• Girl Time

    While the boys were camping last weekend Mabry and I got lots of girl time with just us as well as several other friends and their little ones. It was renewing, and sweet, and oh so special. Rarely do I get Mabry all to myself. It was a memory jar moment for sure!IMG_4883 IMG_4891 IMG_4892 IMG_4869

  • What’s Going On?

    What’s going on lately you ask? So many things. We had a HUGE dead tree cut down this week. It was said to be one of the oldest standing trees of it’s kind on the island. The boys sat on the porch ALL day and watched it being cut down. It takes skill and some tough dudes to remove something like that. It was quite an education and in fact we used it as a hands on school learning day! (BONUS!) We have to get the stump excavated and I am sure that will be equally amazing. Lucky for us we got a HUGE pile of mulch to put in our flower beds. Last night after Gress and I hauled 4 loads (barely making a dent in the pile), we were spent. Rad’s guaranteed me that moving mulch is going to be a family affair but I’m not so sure.

    And why I am not so sure he will have time for mulch hauling is because (drum roll please), our master bathroom is starting to get worked on. I know it won’t happen quickly but the fact that there is activity is exciting! I could do a cartwheel!

    And due to the tree getting cut down, we can finally get our boat around the driveway corner and into our backyard. Which I am sure reminds Rad daily that it is calling him to get busy on that. It needs a bit of love which will take weekend after weekend for many weekends. And you see this is the struggle. Adventure (boat) vs. modern conveniences (bathroom). It’s a hard decision. I feel for you Rad!

    And then when you look at the boat you are reminded that the garden next to it needs some reinforcements, possibly a rebuild so we can grow some fresh food.


    And on top of all that, neither do the dirty kids that dig holes, build forts, run barefoot, and frolic in the mud.

    IMG_4854 IMG_4857 IMG_4860 IMG_4862 IMG_4865 IMG_4868 IMG_4869 IMG_4780

  • The Pack

    I had the fun opportunity to watch my friends 3 (out of 4) kids Monday while they moved to a new house. This friend doesn’t ask for help so it was humbling that she let me keep them! Each one of these kids is special and it was so fun to see their little (and BIG) personalities. I got lots of looks when we unloaded off the mule at the park and I can only imagine what was going through the people’s minds! And how awesome it was that there was a swing for everyone! Luckily all these kids play so well together so it was a fun memory making day! Rad has to remind me all the time about the boy “pack” mentality as I am still learning. It is something else. These boys have a big sister who adores Mabry. It is sweet to watch them together. IMG_4772 IMG_4777

  • Sunshine is Calling

    The sunshine was calling our names today. We finished up with school and headed out to one of our favorite adventure spots. I have to say it was one of the sweetest days I have had with my kids in a long time. I felt like I got to connect with each of them individually and still have sweet time together. Mabry is getting quite independent and loves to explore right alongside us. We counted 10 alligators, tons of ducks, egrets, and blue herons. We were on the lookout for bobcat cubs that were spotted earlier in the day. It was a great excuse to walk through the wilderness without making a peep. Who knew my kids could do that…all THREE of them! It is times like this that remind me why I homeschool. Perhaps I needed that encouraging reminder!

    IMG_4782 IMG_4788 IMG_4796 IMG_4798 IMG_4808 IMG_4832 IMG_4837 IMG_4846 IMG_4848

  • Growing Up

    It’s like I turned around and when I looked again he was much bigger than before. How did he grow up so fast? His love of legos is unending and his imagination continues to amaze me. This is one neat kid and I’m so glad I get to be a part of his journey._MG_2307

  • Girl Time

    Oh how lucky I am to get little quiet moments with this sweet one! I had all Saturday morning with just her (while the boys played outside). I love seeing her little personality emerge. She is different when it is just her. And I love that I get to just know her without her brothers around._MG_2311 _MG_2317 _MG_2327 _MG_2329

  • Fans Everywhere

    IMG_4734There was a Star Wars party at the library today. I have so many thoughts from this one gathering. Let’s just say there was a mom dressed in full Jedi attire with her teenager dressed in a VERY small Hans Solo outfit (shirt unbuttoned and all) and a daughter who wanted to steal the show. Yes they were quite a site. They had some amazing characters for the party. All I could think was what adult really has a life size storm trooper outfit and is their home decorated in Star Wars? Gress loved every bit of it, while Mcree was quite disappointed he wasn’t going to be sword fighting with all the kids there. But then again, Mcree is regularly disappointed at something (we are working on that). Star Wars fans come out of the woodwork when there is an event. I had no idea.

    IMG_4727 IMG_4730 IMG_4732