• Full Memory Jar

    Today was the perfect day to get some things checked off the to do list. I could see Rad struggling with how to get it all done and still be fully present with his crew. He has had several days off and boy would it be nice to move some projects along. But as we sat wondering how to spend our day, I was reminded that in a few short days (New Year’s Eve to be exact), we would share a meal as a family and pour out the memory jar and read all our adventures from this last year. Somehow the to do’s seemed quite meaningless. We had a bike ride adventure around Fort Pulaski today. It was AWESOME (in the boys words). Thankful for one more memory to add to the very full jar!

    IMG_4557 IMG_4558 IMG_4559 IMG_4563 IMG_4568

  • Merry Christmas

    Sweet memories this 25th of December. We savored our time with each other and are humbled to be able to celebrate this season of our Savior’s birth. The kids preferred boxes over toys, and the little things over big, thought out purchases. We are thankful for so many things this year and are looking forward to what God has in store for us in the year to come. _MG_2117_MG_2013_MG_2032_MG_2023IMG_2077IMG_2069_MG_2104_MG_2102_MG_2101_MG_2061_MG_2053_MG_2037_MG_2027_MG_2018_MG_2017

  • It’s Santa

    All Mabry could talk about was sitting on Santa’s lap. The closer we got in line the more hesitant she became. And then once we got up to him she screamed at him. Good job Mabry. Lucky for her Santa had a secret stash of candy canes and she was soon his friend. We love that we have gotten to see this Santa for all 6 years we have lived here. And it was a surprise to see him and “Mrs. Claus” attending our church a few Sundays ago. Thankfully the kids were consistent in asking Santa for what we knew they wanted and didn’t throw any surprises our way! It’s magical to believe…and I’m thankful my kids know the real reason we celebrate Christmas. IMG_4481

  • Favorite Little Girl

    This sweet little girl just came up to me as I was posting photos of her and said, “sorry mama for drawing on the couch.” REALLY?. And then Mcree said, mom, I cleaned it up for you. What a match those two are. I’m looking forward to Mabry one day helping me keep the boys in line. Yesterday the boys were acting up in the backseat of the car and her little girly voice yelled, “BOYS, Bubba, Monkey (Mcree’s name), STOP IT.” Oh even in her more girly (aka feisty and emotional) moments she is still my favorite little girl! (Bet you can guess who taught her to stick out her tongue…and apparently it is a sign of affection as she often does it to passerbys in the grocery store)_MG_1973 _MG_1976 IMG_4420 IMG_4421 IMG_4422 IMG_4433

  • This Girl…

    This girl…… is tough, and fearless, and loud, and brave, and not afraid to get dirty, or fall down, or push back. She is, no doubt, the little sister of two brothers. These boys love her so! (She currently has an iron man tattoo on her arm thanks to her brothers)._MG_1955_MG_1968 _MG_1961 _MG_1959 _MG_1825

  • Atlanta Bound

    We took a much too quick visit to Atlanta this last weekend. We seem to never have enough time to sit and savor our moments there but we were glad we could squeeze in a little time to see some of our favorite faces. Rad’s mom fractured both of her legs in separate places so we went to go love on her with a visit from our crazy clan. Not sure we actually let her rest but I think the kids being there lifted her spirits from her continous days of therapy and healing. On our way up there we got to last minute surprise one of our favorite families the Franklins and help wish Gress’ long time friend a happy birthday! It always does my heart good to be with them. And on our way out of town we got to hang out with my sis and her family. We went for a hike and picnic in a beautiful setting. As we sat and shared a blanket full of amazing food she prepared, Karin and I wished for more days like these together!

    It is Saturday night and we are already home with kids in bed. This weekend went too fast. I am thankful for some sweet memories from this weekend together!

    IMG_4399IMG_4405_MG_1650 _MG_1666 _MG_1674 _MG_1683 _MG_1728 _MG_1772 _MG_1775 _MG_1787 _MG_1812 _MG_1832 _MG_1854 _MG_1872 - Version 2 _MG_1891 _MG_1899 _MG_1911 - Version 2 _MG_1948 _MG_1953 IMG_4407

  • Explore

    We loved our time with Mimi. Lots of exploring time and getting our house decorated for Christmas. Below is a 200+ year old Oak Tree and a visit to the UGA Aquarium as well as Oatland Island. The kids curiousity never ends and I’m thankful to have Mimi here to share in our adventures. IMG_4301 IMG_4296 IMG_4288 IMG_4284 IMG_4279 IMG_4260 IMG_4262 IMG_4267 IMG_4270 IMG_4273 IMG_4256 IMG_4243 IMG_4233

  • How Lucky We Are!

    I’m so thankful to have my mom in our lives. She always jumps right in to join in the days adventures. She makes organizing, checking off to-do’s and even shopping with 3 crazy kids fun. It is so nice to have her help with the kids, baths, meals, all while making us feel so loved in the process. She shows up in our lives in so many ways. Oh how lucky we all are! These photos are 2 1/2 years apart. Oh how time flies. I’m thankful for the memories she etches in all of our hearts! IMG_0730 IMG_4215