• Our Swimmers

    These two boys have been doing swim team for 3 months. When they started both boys could swim (one better than the other) and both disliked swimming on their back. The improvement they have made is amazing thanks to their 3 coaches (one who was a World Class All American Swimmer and in the Olympic Trials). They teach sportsmanship and great skills. These boys are excited about their upcoming first swim meet where they will compete. Our coach really encourages swimming for God and not for anything else. I love that! Sadly our main coach has had some recent health issues that has taken him away from our team for the last few weeks. The boys have been continually praying for his healing and it is oh so sweet to hear their prayers. We are so proud of the boys for the perseverance and hard work to improve their swimming skills. IMG_5261 IMG_5264 IMG_5273 IMG_5274 IMG_5276 IMG_5286

  • Easter Season

    As we read the Bible story about Jesus on the cross this morning we really had the chance to let the sacrifice He made for us sink in. We talked about how painful it must have been to be nailed, pierced, beaten and mocked. And then to have to wait in that state of suffering to die. We go about our days not remembering all Jesus gave up for us. I so don’t want this season to be anything more than remembering Jesus’ huge sacrifice for us and then the amazing chance we have to share the good news of his resurrection. He died so that we could live. I pray that one day these little lives will be able to fully live for His glory. _MG_2407

  • Sunshine Break

    Sunshine always does the soul good. We got some school done and then went for an exploratory walk at a property our friends caretake. There was so much to see and it was so renewing to watch my kids love of nature grow. We found snails and snail tracks, a fox carcass (tail still in tact), soo many beautiful flowers, animal dens, a labyrinth to solve, a church in the woods, and a marsh full of things to uncover. Thanks Sprungers for sharing your amazing space with us!

    IMG_5224 IMG_5218 IMG_5215 IMG_5210 IMG_5208 IMG_5206 IMG_5205 IMG_5200 IMG_5199 IMG_5185 IMG_5181 IMG_5177 IMG_5171



    Some of our friends came back to Savannah for a visit. Oh how my kids have missed them. Several families came together to hang out with them during the week they were here. It has been over a year since they had all seen each other. It was a sweet reunion to watch them meet back up! And 19 kids (2 not pictured) at the beach is a blast and slightly crazy. IMG_5096 IMG_5110 IMG_5126

  • California Girls

    “Where are you from?” is a question I often don’t know how to answer. “Where were you born?” or “Where have you spent most of your life?” Those are questions that are easier to answer. I am a fifth generation Californian but only lived a mere 10 years of my life there. Yet I feel like that place depicts a lot of what I love in life. Would I go back to live there? No. Do I have any friends from my childhood there? No. But I will always smile fondly when I think of California.

    Recently a friend kept mentioning that I needed to meet her best friend that moved here. Her friend was from Long Beach, and she was 40. Somehow she must have thought that alone would be our connection. Ha! Then I get a text message with a photo asking if the person behind her friend is me! IT WAS!! We were childhood friends, lived on the same street, carpooled and her mom remembers my mom not sharing her famous pumpkin bread recipe (that she still keeps a secret). WHAT A SMALL WORLD!

    Today I met her again, 30 years later (at our mutual friends kid’s birthday party). It was so very sweet to have that instant connection!

    friend IMG_5141IMG_5139

  • Inspiration to My Soul

    I’ve been reading a book that is speaking such truth to my heart these days. Oh how I have needed that. The author describes the bare truth: “Not an hour passes without the enormity of the task I have taken on bringing me to my knees. This work of homeschooling and raising hearts and souls and bodies is hard. It is more than I can do in my own strength. Even so, more than anything else, I desire to teach and mother in a way that pleases God. Some days that feels like feeding the five thousand. But He is not asking me to feed the five thousand. He just wants me to bring my basket of loaves and fish and lay them at His feet…… Our hearts are restless until they rest in You, O lord!”

    Such a sweet reminder that He provides everything we need. “Success itself is entirely beside the point. It’s faithfulness that He wants.” This gives such purpose in cultivating my children’s souls and nourishing them in truth. I need this reminder daily…sometimes hourly. I want my eyes open to teach what God has in store for my children. I have to remember the purpose of what we are working towards.  Thankful for this book and the truth it has spoken to me.

    Book: Teaching from Rest

    IMG_5078 IMG_5080



  • “When I Grow Up”

    I overheard Mcree say this this morning to Gressett…

    “Bubba, when I grow up I am going to have soo much money I am going to buy a job. And My job is going to be selling stuff.”

    HA! If he looks this suave when he gets older that may be true!IMG_5072

  • Sweet Sunshine

    We’ve been kind of under the weather this last week so we have spent lots of time at home. In fact we had been at home too many days in a row (missing church and lots of swim classes) without even letting the sunshine touch our faces. The kids and I were getting restless so one day this week we got in the car, headed to the Chickfila drive through and then took our picnic to the park by the water. It was exactly what we all needed. This poor dog has been cooped up with us too, mostly because she has been escaping and neighbors are continuously calling us to let us know she is out. One sweet neighbor even chased her down on his golf cart. And one guy walking his two energetic boxers by our house realized our front gate was wide open and sprinted to close it before Luna barked her way out. Oh LUNA!  The gates are finally fixed and hopefully we won’t embarrass ourselves anymore with our runaway dog. Notice in the photos how there is a perfectly cute elephant dog bed sitting nearby while Luna hogs the boys bean bags. She doesn’t always love to cuddle so we take every chance we can get! IMG_5067 IMG_5068

  • Mommy

    The way this little girl “mama’s” her babies is so very sweet. She is constantly rocking them, snuggling with them, and singing to them. She even had a tea party with them the other day. She is going to make one sweet mommy one day!IMG_4967

  • Adventures with Pop

    Oh how we love having my dad around. He makes our days fun with his stories, his love for adventure, and his curiosity for life. He not only helped get our mulch pile cut in half (our yard looks great thanks to him), but he also homeschooled my boys for a few days. And we fit in some fun field trips along the way. THANKS POP for your investment in our lives! IMG_4937 IMG_4944 IMG_4991 IMG_4996 IMG_5004 IMG_5021 IMG_5023 IMG_5026 IMG_5039