• Say Cheese

    This photo makes me smile. Gress….curiously looking out the window to capture a glimpse at the next wildlife that might show itself. Mcree…taking advantage of the camera that sat next to him and trying to see what Pop sees through that lens. And my dad….letting life happen around him and enjoying the moments as they come.IMG_6530

  • Little Travelers

    Our kids are great travelers. They have a natural love for adventure and exploring the details of each moment. The travel out to Arizona makes for a long day and then loosing 3 hours really messes with your body clock. (On our return trip we didn’t get home until midnight). These kids were troopers and we were so grateful for their ability to go along for the ride.

    Watching them explore the different landscape, hearing them interact with new people, and seeing them drink in the new experiences makes me smile knowing that these moments are leaving impressions on who they will become. There was so much to see (including watching a chinook helicopter collect water from the lake and carry it to the closest fire). They met new people and gladly welcomed them in. Mcree happily tried out the hair products in the very fancy country club locker room. There was sweet time with my sister, aka Aunt Karin, and lots of time to snuggle with all the many stuffed animals around (including a fox that made me jump every time I saw it).

    It was a gift we got the chance to go to Arizona. And we are so very thankful for the time there.IMG_6338IMG_6341 IMG_6372 IMG_3575 IMG_3557 IMG_3576 IMG_6904 IMG_6906 IMG_6909 IMG_6571 (1)

  • Outdoor Exploring

    Three energetic kids placed into a different landscape almost requires you to adventure outdoors. And that is what we did. We explored several trails in Arizona, each path having a different terrain. And for my rock loving kids, this was a dream (there was an area that people had placed all the heart shaped rocks they found). At one point Gress couldn’t keep his shorts up from the weight of his finds in his pockets.

    IMG_6596IMG_6662 IMG_6647 IMG_6636 IMG_6627 IMG_6615 IMG_6609 IMG_6571 IMG_6536 IMG_6533 IMG_3300

  • Moments Together

    We had some sweet time with Mimi while we were in Arizona. Some of our moments included….swimming while overlooking the beautiful landscape, seeing all the animals at the zoo, playing games in her backyard, mexican birthday celebrations, hanging out with her sisters and my sister together and playing a good ol’ competitive game of hand and foot. Time passes too quickly when we are together!IMG_3251

    IMG_6391 IMG_6388IMG_6669 IMG_3261 IMG_3258

  • Once in a Lifetime

    IMG_6441 IMG_6403There are moments you have that you know may only happen once in your lifetime. Perhaps for my family, visiting the Grand Canyon by train was one of them. It was an incredible experience! There was a cowboy shootout that happened before getting on the train, and then musicians throughout our ride, and a train robbery by cowboys on horses. There was so much to be in awe at along the ride (wild stallions, tons of prairie dogs, a mouse, elk and people coming distances from their homes to wave at the train). And then there was the majestic Grand Canyon that takes your breath away. Oh what a sight. It reminds you just how very small you are!

    Lucky for all of us, we got to share this experience with Pop. We love having adventures with him!

    IMG_6510 IMG_6489 IMG_6485 IMG_6477 IMG_6474 IMG_6435 IMG_6437 IMG_6414 IMG_6404 IMG_6399 IMG_6424 IMG_6427 IMG_6396 IMG_6394IMG_3272IMG_3286

  • Your Legacy

    IMG_6905What legacy will you leave? That is probably a question you don’t often think about. And maybe not until later in your life does it creep into your thoughts more often than not. We had the opportunity to attend my Grandfather’s memorial service in Arizona. The service spoke volumes about what kind of man he was and the lives he impacted. There were so many special parts about the service but hearing people share the stories about how Pop Pop’s life impacted theirs was my most special. Every single person talked about how he prayed, or loved Jesus, or turned them toward Jesus. Those were his biggest lasting accomplishments. What a shining example of a humble servant.

    The roses my grandparents once planted were abundantly in full bloom this week in Arizona. It was a sweet reminder of the beauty that still remains after they are gone.

    And I most loved seeing this sweet lady who I have known since I was 10. My sister and I were best friends with her two girls and we shared lots of memories together. She got up to talk about PopPop and shared so many fun memories with him. Gress kept looking at me and couldn’t believe all the adventures we once shared with this sweet family.


  • Sweetie Pie

    She is as sweet as she looks. I love my Sunday drives to church with just her…and this particular Sunday just us girls got to drive back home and share lunch together. Girl time is the best!_MG_2514 _MG_2521 _MG_2527

  • I Must Be Dreaming

    This view…the breeze…my generous neighbors. I always have to pinch myself when i end up here.IMG_6292IMG_6304 IMG_6299 IMG_6290

  • Luna

    I love this dog. She is a GREAT companion. She is loyal, and trustworthy, and listens better than the kids! But the second the camera comes out, she acts like I’m going to hurt her. She gets all nervous and looks everywhere but the camera. Nothing will get her to perk up her ears or sit straight up. She’s really meant to be herding cattle. It’s too bad she is stuck here with three crazy kids who steal all the attention! She does a pretty good job keeping them wrangled! IMG_6317 IMG_6321 IMG_6323

  • Savor it!

    Savoring the craziness…because it is always there in one form or another!IMG_6245 (1)