• Jesus Come Quickly


    I have been struggling lately with posting images and content of my life. This idea has been wrestling along in my head and heart…. What is seen is not real and what is real is not seen. We post these “stories” about our lives and you see just one photo and it only truly gives you a brief glimpse of the story. We don’t like people to see our messy, broken and deep down and dirty, do we? We want to seem put together, appropriate, worthy of attention. But yet so much happens beneath our facade that we aren’t willing to reveal. Who are we really trying to impress? Is the spotlight ours for the taking? We so don’t deserve the glory. Is is not about us. Our life here is about bringing God the glory. Jesus come quickly!

    What people are you gathering with and have you taken the time to see into their hearts?

  • Family Time

    These days have been so full lately it is hard to get the energy to sit down and post. We were so lucky to have my sis and the cousins in town this last weekend. It is always special when we can get together. They have a sweet little friendship and I love seeing my sister’s kids personalities. I also love sharing laughs with my sister! We find humor in the exact same things and it always does my heart good to be with her!

    IMG_7351IMG_7684 IMG_7673IMG_7663IMG_7659 IMG_7630 IMG_7372 IMG_7364 IMG_7622 IMG_7680IMG_7333 IMG_7285 (1) IMG_7724 IMG_7715IMG_7380IMG_7693IMG_7377


  • “Mommy come on”

    Oh this is such sweet goodness right here sitting next to me. The way she gently grabs my hand and says, “Mommy, let’s take a picture.” Of course girly because I don’t want to miss this moment right next to you! IMG_7539 IMG_7540 IMG_7543

  • Let’s Set Sail

    Dear Wide Open Sea…oh how we have missed you! It has been way too long since our last get together and this last Friday we set sail. We sailed to a national wildlife island where we had the WHOLE shore to ourselves. It was AWESOME and renewing and although we were a little rusty with our routine and knowing the boat, we are quickly becoming acquainted again! Our boat is docked at a new marina just down the road from us and we have already met so many interesting people who love sailing as much as we do. It is going to be a great community of people to connect with and I’m excited to see where God uses us there.

    I am also excited to see Rad’s soul renewed in sailing. It is one of the things that challenges him, tests him, inspires him, teaches him and makes his smile BIG! Let the adventures begin.IMG_7545 IMG_7549 IMG_7553

  • What’s New?

    What’s new?

    Mcree lost his second tooth! He waited for it to get really loose and then yanked it out. Luckily the tooth fairy got his money under the pillow in the nick of time (15 minutes before he woke up…whew that was close!) IMG_7497

    We have had lots of beach days which just makes us dream about being on the boat. We are thankful for friends who love the beach as much as we do!IMG_7509

    We all participated in dress like a cow day for Chickfila’s fun day. At first Mabry was dressed like a cowgirl. The boys decked her out in a cowgirl hat, holster…gun and all. But by the time we actually went to eat she paired down her outfit. She was scared of the big “pig” or cow as most people would call him. She has talked about that “pig” every day since then. Gress was kind of embarrassed to wear cow spots on his shirt. We told him dressing as a cow = free food and he happily obliged!

    IMG_7489 IMG_7488 IMG_7485 IMG_7482 IMG_7479


  • Sunset

    There is something magical about being on the beach as the sun goes down. And it only gets better when you have some friends to share it with! What a fun evening we had and dreaming about going back! IMG_7024 IMG_7031 (1) IMG_7034 IMG_7038

  • Nature Pals

    I love that these three little curious kids love to explore. We set out on an adventure this day to collect things from nature. Things that were interesting, and different, and exciting. We signed up to exchange our finds with a family in California. It made the hunt so much more fun and honestly it taught us all to open our eyes more to the beauty around us. We were decked out in boots as we hunted through the wetlands. It was quite an adventure.

    (The boys were so covered in camo and mud I bet the animals didn’t see them coming!)IMG_7421IMG_7416IMG_7415IMG_7391IMG_7386IMG_7369IMG_7328IMG_7315IMG_7359IMG_7309IMG_7313 IMG_7336 IMG_7381

  • How Often

    How often do we miss what is right in front of us? Do we see the details in the clouds? Do we linger long enough to see that creature staring at us? Do we pause enough to breath in, smell, touch, and feel God’s creation? Or do we rush down the path enticed by the next thing?

    This day was a day of seeing and feeling, and really listening to the world around us. We sat, and felt animals heartbeats, and stared in awe at the beauty above, beneath and all around us. We brought a friend…because life it better with them. And we learned what it was like to just be.

    IMG_7225 IMG_7195IMG_7189 IMG_7187IMG_7171IMG_7163IMG_7130 IMG_7126IMG_7108 IMG_7095IMG_7093IMG_7220IMG_7172IMG_7127IMG_7122IMG_7112IMG_7100

  • There She Goes

    Our backyard lawn ornament, aka Turas the sailboat, is no longer under construction. The MONTHS (compilation of hours, days, weekends, blood, sweat and tears) have finally paid off and the project is mostly complete (minus a good cleaning and fixing a few things here and there). We launched her into the water on Friday afternoon. The morning was filled with lots of adrenaline pumping and breaths being held and WE DID IT! I was most nervous about moving the 300+ pound mast, flipping it over, and getting it mounted onto the boat. I don’t know if you remember the last time we did this but I cried and told Rad my days of second mate mast installer were over. Most people take their sailboats to a boat yard and have a crane do all that work for them and then use a lift to launch the boat into the water. Not us crazy people. We forget how hard it is so we do it over and over. And oh how proud we were when she hit the water. It was like birthing a baby. Ok, not really! But this boat brings such adventure to our lives. She now resides at an awesome marina just minutes from our house. We are so excited to be a part of that sailing community! Rad and Gress tried to put on the sails Saturday but the wind was so strong they couldn’t get them installed. So our adventure of sailing awaits for another day. The heat index here was over 100 these last few days so needless to say we were all exhausted. A little rest is a very good thing!