• Highlight of our week

    The speed at which my days are moving along seems to have sped up. Anyone else feel that way? Perhaps it is the darker evenings and the sun not rising quite early enough around here. I wake up and the day has already started. And when the sun goes down, I find myself wanting to retreat before the kids are even in bed. All of that translates into I can’t seem to keep up….with my to dos, my clean house, my daily exercise, or meal planning, oh and the list goes on. And to be honest school takes up a lot of time and energy. Which is great, and hard, and trying to find that balance is a work of art.

    Speaking of art, we just can’t get enough of that around here. It is a highlight to our weeks. I have seen huge growth in the boys abilities to sketch, follow direction, and the add in their own unique ideas. Sometimes I giggle at their art because it is just so cute.

    img_9390 img_9377 img_9375 img_9372 img_9371 img_9184 img_9183 img_9179 img_9104


  • Special Visit with Nana

    We snuck away last week to take a mini trek to Atlanta to see Rad’s mom. The kids love their Nana and she always makes them feel so special. It was a sweet time to hang out together. The visit was short, the drive was long, but it was so worth it for the kids and their Nana to connect! There was pumpkin painting, and cat wrangling, and frog hunting during dark and glow stick dancing, and a walk, and lots of ice cream cones, and the biggest bubble bath you have ever seen. Mabry keeps asking every day if we are going there today.

    img_9328 img_9297 img_9311img_9305

  • A Girls Heart


    I always thought boys were easier to raise. The fact that they are less emotional, bounce back easier, and if they just go outside it usually solves everything. I was scared to have a girl. I didn’t know what it would be like. What I have realized is that they often reflect your own emotional state, it’s like putting up a mirror to yourself and seeing inside your heart. It causes you to examine why you cry (or don’t), what you hold in, what irritates you, and what makes you sing and dance. Those emotions and joys come so freely for a 3 year old. There is NO HOLDING BACK all of those feelings (and sometimes they come all at once). For someone like me, who has trained myself to hold it all in, those outbursts seem crazy. But if I’m honest with myself, and I let myself really feel my emotions, I probably would live a lot more on the outside than I do. This little girl has made me examine my heart so much more. And for that I am so very thankful.


  • Adventurer

    Collector of rocks

    Tamer of wild pinching crabs

    Companion to tiny snails

    Rescuer of small reptiles

    Renovator of huge driftwood

    Seeker of shiny bugs, beautify butterflies and any living creature

    Mcree brings adventure to all our adventures!

    img_9050 img_9052 img_9055img_9165


  • 16 Years

    I am so inspired to be doing life alongside this awesome husband. It has been a road of adventures, lots of laughter, moments of intense pain, and so many memories that make my soul sing. We have come a long way from our first adventures in the snowy bridges of Madison County, Iowa to packing up our family to live out our dreams by the coast. We have had many jobs, many homes, and lots of honest conversations about the legacy we want to leave. Marriage has been one of the hardest things I have done yet one of the most rewarding. I can’t imagine my life without Rad by my side.

    “Marriage is a work of divine art and a a masterpiece created over a lifetime. To become valuable, it must be worked at, and fought for, and cherished, and invested in. Only then will it become the legacy God intended it to be – a heritage of stories of faithfulness, humility, forgiveness, traditions, and prayers.” Sally Clarkson

    Bring on more adventures!

    img_0173 img_0174

  • Rare Moments Together

    I’m really trying to savor the one on one moments I get with this little girl. It is in those times that I get to see her personality shine. We love to sing together, play babies, draw, chat and just hang out. But honestly, oh are those times rare. It is when I see her asleep that I realize how fast the day went by and I wonder how many moments I made her feel special. It is humbling to watch these precious kids sleep and know you have a great influence in how they see themselves. Lord, help me to do this motherhood job well!

    We are in the middle of a bathroom renovation and it was so sweet to see Rad sit down to a tea party (dust mask on and all). img_8997 img_8991 img_8979 img_8685 img_8684

  • Art to the Rescue

    We have LOVED art lately. We try to weave it into a lot of our subjects throughout the week. Yesterday was a particularly off day. The kids were moody, and distracted and just not themselves. I called Rad to ask what to do with them and he said why don’t you just do some art. AHH! Never a bad idea. We read about Monet’s life and made an impressionist painting based on his water lily paintings. Surprisingly that reset our day and we could move on to other subjects after that.

    Gress has been getting more detailed in his bird nature study drawings. It is fun to explore that talent in him!

    Reason 104 why I love homeschooling. Art lessons with the kids!

    img_9007img_8759 img_8761

  • Getting Bigger


    “Mama, I’m too big for you to carry me.” Oh the day has come when she knows she is growing up. I love this sweet little bundle of fun!

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  • Three

    Welcome to three Mabry! We loved getting to celebrate your life!img_8916img_8871 img_8891 img_8894 img_8903 img_8905-1 img_8915img_8941