• Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween from this crew to yours!HALLOWEEN - 4 (I got them dressed too early so Mcree itched and complained his way out of his face paint so he changed into Spiderman. Last Import - 1Last Import - 2Last Import - 3Last Import - 4IMG_2772 IMG_2807_MG_1309_MG_1314

  • Melt my Heart

    Oh his little smile melts my heart. His curious spirit likes to blaze his own trail. I wonder who he will become. I don’t even have a guess. IMG_3712 IMG_3713

  • Family

    Thankful for these people that surround me day in and day out!

    IMG_2700 IMG_3689 IMG_3705 IMG_3773

  • Weekend Away

    The kids were counting down the days until they could see their cousins and grandparents. Oh and how sweet our time was with them. We were spoiled with so much of their time this last weekend. Rad’s dad is soon to turn 80 and we wanted to go and just be with family. We had lots of time to catch up, play, laugh and have loads of fun. There was fishing, and meals together, and go cart racing, and tractor riding, and chicken petting, and hiking, and hours of playing together. We asked the kids their favorite part of the trip and they said all of it. Sweet sweet family memories! IMG_3719IMG_2728IMG_3736 IMG_3743 IMG_3746 IMG_3747 IMG_3762 IMG_3769 IMG_3786 IMG_3791 IMG_3829 IMG_3834 - Version 2

  • Fall is in the AIR

    We had our first official fall bonfire this last weekend. We watched our friends boys while they went on a date and our neighbor boy came over and there was lots of fireside time, playing army, and fireworks, and yelling, and running around. The boys loved it. We managed to spend every minute of that fall night outside. And the boys have been begging to sleep outside so a few nights later they curled up on the coldest night yet and slept in their sleeping bags on the back porch with Luna by their side. Trying to remind myself to enjoy these moments as messy and loud and crazy as they seem some days. IMG_3631 IMG_3636 IMG_3647 IMG_3665

  • Great Outdoors

    Too many weekend projects and too much rain has kept us away from being on the water. We were all craving some family time so last weekend we went for a hike. It was exactly what we needed. Mabry pretty much hiked the whole thing except when her big brother offered to carry her. Pretty sure she has about 25 bruises on her shins from all the roots she tripped over. Time in the great outdoors always does our souls good!

    IMG_3618 IMG_3614 IMG_2921 IMG_2915 IMG_2913 IMG_2912 IMG_2908 IMG_2907 IMG_2897

  • Kisses and Goodbyes

    It was a sad goodbye to Mera last week. It was a beautiful cool evening so we sat in the front yard and played, and loved on Mera and let her feel like she was a part of life even though much of life was gone from her. We said our goodbyes in the front yard as we all cuddled around her to give her our last sweet kisses. The vet came to the house and put her to sleep and confirmed that she was in bad shape as her kidneys were failing. Oh I miss her. I’m thankful my boys have seen both sides of what it means to care for an animal. Mcree asked the vet if when it is our time to die if he was going to come and give us medicine so we would go to sleep. Oh the innocence of not fulling understanding what it means to die. He still asks where Mera is forgetting that she is no longer here. He also asked if we could get another dog. All really great questions. For now we are happy where we are although I am sure Luna would love a companion back. For now she has 3 little people to keep her busy…and they do a great job at keeping this cattle dog herding. Mera will always hold a special place in our hearts!

    IMG_3551 IMG_3553 IMG_3554 IMG_3563 IMG_3565 IMG_3569 IMG_3576

  • Sad Goodbye


    This sweet dog will be missed. Mera is ready to go.Today was her last day on this earth. Tonight we will have to say goodbye to her. She has refused to eat for what seems like weeks and her body is now failing. She has to be carried wherever she goes and oh it is so hard to see her like this. She was my companion and would always warm my feet or cuddle up next to me and sneak in for a kiss. She always knew when you were sad or needed a little love and would always be there to sit next to you. She was an incredible guard dog and with one look at her, most people kept their distance. She protected our house for many years when we lived in a challenging neighborhood and I am pretty sure she is the sole reason we were kept untouched. She taught me the fine art of carpet cleaning and it is because of her that I can get out pretty much any stain. She was a sneaky scavenger and would help herself to any crumb, leftover snack, or anything that slightly smelled interesting left by you AND your guests that was within her reach. In her younger days she would sneak up on the couch when we were gone and quickly get down before we walked in…leaving doggie drool marks wherever she laid. She was a wonderer and many hide and seek expeditions happened because of her. She was also fond of wanting to go outside in the middle of the night. Why I never took that time to look up at the stars I do not know, instead I just got good at trying to convince her she was done which only worked on her timeframe. This old pup almost made it 16 years with us. Oh how I have loved her and appreciated the role she played for our lives! Bye sweet sweet Mera!


    IMG_1264 IMG_0932 DSCF0025 DSCF0007

  • Little Adventurers

    I love that these three are always up for an adventure! They make exploring so much more fun! We took a field trip to Oatland Island yesterday and saw lots of animals up close that are usually sleeping or hiding elsewhere. Gress did wish he had a gun to shoot the turkey and the deer and that was a lesson in itself that this was a nature”PRESERVE” where the animals get to live out their lives. Mcree collected as many sea snails as he could hold. Which he then had to throw to the wind before leaving the marsh. His heart for little animals is oh so sweet.

    IMG_3450 IMG_3459 IMG_3471 IMG_3473 IMG_3476

  • Little Miss

    This little girl tests me beyond my capabilities some days. I can see why the third child is spoiled because you are tired of making rules for this and that. I let her get away with things I never would have let the boys get away with. She surely has more freedom. That was until yesterday when Rad and I went to a restaurant (a quiet one at that) for lunch and she was throwing a fit about sitting in her high chair for an extended amount of time. She wanted to walk around and because at home most nights she is done before us, we let her get down so we don’t have to deal with the crying. BIG MISTAKE! Totally our fault and now we have to untrain this bad behavior. There are so many little things I have put up with like feeding her snack after snack so she will stop repeating all the foods she knows over and over again. There’s nothing worse than being smack in the middle of a math lesson and a little voice repeating over and over again, “cheese, apple, nuts, cheese, apple nuts!” after she has already had 2 snacks. Or her doing something mean to the boys and her struggle to say she is sorry (when she clearly knows what she has done). The boys are watching me and how I follow through (or don’t for that matter). I think I am the one that really needs the training. If my goal is to have kids that are respectful and enjoyable to be around then I have some work to do with this Little Miss.

    And boy was I shocked to come out of the shower to find Mabry walking all over the house with the baby powder bottle. Her last stop was on top of Mera. I asked the boys what they were doing during this escapade and they said they were in their room playing legos with the door shut so Mabry wouldn’t bother them. I think it was so unbelievable that I found it funny. I’m sure Mera didn’t think so!

    IMG_3362 IMG_3368IMG_3360