• Cute…

    This little baby makes it awful hard to get a lot of focused school work done. Good thing she is cute.

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  • Rejoice…

    “We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.” Romans 5: 3-5

    I have had little words this last weekend. I had the horrible task of calling my sweet neighbor Friday to tell that her house was on fire. As I sat next to her for hours as she processed the horrible seen and wept, and cried out to Jesus, I was reminded of the verse above. We are called to rejoice in our sufferings because through the situation God molds us, and grows us, and draws us closer to Him. I have never experienced total loss. And honestly, I don’t know how I would rejoice in a moment such as this. And as the couple reminded me, we came into this world naked and brought nothing with us, and when we die we leave the same way.

    photo 1 photo 2Amazingly, God’s mercies are new every day. He provides our daily bread. Isn’t that all we really need? He is enough.

    Scattered in the ashes she found these untouched reminders of God.


  • Loved

    She’s mostly spoiled. And really well loved. After seeing me get my back massaged by Gress she laid herself down for her turn. She enjoyed every minute of it. And Mcree has started playing with her a lot more. He loves to make her giggle. photo 1photo 2IMG_0175

  • Surprise Visit

    There are so many reasons we needed to just show up. Isn’t that what friends do? When they hear their friend is needing encouragement, or a hug, or just someone to make them smile. So the kids and I drove to the farm yesterday and surprised the Farmer’s Wife. She had no idea (thanks to the Farmer for keeping it a secret), and when we pulled in the driveway and honked, she looked around the corner and started crying. Oh how I love my sweet friend Melissa. Little did she know she revived my soul too. Melissa is about to have a baby girl (in a  week or more) and it was so great to be with her before her life becomes a little sweeter.

    Oh and the boys LOVE their time on the farm. What an amazing piece of heaven they live on. They played up to their necks in mud. jumped in the river, met 2 new puppies including the oh so sweet chicken guard puppy, saw a baby calf take it’s first steps (we probably missed the birth by minutes), met the new baby goat, played in the sprinkler, drove all over the farm, and had a picnic with the farmer by the lake. It was glorious!

    I’m thankful we just showed up. It changed everything!

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  • Old Friends

    We got to share dinner with some old friends the other night. We have known the Andreens since before we all had kids and it was so fun to have Gress and Hollis at the same time and watch them grow up for a bit. The kids hadn’t seen each other in a long time and they just picked back up like they were old friends. So sweet. These girls have just as much energy as the boys so they are a perfect match.

    IMG_0167 IMG_0170

  • He is Risen!

    What a great day to celebrate the life of Jesus. In light of what is going on in the world, it is so humbling to be able to openly worship our Lord, Jesus Christ. We usually have 4 church services but today we had one big service with everyone there. It was awesome for us all to be in one place. We had Saturday night dinner by candlelight as we read through the last supper and resurrection of Jesus and then finished our meal with reading about Him rising from the dead. These stories are powerful, and amazing, and stunning to imagine what that experience must have been like. Oh what an honor to be able to sit in His word. Yes, my kids still get excited about the Easter Bunny but I’m thankful they know the real reason we celebrate this season.

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  • Cousin Time

    We always love 1) time with our cousins and 2) time at the beach. Add those two things together and it is the perfect day. Gress and Mcree have a sweet connection with their cousins and it is always so fun for them to be together. When we were driving home Gress said, “Mom, it’s so cool we are related to our cousins.” Not to mention I also love time with my sister in law Lisa. I wish we lived closer so we could do life together more.

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  • Anticipating…

    The moment Rad has been anticipating, fearing, hoping for finally arrived…..well kind of. Rad has had spurts of rigging the boat, that is until the gnats take over and make it impossible to do anything more. Rad was most anxious about raising the mast on the boat. It has to be removed, carried all the way down the top of the boat, flipped over (this is 300+ bar of steel and is extra long because it is a racing mast), then is has to be lifted up and clipped into the pin in the middle of the boat. The instructions say 2, preferably 3 people are needed to do this. And most sailors he called to see if they would help him rig the boat said they weren’t available or that he should take it to the boat yard to get a crane to do it. WOW! Once the mast it moved, it can then be rigged and raised (which is no small task).

    I am sure Rad looked me over to determine if I could be the 2nd AND 3rd person that would help him. Considering I had no idea what I was doing and remembering my huffing and puffing while carrying the ama of the boat, I was quite scared. But then I reminded him that it was just going to be us when we put this boat in and out of the water so we had to figure it out on our own. AND WE DID! Rad’s smile was priceless. Just as I was yelling for Gress to bring me a ladder my sweet neighbors came to the rescue to help me get a little higher up. It took quite a while to hoist the mast and sad to say that when it was about 80% up a tree limb impeded it going any further so down the mast went, out came the swarm of sand gnats, and our adventures halted for another day. But now we know it will only take 2 able bodies to get this thing up. We have lots of practice rounds to perform on land before the boat goes into the water so hopefully we will have launch time soon, baring the sand gnats stay far away.

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