. It was great to have him here to help teach, to love on the kids, and to just do life with us as we went about our days. He really knows how to make the kids feel important and they truly love their Pop. Gress poured out big tears this morning as Pop was packing up his suitcase. This is a sweet relationship between grandkids and their Pop that I love to watch grow. Thanks Pop for loving on all 5 of us!!

    _MG_5327 _MG_5338 _MG_5363_MG_5510 _MG_5377 _MG_5386  _MG_5517 _MG_5540 IMG_4556 IMG_4599 IMG_4625


  • 1st Day of School

    Today was the boys first day of school. Gress was really excited to start back at school and Mcree was crying because he wanted to play all day. Little does he remember that learning is supposed to be fun! Gress is now in 2nd grade and Mcree is still in preschool. As I look back on the previous years of first school day photos, I sigh realizing how fast this time has flown. Apparently Gress forgot how cute Mcree once was and when he saw these photos he told Mcree he needed a hug!

    Life will be quite different this year as we won’t be having any babies or renovating a house or moving at the start of this school year. I’m looking forward to making some serious headway in math, language arts, science and history this year.

    _MG_5199 _MG_5319 IMG_1284 IMG_1294 IMG_1362 IMG_1385

    _MG_5321 _MG_5305 _MG_5300 _MG_5298 _MG_5288 _MG_5285 _MG_5283 _MG_5232

  • My heart melts…

    These two have a special relationship and oh how it makes my heart melt. First thing in the morning when the baby cooing starts, Gress races to Mabry’s room and begs to be the first to hold her. He carries her, and plays with her, and will always come running to pick her up when she cries. When they are in the car, Gress gently holds her hand while they ride side by side. He sings to her, and goes to great lengths to make her giggle. He protects her, and teaches her, and loves her deeply. I look forward to watching this relationship grow!

    _MG_5139 _MG_5133_MG_5148_MG_5153_MG_5158_MG_5160_MG_5161

  • 11 Months


    11 months have passed since this fun, noisy bundle of joy entered the world. She is feisty, and sweet and loves to hug her stuffed animals and her snuggie blankets while saying, “ahhhh.” She loves to stand up in her crib and bang on the wall when she should be sleeping. She shakes her head no, blows kisses, waves, pats you while she hugs you, opens her mouth wide while concentrating, and doesn’t like to be told no. She crawls at super speed now and pulls her self up to everything. She loves to explore in the kitchen cabinets (especially the ones that have the noisiest things). She eats anything and everything and will throw anything off her changing table she can. She makes the sound for uh oh when she drops something and when you sing her a song she will make humming noises to go along with it or will move her body to dance to the tune. She’s very independent and loves to explore. Our days are so sweeter because of her.

    _MG_4945 _MG_4948 _MG_4990 _MG_5001 _MG_5009 _MG_5048  _MG_5071 _MG_5076 _MG_5089 _MG_5108 _MG_5122

  • Oh my soul…

    It had been way too long since we visited our favorite place. We spent the day at the beach with some of the boys friends who were scheduled to start school the next day. Nothing like squeezing in one last adventure. They loved exploring and were excited to find jelly fish, abandoned bird eggs (yes really), and crabs. Mabry was all over the place digging in the sand, eating it, and crawling in the waves. I have missed this place. It is much more work with an additional little person and sadly that has kept me away. Thankfully I have my helper (aka Rad) to pack my car and unload it and rinse stuff off when I get home so the work seems much less. Today he even went above and beyond with a vacuuming out the car! I am hoping soon for some evening walks on the beach. This place is good for the soul!

    photo 1-1 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3-1 photo 3 photo 4-1 photo 4 photo 5-1 photo 5