• Nomal vs Not So Normal

    Some days are normal and boring and some days just aren’t.

    Just a few things that made life interesting today.

    Mabry wouldn’t take a nap and was crying for a bit. When we finally got her up we found that she had lumps in her pjs and when we went to investigate, we realized she had shoved her pacis down her pjs. Not helpful Mabry, not helpful at all!

    photo 3photo 2

    We got back on track with stories from the bible as we are studying Jesus’ life through a Lent study and because we were a little behind we read more stories than normal. I loved the new chalkboard art cross we made and then 2 boys and a tornado happened around it apparently.

    photo 5

    Then this. What? Why? If ever I were to question the stability of my child I would do so now with the reuse of a baby diaper box. But sadly he’s done this before when he was much younger and really thinks it hilarious.

    photo 4

    Then as we were working on another school subject or trying to I should say with a whiny crying baby because she decided to not nap (not irritated at all in case you were wondering), we realized we hadn’t seen her in a while. When she showed herself, the corners of her mouth were covered in toothpaste. She apparently had been sucking on the tube. Why?

    photo 1


    And if you think her lips aren’t pouty enough, you should see them when she gives herself a fat lip, which happened today. Gress is proudly wearing his camo shirt with blood on it after he tried to comfort her from falling off of a stool she put next to the boys bed so she could climb on up.

    Then Gress and I played a sentence structure game and let’s be honest….I kept having to look up the meaning of linking verbs, prepositions and adjectives. I pretended I was trying to teach him but really I was teaching myself. HA!

    Then for some crazy reason I decided to turn on toddler music (think happy dancing kids songs). I knew Gress had rhythm but I had NO IDEA he had harmonica skills. Forget the drums, this kid is crazy talented with that mouth instrument. Lately the whistling has been constant and I have to bite my tongue to not squash that great skill. But I think I just found a new outlet for him…that he can do…outside!

    And then there’s Mcree who came late to the dancing, instrument playing party. He pretty much ran in circles until he couldn’t run anymore. And Mabry danced her little heart out.

    I find that the days that I ease up and close my school schedule are the days that more hands on learning and fun take place.

  • Little Big Girl

    She always thinks she is bigger than she is. She will sit there and loudly sigh until someone comes to help her brush her teeth. She usually gets her way. 🙂

    photo 5

  • Full and Interesting

    Life has been full lately…of learning and building and trying to stay in the groove of things. We went on a field trip with some kids from our homeschool group to a nature center last week. It was fun to have so many boys along for the adventure. Gress has FINALLY finished building his remote control monster truck he got for Christmas. It was a great lesson in persevering and staying organized. It was challenging to keep pushing him on it and see his frustration when pieces got lost or it got to hard (it was for 11-14 year olds) but he did it and is so proud of himself.

    We had pizza movie night Friday. We are trying to be purposeful about devoted family time most Friday nights. We made homemade gluten free deep dish pizza and then snuggled up on the couch to watch a cute little movie called BoxTrolls. It was sweet time together. Next family night we might have to make it more adventure filled!

    I have to end this post now as I see Mcree and Gress’ neighbor friend soaked from Mcree’s water gun escapade. Mcree always makes life more….what’s the word?…interesting!


    photo 1-1 photo 1 photo 2-1 photo 2 photo 3-1 photo 3 photo 4-1 photo 4 photo 5-1


  • Life Lessons

    I love when the boys get to have their friends over. The woods behind our house are their escape and you never quite know what adventure they will make for themselves. My friend and I were enjoying the comforts of the warm house with a cup of hot tea when we saw all 4 boys standing in a circle looking concerned. We rushed over to the window to find a flailing little chickadee on the ground in front of them. Gress with bb gun in hand went running off seemingly quite distraut. Mcree and their oldest friend were chatting about how to resolve the situation. Mcree grabs the BB gun and decides they need to put this bird out of it’s misery. So he starts cocking and shooting the BB gun as fast as he can (this sight was quite impressive). Then his friend takes over gives a few shots and the bird is now not moving. Meanwhile, my friend and I are observing the situation from the window, taking it all in and knowing there is great lesson taking place in all of this so we let it play out without intervention. And in the back of our minds we are thinking Gress is coming back at some point to help. Ahhh, nope. They then carry the bird to the woods, they all burry him, and their older friends says a prayer over the bird.

    When they exit the woods, the true story reveals itself. Gress’ friend convinced them to go bird hunting, in the front yard. This is where the great lesson takes place. 1) Gress knows he is not allowed to go in the front with his BB gun. 2) He was listening to his friend, probably trying to show off, and took advantage of his skills (which he has awesome aim).  3) Gress talks A LOT about how he shot this animal and that animal and now finally he understand what it truly feels like to kill a helpless animal. And 4) The rule in our house is if you are going to kill an animal you have to eat it. (Oh I was really hoping this wasn’t going to have to come true.

    I could feel Gress’ sadness. I was so thankful for this lesson and that he was affected by it. I couldn’t tell if Gress was more sad he killed a bird or more scared that his dad was not going to be happy with him. It was a hard lesson. One about peer pressure, and the precious life of animals. I told Rad to go easy on him as clearly he was affected by it. Then I heard Rad say, this bird could have been a daddy bird who’s job was to bring food back for the mommy and babies or it could have been a mommy bird who’s baby’s life depends on it. AHHH. Way to aim right for the heart. HAHA! Gress said he wasn’t going to ever hunt again. Lots of hugs and conversation later he is fine and today is in ALL camo! I’m thankful for friends who challenge him, encourage him, pray in situations that matter, and can learn from their adventures. And I’m most thankful that I didn’t have to skin that bird and eat it!


  • Bathroom Renovation

    Here is another (almost) finished renovated room in our house. This is the hallway bathroom. The floor was rotted, the doorway was so small you almost had to turn sideways to enter, and it was dark and FULL of tile..which made the demo brutal. It was a project for sure! I love the way it turned out…considering we were pretty much winging the design of it just so we could finish one bathroom before we moved in.

    IMG_1943 IMG_1944 IMG_1945 IMG_3006

  • A Visit with Good Friends

    Time with friends is always refreshing…..and even more adventurous when you add in 4 more kids! Rad’s business partner from NY and his family came to visit us last weekend on their way home. I don’t think the kids stopped moving while they were together and they insisted on all the kids sleeping in the same room. It was a weekend of good bonding time for the kids and for Rad and I with our sweet friends!

    2015-02-07 10.42.44 2015-02-07 11.32.32 IMG_8788 IMG_8799 IMG_8809 IMG_8811 IMG_8819IMG_8832 IMG_8820  IMG_8853 IMG_8859

  • His Heart

    I love getting to see Gress’s heart. He loves these two well and is always including them in his days!

    IMG_8666 IMG_8664 IMG_8680

    The last photo makes me laugh realizing that Gress asks to wear camo everyday! EVERY SINGLE DAY! From head to toe he is dressed in it. I’m thankful for the days we have to go to church or somewhere where he has to look less adventurous.