• Want to come over and “PLAY?”

    Remember when you were a kid and you went to someone’s house to PLAY? Apparently “playing” over here means sawing down a huge tree and moving logs for HOURS! Wow are these boys and their friends learning the value of a work ethic! And somehow these friends keep coming back for more adventures!IMG_4209 IMG_4211

  • Thankful

    There is so much to be thankful for. Great neighbors, sweet friends, healthy children, and God’s awesome creation.

    We took a morning walk on the beach Thursday. We met up with a few friends who currently live at the beach and then when we were leaving I ran into a girl I played volleyball with in HIGH SCHOOL. I love how small this big world can feel sometimes.

    IMG_4167 IMG_4173 IMG_4177 IMG_4182 IMG_4186

  • Nature Lovers

    The cold has kept us off the water lately so we have had to find new places to let our free spirits run wild. We took a hike along Fort Pulaski’s trails this last weekend. The boys had lots to teach us from the 4H class they just had there. I am thankful that all of us LOVE to be outside in nature. IMG_4123 IMG_4124 IMG_4126 IMG_4133 IMG_4135 IMG_4139 IMG_4142

  • Happy Birthday Breakfast

    Who says you can’t have cake for breakfast. Cake and presents are a great way to start your birthday off right. This boy felt extra special today!

    C_MG_1575 _MG_1579 _MG_1593 _MG_1597 _MG_1601 _MG_1607 _MG_1609 _MG_1612 _MG_1623 _MG_1627 _MG_1633 _MG_1643 IMG_4094

  • Birthday Boy


    This guy turns 5 tomorrow. How did that happen? He is fun, and bold, and silly, and oh so sweet. He loves to cuddle, and scream, and is quite independant. He is strong, and brave, and curious. He loves animals, and dirt, and bugs, and will rarely ask for help because he just figures things out on his own. He loves noises, especially the ones I don’t prefer and his smirk will usually let him get away with more than he should. He is sensitive, and thoughtful, and I can’t wait to see how his big personality grows this next year. Welcome to FIVE Mcree!


  • Bucket List

    I don’t like to run. Not at all. But for my 40th year I decided to add running a 10k race (6.2 miles) to my bucket list because I knew it would be something that would stretch me. Lucky for me, 3 of my friends (who also don’t love to run) encouraged me by training to run it too. We learned a lot about ourselves in the 4 months it took us to train and I was so encouraged by their weekly words and honest suffering as we worked ourselves up to run this race. We decided to make a girls weekend out of this adventure and headed to St. Augustine, FL this past weekend. We stayed in a posh hotel (thanks to my Dad’s generosity), and had such sweet girl time that it made this event so much more meaningful. We shared meals at great little restaurants, shopped and explored for hours without any little people by our sides, and so enjoyed each other’s company and conversations.

    As I crossed the finish line Saturday I had to hold back my tears of joy that I accomplished something so hard and huge for me. It was an awesome feeling. And then to have the chance to celebrate that moment with 3 other friends who also pushed themselves to reach this goal was an incredible feeling. As I had time on Sunday to reflect on what God has taught me through this I was brought to the verse in 1 Peter 2:9 that says, ” You are God’s special possession that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of the darkness and into his wonderful light.” For almost a year I have had an incredibly hard time sleeping. So much so that my life felt very dark at times and training for this race became exceptionally challenging. A few weeks ago, I started sleeping through the night and was able to finish out the training so I could accomplish this very day. I’m so thankful for God’s healing and for sweet friends that love me enough to have taken this journey with me.

    IMG_4051 IMG_4057 IMG_4061 IMG_4063 IMG_4079

  • Strengthen Me

    I look at these sweet faces and I know how very thankful I am to get to be their mama. Several people around me are in desperate situations and struggling daily to surrender to the only one that can save them. I know my days are so much richer when Jesus is at the center. I can do so much more when he strengthens me!

    IMG_4018 IMG_4024 IMG_4027 IMG_4031 IMG_4032

  • A Getaway

    We love adventure, and getting outdoors, and watching our kids minds grow. This last week we took a family trip to Orlando with Pop. We weren’t sure what our days would hold as we took one day at a time. I love planning but also love the spontaneity of what a day can hold. We were blown away at Legoland and all the amazing creations and rides. It was the kids first time on a roller coaster. The park was empty so we rode them over and over again. It was definitely a memory maker. We also went to a very cool and imaginative science museum (the building was actually upside down). The kids imaginations grew with all there was to learn. We also went to a dinner magic/comedy show there that night. It was hilariously amazing. A true highlight for us all!

    The resort we stayed in was so perfect for families that we ended up spending a lot of time there swimming, exploring, golfing, the boys took a scuba lesson (I almost cried watching Rad in the pool helping them as he has trained so many people to dive and now seeing him with his own kids was special). There was miniature golf, and a reptile show, hoola hoop competitions (who knew the boys could hoola hoop). There was learning to dance (oh Rad knows how to make me laugh out loud with his dance moves). And every afternoon there was build your own ice cream sundaes (Pop’s favorite). We savored our family time together with Pop (who actually swam as much as the boys).

    Sweet memories were made. Rad and I asked each other what we think the kids would remember a week or a month from now. Sometimes it’s the little things that really mean the most.

    IMG_29232015-11-02 12.28.28 2015-11-02 13.02.09 2015-11-02 16.10.25 2015-11-03 15.30.33 2015-11-03 15.30.38 2015-11-04 09.45.28 IMG_2818 IMG_2821 IMG_2824 IMG_2826 IMG_2830 IMG_2842 IMG_2847 IMG_2848 IMG_2861 IMG_2872 IMG_2877 IMG_2894 IMG_2900 IMG_2903 IMG_2914 IMG_2916 IMG_4011 IMG_2927 IMG_2939 IMG_2946 IMG_2953 IMG_2956 IMG_2959 IMG_3947 IMG_3952 IMG_3962 IMG_3967 IMG_3985