• On the Move

    This little girl is on the move. She is curious, and independent, and opinionated, and sweet, and loves to make little noises that often sound like run on sentences. She doesn’t want to be confined to a stroller, she wants to do things herself. Her favorite kitchen items are the basting brush she uses to brush her red locks, and the glass measuring cup that resembles a tiny little glass cup. She is not afraid to tell you what she wants with her sign language. She will often sign “hungry” and “more” and “thirsty” and “thank you” one right after the other until you understand what she is asking for. I love this little bundle of cuteness!

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  • We “Get” Each Other

    I love when I get to see parts of my kids characters. And I love when we look each other in the eyes and just “get” each other. The other day Gress knew I was trying to get the house cleaned in a hurry and Mabry was constantly trying to “help” mop. Gress asked me if he could take Mabry outside to look at the birds. He knew. He knew I needed just a few more moments to get more done. My heart beat a little more for him in that moment. After I was done I looked outside and Mabry is in her swing and Gress is laughing with joy being with her. I love that boy!


  • Football

    Our life one night a week is spent on a field watching boys run and tackle. Gress is loving flag  football and sadly it is almost over. But he got his feet wet learning a little more about the sport and now has a love for the game. Mcree gets to hang with his little buddy while the their brothers play…and as for Mabry, she likes to explore the grass and get dirty.

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  • Unlike Most Saturdays

    photo 1

    This Saturday is unlike most. There isn’t the lessons of how we put on soccer socks, or being in a rush to eat our yummy Saturday pancakes so we can make it to soccer. There isn’t the pitter patter of 8 dog feet pacing back and forth to keep up with the kids. There isn’t house work going on, or yard work to tackle. There isn’t boys wrestling or someone whining about something, and not even a single mess to clean up. There is sweet sweet quiet time with a little girl who I adore and a very old dog who is just happy to be in our company.

    Rad went camping with the boys and Gress’ favorite companion Luna. Our friends invited him to camp on their family property a few hours away. I wish I would have captured what Gress looked like when he left. FULL CAMO (pants, shirt, and a fleece tucked into his pants…yes that’s right), raccoon hat and his belt full of “camping tools”. The boys love being in the great outdoors and Rad loves his boy time.

    And I equally love my quiet girl time! Enough said!

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  • 10 years Ago

    Rad 04 wJay Smiling

    There have been so many times the boys have asked about Rad’s brother Jay. Every time they do I smile and then sigh wishing for so many reasons he was still on this earth. It’s 10 years ago today that he died and he is greatly missed! He was an amazing guy who so loved living and being a light to others. There are times I hear Rad mention that Gress reminds him of Jay and that makes Gress crave knowing more about his Uncle. The boys and I LOVE hearing childhood stories of brotherhood between Jay and Rad especially the ones that involve fire, and racing bikes, and mischief of one kind or another. What a sweet and special bond these brothers had, and what an amazing legacy Jay left behind.

    Jay LOVED Root Beer Floats, secretly called “RBFs” so his kids wouldn’t catch on to us drinking them. We drank root beer floats in his honor today! It was a first for the boys.

    photo 4  Rad 04 wJay Train Rad 04 wJay Wigs DSCF0141




  • Family

    Oh how I wish we lived closer to our family. We got to spend time with Rad’s brother and his family a few weekends ago. Our time together is never long enough and when they leave I only wish that we had more time together. We hadn’t seen Tom in over a year so it was so great to catch up and meet the newest member of their family. Such sweet time!

    (Someone wasn’t very happy to take time away from playing to pose for a photo. Can you guess who?)

    IMG_2506IMG_2503 IMG_2515

  • Going to the Chapel…

    Our sweet neighbor AND our sweet veterinarian got married yesterday and we were so honored to be present at the wedding. Both of them were widows and we loved getting to celebrate their newly joined lives! The setting was very formal so my camera didn’t come out during the ceremony. The only proof I have of that day is that Rad was wearing a suit.

    IMG_6170 IMG_6171 IMG_6189

    And here are some random photos of us hanging out at home. Lots of sweet cuddle time lately.

    IMG_6151 IMG_6133 IMG_6124 IMG_6117 IMG_6112 IMG_6109


  • Fall is Here

    Candy Corn, and pumpkins, cooler weather, fall soccer and flag football. Fall is in the air. IMG_5529IMG_6082IMG_5969 IMG_5966 IMG_5964 IMG_5962

  • Serenaded

    I can only dream about being serenaded by a two man band just outside my view while I take a bubble bath. Lucky for this little girl, she had full entertainment during her bath. These two musicians played guitar and harmonicas while she bathed. While I can’t say the music was particularly relaxing, or anything resembling a quiet tone, it was quite entertaining!

    IMG_6086 IMG_6092 IMG_6096

  • 3 Year Old Interpretation

    Me: “Mcree, what are you doing?”

    Mcree: “I’m getting baptized.”

    Me: “What does it mean to get baptized?”

    Mcree: “To be the Holy Spirit and the dead.”

    He even held his breath at the end.