• Field Trip

    It was a field trip kind of day yesterday. We explored our favorite wildlife at Oatland Island. Gress was most excited to see if the baby eagle egg had hatched and we were all sad to hear that it wasn’t fertilized and we have to wait another year in hopes for another egg. There were lots of animals acting funny and our favorites were the armadillos, the coyotes, and the owls. Lots to see and learn. We then headed to the library to get way too many books to get lost in. Excited to read about those adventures this week. These little explorers always make our days more fun. (Yes of course Gress is in full camo!)

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  • Be Still My Heart

    Little Miss Strawberry Shortcake says hi.photo 4

    She loves to look out the windows, and often waves at people walking by. If the boys don’t notice her she will bang on the window until they wave at her. Such a girl!

    photo 4-1 photo 2

  • Before and After…and a little more

    This kids hair grows so fast. Mcree could look just a little shaggy and Gress looks like some animal has grown on top of his head. He has such great hair but clearly it had gotten a little out of hand. Thankfully the boys are quite amenable to getting their hair cut even with the swarm of sand gnats biting them during the process. Oh and Gress is wearing camo for the 12th day in a row. Imagine that.

    photo 4-3 photo 3-3 photo 2-4

    Besides a little grooming, we had a full week of learning. We went with some friends to a fun class to learn about birds of prey at one of their favorite parks. We also made cookie dough roman pillars that were soon gobbled up. Gress also has loved reading and has been reading books to Mcree and Mabry (BIG HURRAY!) Thankful for our days together.

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  • Little Girl

    This little girl loves the playground just as much as the boys do. Oh how I love her so.

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  • Bath Time

    photo 3-1

    This little girl is usually tucked between two dirty boys in the bathtub. This day she got the bath all to herself. She made faces at the dinosaurs and then fussed that the boys boat kept running into her. She has a personality all her own and it is so fun to watch it blossom.

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  • Sunny Day Dreaming

    I’m feeling it…and I think they are too. The pull of summer is creeping in and as we stare out the windows dreaming of what is to come. The warmer days are pushing us to finish our school work faster so we can breath in some fresh warm air. 2 more months to go…not that we are counting. Just barely starting to formulate what fun things we will do this summer.

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  • Hands On History

    We just started studying Rome and have been learning about gladiators. Gress is enthralled by it and asks to keep reading page after page. Each legion in the Roman Army had its own signum that they carried into battle. A special soldier had the honor and responsibly of making sure the legion’s signum was never lost in battle. The job was a dangerous one because the signum was so heavy that the soldier could not carry a weapon to protect himself. If a signum was lost during battle, the entire legion was shamed and disbanded as punishment. The boys were so excited to make their own signums and I’m pretty sure even the neighbors could hear their loud marching up and down the hall. Here are my two soldiers looking tough for the battle.

    Our next craft, a cookie dough roman pillar (that they actually get to cook and eat!). I am guessing this craft will be WAY more involved. 🙂

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  • Heaven Bound

    granmda - 04 granmda - 06granmda - 03

    My sweet Grandma went to be with the Lord yesterday afternoon. I have so many mixed emotions that range from being very sad for my PopPop who’s daily purpose was to care for her to the other emotion of peace knowing she didn’t have to suffer pain from her pelvis break or frustration from her dementia. Our bodies tire and decay and ultimately we were created for something so much more….oh how I know that and still yearn to have had more years with her on this earth. Our lives are so temporary compared to what awaits us in heaven and how very lucky she is to meet her creator and see the glories that he has for her.

    This song played in church today and I couldn’t help but think about her in heaven. And I am so very thankful that I will get to see her again.


    “My hope is build on nothing less, Than Jesus blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly trust in Jesus name.

    Christ alone, cornerstone, weak made strong, in the saviors’s blood. Through the storm, He is Lord. Lord of all.

    When darkness seems to hide it’s face. I rest on His unchanging grace. In every high and stormy gail, my anchor holds within the veil.

    Christ alone, cornerstone, weak made strong, in the saviors’s blood. Through the storm, He is Lord. Lord of all.

    When He shall come with trumpet sound, Oh may I then in Him be found. Dressed in His righteousness alone, faultless to stand before the throne.”
    I have so many great memories of her to carry in my heart and I’m so very thankful that she was a part of my life. And every time you ask Mcree his name and he repeats, “Mcree Inman Harrell” I will always think of her. Missing her greatly!

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  • Taking Form

    The weather this weekend was calling Rad to work on his boat. And that he did. And I guess you can say he had some help from the boys and I. Rad really wanted to get the amas (the outrigger hulls) attached. Little did I know what I was getting myself into when I volunteered. We had to walk one around to the other side of the boat, hold it up and then wait for our trusty 7 year old to bolt one side in place. Rad warned me that once I picked up the ama, I was pretty much committed until it was screwed into place. About 1/4 of the way around the boat I was breathing like I was in labor. I huffed and puffed reminding myself what I had committed to and knowing that if I dropped it the boat would no longer float. There was a lot at stake. In the meantime there were about 100 sand gnats swarming my face and biting me anywhere they could find skin. I kept asking Mcree to point the high powered fan at us but he was more interested in seeing how many leaves it could stir up at my ankles or seeing how fast moss would fly if he put it in front of the fan. Luckily we had Gress waiting for us to quickly screw the bolt. I have to say the next ama was much easier as it was already almost in place. It is awesome to see the boat taking form and getting closer to being on the water.

    Gress is also prepping “his” garden for what he is planning to plant. And he just might be in love with the blower as much as Rad is. It is so heavy and high powered that every time he pushes the button to blow the leaves it blows him back a foot or so.

    photo 2 photo 1photo

  • Girls….oh girls

    Girls are just different. Joyful and dancing in the mirror one second, and the next second screaming and trying to hit you because you won’t let them do what they want. And doing what they want in our house sometimes involves drawing on the lampshade, sitting on the table, running with scissors, or prancing through the house with a yard or ribbon wrapped around your neck. I am a girl and I can’t say I fully understand them. Boys are easy and amenable and yes…often too loud. But girls can be happy one minute and full on crazy the next. I am thankful I had boys first because when this little girl tries to throw herself on the ground and turns around to make sure I am watching, I can easily look the other way and smile knowing she just makes life so much more interesting.

    Mabry has been a bit under the weather this week. Pretty sure the pollen overload has something to do with her raspy cough and sensitive demeanor. She still manages to pose for smiles now and again.

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