• Simple Joy

    IMG_5846We all like yummy meals around here. Luckily for us we don’t have picky eaters and trying new recipes is always exciting. I used to collect tons of new recipes with the intention of trying them out. But for some reason, my stash looked more like someone who hoarded piles of paper. So today, I finally went through them and threw most of them away….or attempted too until 3 little people thought it would be fun to have a party in the middle of my discard pile. And then when it came time to clean it up, Gressett was busy checking out the recipes while Mcree got this grand idea to screech at the top of his lungs every time he threw a piece into the trash. They definitely have a way of finding joy in the simplest of things.

    On another note, we were sitting eating lunch and somehow we got talking about when Gress  gets older he will go to college and Mcree will still be at home. Mcree started crying saying he didn’t want Gress to go to college. Gress sweetly told him they could share a room at college.

    IMG_5835 IMG_5836 IMG_5844 IMG_5857 IMG_5863


  • Favorite Spot

    Every time I see this sight I am reminded of how very different my boys are from this sweet girl. All my kids played independently really well. When I realize it has been quiet for too long, I go looking for this sweet baby only to find her here every time…

    photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo photo2


  • My Heartbeat

    I love this little clan. Yes, even while going through the grocery store with one screaming at the top of her lungs, one hanging off the cart and causing havoc, and one instigating the other to keep misbehaving. Even then. My heart beats a little faster for these three little people. kids


  • A Moment to Savor

    Oh my how I love this kid from the depths of my heart. Even when he is in trouble he is cute. He seems to have grown up these last few months and I am holding on to the little boy still left within him. As he teeters between these two stages I savor his little voice that doesn’t quite pronounce all the words correctly. I savor the way he still needs snuggles and on occasion being carried because he is tired or just wants a hug. I savor his little smirks and the way he wiggles his body when he dances. I savor the sweet whimpers he makes when he is tired, or scared, or something other than happily loud. I savor holding his hand and having sweet little boy conversations. Oh these days are fleeting. Lord help me make the most of them!


  • Sparked Imagination

    There is an endless supply of imagination in Gress’ brain. All it takes is one little spark and off he goes into a particular direction. Today I asked “want to go to Fort Pulaski?” Next thing I knew Gress was dressed in his best “park ranger” attire, with his Fort Pulaski Junior Ranger Badge attached to his shirt, his belt full of tools and his backpack full of flashlights and explorer tools.  And his best sidekick Mcree was equally excited for the adventure. We didn’t let the looming rain clouds keep us away. And we even downloaded a 2nd grade lesson scavenger hunt to help us learn more at the fort. It definitely sparked my imagination too! When we were leaving, Gress said, “mom, we have to put this map in our memory jar so we can remember this day.” I agree Gress!

    IMG_5543 IMG_5670 IMG_5657 IMG_5643 IMG_5637 IMG_5572 IMG_5567 IMG_5564 IMG_5563 IMG_5559 IMG_5556 IMG_5552 IMG_5551 IMG_5548 IMG_5546

  • Teething

    This little girl is getting some serious chomper teeth growing in these last few weeks. Someone suggested to give her a frozen celery stick to chew on. I thought that was a great idea. Mabry didn’t think that was a great idea at all. To her the thought of holding a frozen stick was a horrible idea. Her friend, aka Mera, was waiting in the wings to see what would become of that celery and you better believe the first chance Mabry got she gave it away.


  • Love of My Life

    341955728_dFpEE-O 341954826_mfLZw-O

    The last 17+ years with Radford has been quite the adventure. If you asked me 14 years ago what my married life would look like, I couldn’t have dreamed this stuff up. I love how God knew everything we would walk through and who would impact our path along the way. I am constantly reminded of how precious our days are together and I pray I don’t waste away my days with him. I want our days to be vibrant, meaningful and legacy leaving. So thankful for the adventures together (good and bad) and another year with this sweet husband!

    DSCF0016 DSCF0283 IMG_0177 IMG_0822 IMG_5492 IMG_5494 IMG_5496 IMG_5498 IMG_5501 IMG_5503 IMG_5504 IMG_5505 IMG_5506 IMG_5509 IMG_5510 IMG_5512

  • Daily Dependence

    photo 1

    This little person’s life can one day be a direct reflection of my daily life. She is affected by how I love and respect my husband, how I treat her and her brothers, how I show love to our neighbors, who and what I depend on for my strength, and how I live this life. That is a HUGE responsibility and that thought reminds me daily to pay attention to how I live out my days. I can’t live this life without daily dependance on Jesus. Period. Some days I depend on him better than others and some days I have to say sorry quite a few times.

    Oh Jesus keep me humbled in these days ahead. Thank you for these precious gifts and for hearts that can be transformed to be more like you. Refine my dependence on you!


  • Quiet Moment Together

    I almost missed this moment. And I am so glad I didn’t. Without any words, this little girl and I sat across from each other and shared dinner. I lost my voice and well, she doesn’t have any words yet so it was a lot of smiling and gesturing. I usually take full opportunity to get things done when all the boys are gone but tonight, I wasn’t up to it and I am thankful to have had this sweet time with this cute little red head.

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  • It’s My Party…And I’ll Cry if I Want To.


    Just in case you think that every photo of Mabry is sweet and happy, perhaps you should see these to prove that there is a range of emotions that arise when the camera comes out.

    See for yourself.

    IMG_5026 IMG_5021 _MG_5685 _MG_5678 _MG_5664 _MG_5659 _MG_5653 _MG_5624 _MG_5623