• Happy Birthday Mera


    Mera was born on a farm in Iowa New Years Eve 15 years ago. She has been a faithful companion and I have loved having this quirky guard dog by my side. She has almost known me as long as Radford has. She has lived through many adventures including: snow storms, Iowa tornados, too many moves, guarding our house in a bad neighborhood, 3 babies, losing her best friend Jesse, lots of ear pulling, getting rammed by various moving toys, and consuming things a dog shouldn’t eat including a FULL bag of uncooked rice. She is quite old these days and her favorite place is under the high chair while our little human flings food around. I miss her young days when she so gleefully went along on our hiking adventures. The middle of her nose still smells sweet as candy (Rad thinks I am crazy but it’s true) but sadly her cuddling days are over due to the pain it causes her. Pretty sure she is almost deaf and blind but she still manages to shake when it thunders and bark when she see’s something move in the distance. She has lived a great life. Here’s to 15 years with you Mera. You have been an awesome companion!

    IMG_6924 Gress and the dogs - 62 DSCF0015 DSCF0013 DSCF0005IMG_0340


  • Farewell Sweet Friends

    Sad hearts today as we said goodbye to some of our friends here in Savannah. This sweet family had a heart for Jesus and it was evident as they poured themselves into their struggling neighborhood and those less fortunate. We are excited for their next adventure and to see where God will shine through them in their next ministry opportunities. We look forward to keeping up with them even though they are many miles away and hopefully Gress can perfect his penmanship while writing letters.


    IMG_7829 IMG_7831 IMG_7838


  • Hearts of my boys

    I couldn’t ask for a better helper. Gress helps with Mabry, will pick up messes that aren’t even his, and has learned to make scrambled eggs and pancakes (that moment was a proud one for him!) and will make us all breakfast some mornings. So thankful to have a little help in the chaos.


    IMG_7550 IMG_7548 IMG_7529


    Then you have this fun guy. You never quite know what will come out of his mouth. The other day while we were running errands, Mcree told me he wanted to live with me forever. I told him that he was going to one day (hopefully) have his own house and family. He got really sad and said he just wanted to live with me only. I’m glad he likes me that much! (I had to take a photo because he was just too cute).


  • Christmas Favorites


    So many favorite moments from this season. Our hands down favorite was the advent devotion we did every morning. Reading stories through the Bible and focusing on Jesus’ life put so much meaning into this celebration. There were other favorites too like driving around Christmas eve in our pjs to look at Christmas lights, the boys sleeping in front of the Christmas tree, a week of Christmas crafts, seeing the gingerbread villages, making (and eating) cookies, getting fun Christmas cards in the mail and being on the receiving end of special and plentiful gifts from friends and family. We are so blessed and thankful this Christmas.


  • Family Traditions

    One of my favorite memories as a child was our family hikes during the holidays. I still remember the feeling of not thinking I could make it from the bottom of Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona (one of the most beautiful places on earth) to the top of the scenic plateau. It was amazing, and majestic and quite an accomplishment when you got there. One year I even got the chance to hike it with my grandfather. I still hold on to those special memories.

    I have loved carrying on the tradition of family hikes on holidays. Some of our family members legs are too short to brave steep mountains just yet but that doesn’t stop us from getting out in nature to explore, frolic, whistle, and take in God’s beauty.

    Gress was sure no one could see him in his full camouflage attire. And he was sure to cary his safety whistle and compass just in case.

    IMG_7707 IMG_7711IMG_7736 IMG_7721  IMG_7724IMG_7728 IMG_7729 IMG_7731  IMG_7738 IMG_7749 IMG_7757 IMG_7760

  • Slow Down Time

    This little one is getting bigger right before my eyes. I sometimes look over and wonder where those itty bitty baby days went. This little girl likes to color….WHAT? Slow down time! IMG_7505 IMG_7510 IMG_7513

  • New Skills

    Gress has a new skill to add to his tool kit. He has taken up photographing the world around him. He really wanted to start a website to teach kids about nature. Here is a link to his current portfolio of images. It’s neat to see how he sees the world.


    You can also go to www.underthemossyoaks.com and click on the tab for Adventure Land.


  • Wishing for the other side…

    Craving three healthy children again. These last days have been long, and messy, and sad. 2 boys with the stomach bug, one way worse than the other, and a snotty congested little baby. Lots of cuddling time and sleepless nights. Thankful they all got it out of the way at once but soooo ready to be on the other side of this. And praying hard Rad and I stay healthy. These sunny warmer days are calling our name to get outside. Today is a new day and I think we are on the other side of the hard stuff so hopefully resting a lot today.


  • Under Cover

    There has been a LOT of camo going on in this house lately. These boys have been “hunting” with the BB guns. Sometimes I look out and I can’t find them…..and there they are, laying in a bush waiting for some animal to walk by. Just today Gress asked me for some meat to tie to a rope and currently I hear the bird whistle. Its getting serious around here! I am sure the FEDEX man thought we had lost our minds letting these kids tote around guns while he was delivering packages. Gress is a great teacher to Mcree and is always looking out for their safety so I feel pretty ok with it. And Rad keeps assuring me that even if they did get shot it would probably bounce off.

    Meanwhile, there have been house projects going on, (hallelujah to closets finally getting built), and lots of cuddling with a sick little girl. Thankful for sunny days, a hard working husband, and boys being boys.

    IMG_7329 IMG_7296 IMG_7293 IMG_7283

  • Mimi

    It was so fun to have Mimi here this last week. We had fun playing games, decorating gingerbread houses, going to see Santa and getting a bonus ride on the train. Mcree asked why the train didn’t go faster. Mabry walked right up to Santa and sat on his lap. Not sure this girl knows a stranger. Mcree asked for a build your own house with an elevator and Gress asked for a pocket knife.

    Thankful for a mom that is up for any adventure, able to put up with loud boys, and always willing to help out wherever…especially with a sick baby. THANKS Mom for making us all feel so loved!


    IMG_7376IMG_7367IMG_7349photo 5 photo 2-1 IMG_7384  IMG_7391 photo 1-1IMG_7396