• Craving the Ocean

    Between the rain and getting a few things fixed on the boat, we have been missing our weekend sailing adventures. We decided very last minute to go for a morning walk on the beach before the rain came in. It was renewing and for the moment filled our want to be on the water. Rad told the kids to stay partially dry. Yea right! Mcree and Mabry were soaked from head to toe!

    IMG_1517 IMG_1523 IMG_1527 IMG_1535 IMG_1542 IMG_1550 IMG_1554



  • Friendships

    These days are flying by and I am so thankful for intentional friends that make getting together easy. Sweet little friendships being grown this summer.IMG_1462 IMG_3940 IMG_1502 IMG_1476

  • Girl Time

    Sometimes you just need girl time. Quiet time with your favorite girl while you sit with a renewing cup of chai latte, while savoring a yummy homemade carrot apple muffin. Who cares if the conversation in one sided or if your little girl is lacking table manners. The muffin was just that good, stuffing her face was required. It was a sweet moment with just the two of us. Those moments are rare these days with two loud boys in the background. We often sneak away to read books in her room or just cuddle baby dolls. This day the boys needed a job so I sent them outside to work in the yard collecting moss and sticks to put by the street. After finding Mcree had soaked himself in the sprinkler, I told him he was banned to outside until he dried. I took full advantage of my quiet time with this sweet little girl.

    _MG_9983IMG_1482 _MG_9995 _MG_9989 _MG_9986

  • Pickles & Piggies

    Lots of things growing around here. Our garden has produced lots of cucumbers and some okra and beautiful sunflowers. We are still waiting to see how the watermelon and pumpkins turn out. We have been making pickles and they are oh so good. Unfortunately a memo must have gone out to the squirrel family that the tomatoes were ready and they ate EVERY LAST ONE! Let’s just say the gardener “aka Gressett” was pretty mad at the squirrels and the BB gun has come out a little more these days. 🙂 He did say that if he killed one we would be eating it. Oh boy.

    And Mabry’s hair has grown long enough to get into little pigtails. Rad was the first one to attempt it. It is oh so cute. She loves to be outside and Gress loves to take her to show her how the sunflowers have grown.

    _MG_9930 _MG_9955 _MG_9957

  • Happy Birthday Nana!

    Fun, silly, creative, loving, crazy, entertaining, girly, a great southern cook, memorable, hospitable, always knows how to make you feel loved and thought of, inquisitive, pays attention to details, and a great Nana! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA! HUGS to you today!!

    I have so many memories with you over the last 15+ years. While these are the most recent photos, there are so many more over the years! Thanks for many years of memories. Looking forward to another year with you!

    _MG_7428 _MG_7473 _MG_7482 _MG_7489 00001_s_8abpgyfqe007 00124_s_8abpgyfqe125 1198102329_eaac6f3bff Gress with Sara - 5 IMG_0025 IMG_0876 IMG_0907 IMG_1318 IMG_1753.JPG IMG_3456 IMG_3509 IMG_3805 IMG_4419 IMG_5935 IMG_7769 IMG_7793

  • Summertime

    I have loved summertime! Lots of favorite things lately including a surprise visit from my sweet friend Melissa and her oh to cute little baby that the kids were all fighting over to hold. Swimming with friends at our pool and my neighbor’s pool and watching my neighbor love on the kids with popsicles and cuddles. Time at home to play and get projects done. And a few date nights with Rad to top it off. I haven’t planned our days and it is so fun to see how they unfold. _MG_9844 FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender-5 FullSizeRender-6 FullSizeRender-7 FullSizeRender-8 FullSizeRender imagejpeg_0 IMG_0817 IMG_1001 IMG_1205 IMG_1210 IMG_1226 IMG_1240

  • Bucket List

    I started a bucket list for my 40th year. Things like train for and run a 10k or longer distance race (my dad started running when he was 40 and became a great runner from that point which is a great inspiration), get a family portrait (we haven’t had a real one since after Gress was born), and many adventurous things that keep getting added to the list. Last night, a few of my friends found out I wanted to try out paddle boarding (which I quickly added to the bucket list) so they took me out for my birthday for an adventurous paddle (which by the way none of us have ever attempted). We paddled along Lazarretto Creek and climbed the Cockspur Beacon, then paddled over to the driftwood beach and then ended our paddling as we sat in the water amongst a dozen dolphins as they enjoyed their evening meal. It was amazing, challenging, and oh so fun. We then gathered for dinner with an amazing meal of shared plates (since there were too many good options to taste just one thing). We laughed and laughed until the night was over. It was so renewing for my soul. Thank you girls for being courageous enough to try a new sport, and to love on me so well.

    IMG_1313 IMG_1322 IMG_1325 IMG_1333 IMG_1341 IMG_1346 IMG_1357

  • Weekend Time

    The weekends used to be our time to get stuff done around the house or the yard. It was a great feeling at the end of those days to feel like we accomplished some big task that had been waiting on us. I’m sure the kids didn’t love the pull of our attention to something less important and maybe in the back of my mind I thought for sure these were lessons on how to care for things we owned.

    These last few weekends have been spent on the boat and they have been adventure packed. We learned how to get ourselves unstuck (more times that I like to admit). We learned how to undock and dock again (this one still makes me hold my breath until we are far in sight from the docks). We learned how to get the boat to 8 knots (fastest it’s been so far with one sail up), and together Gress and Rad are quite the duo when it comes to tacking the boat (changing the sail from one side to the other to turn to catch the wind). We have started collecting “treasures” that remind us of our days out at sea. I’m hoping these adventures on the boat are planting memories deep inside my kids hearts.

    When I am honest with myself, the lingering house projects weigh on me and remind me of how much I have left undone. The grass is taller than I like it, my plants need sweet tending to, and my laundry piles are way too high. But long term my kids won’t remember a well manicured yard, or clothes that were neatly put away, or how clean our house was for that moment. They will remember a mom who was distracted by what was left undone, and not fully present with them. I want to be pulled toward them and the building of the GREAT memories. I want them to remember the courageous, crazy and fun moments like getting our boat stuck and laughing about it later, or the crab that pinched Mcree’s finger, or the hammerhead shark we found washed up on the beach and how we got the chance to see it up close. I want them to remember their faces in the sun and the wind in their hair as we together learned the great art of sailing.

    Here’s to our weekends on the water and the grass growing above our knees!

    IMG_1252 IMG_1254 IMG_1262 IMG_1263 IMG_1269 IMG_1273 IMG_1279 IMG_1285 IMG_1297

  • She loves me…she loves me not?


    One of the fears my Dad had when he came to visit was that Mabry wouldn’t remember him or bond with him. Sometimes kids at this age can be fickle to who they go to and honestly I didn’t know how she would respond either. Mabry loved every minute with her Pop. It was a sweet relationship I loved to watch grow before my eyes.

    _MG_9926 _MG_9923 _MG_9922 _MG_9907 _MG_9904 _MG_9900 _MG_9897



  • Singing in the Rain

    Who doesn’t love playing in the rain? As we watched the rain come down and my neighbors driveway fill up with water, we thought how fun it would be to go play in the puddles after the downpour ended. The kids LOVED it!IMG_1154 IMG_1163 IMG_1169 IMG_1177 IMG_1180