• Date Night

    I’ve been craving some one on one time with my boys lately. Regular dates were something I have been wanting to do with them FOR A LONG TIME and finally I instigated the first one with Mcree. Because I had promised him a trip to the toy store for weeks now, that is where we went first to use his gift cards. He decided against legos since he said they have too many. HA! But he picked out some favorite little things that made him feel over the moon. And then we went to a burger joint (his choice). We talked about what a boy’s job is on a date. He practically ran to open my door every time. And then when I asked him what kind of questions he thinks you ask someone to spur conversation he chuckled at our role playing. Man he is cute. He’s a special little boy and I’m so thankful I got an evening out with him! Putting our next date on the calendar!

  • “Young Man”

    Gress is just shy of 10, and I can already feel his need for independence. I corrected him the other day when he said he was a young man, and he reminded me that Dad calls him that. Somehow he still seems like a young boy to me…especially when I see him snuggled in his frog blanket, or cuddled up next to me or Rad. I find him wanting to stretch out, especially when the other kids and I are happily doing something else. So I try and let him most times. The other day he walked all the way to the other end of the beach and back, alone. You could see his confidence grow and how this made him feel older. My heart skipped a few beats knowing this is just the beginning of a long road of these moments. I feel both proud and hesitant at the same time. I guess a mama’s heart can span the distance!

  • Little Moments Along the Way

    Lots of sweet little moments happening around here lately. Some I just couldn’t not write about. So here I am again.

    We have gotten back into our groove with school. Boy is it hard to transition from weeks off to back in the swing of things. I think I have my feet under me now. It took every bit of focus I had to not get derailed. And the momentum is growing. Mcree read his first book to Rad the other night. From a kid that only knew his sounds to reading a book (albeit short and few words) was amazing to Rad. We are still working with motivating Gress that reading is awesome. He is in a literature club at co-op (which he is even surprised how much he loves this class). He is required to read a few chapters a week. This week he had to read 2. He read 10! TEN PEOPLE! And he just about cried at the end. He said the book was so good because it was about a boy and his dog. We have a little reward system going now for him per 25 pages read. If he gets up to (I can’t remember the number of pages) there is a big prize at stake. But he can cash in along the way if he chooses. Hopefully this will spark the love of reading in him even more.

    Oh and Mcree finally lost another top tooth. It has been loose for months. Oh is he cute!

    We had a fun visit to the farm a few weeks ago. There were puppies, and baby sheep and one that needed to be bottle fed, and sweet little friends to hang out with, and one farmer’s wife who always makes my heart smile. Their life is full, and adventurous, and so very rich! The life growing on that farm always humbles me.

    We are in the beginning stages of looking for a boat. We are saving every penny and dreaming about what our next season of sailing will look like. Every time Rad and I drive over the bridge (which is 2x a day for him) we take a deep breath knowing how much we crave being back on the water. And just a few days ago, our beloved wrecked sailboat that was towed to the salvage yard after the hurricane was bought for $125 and towed to Seattle where a man is going to attempt to bring her back to life. Considering the state at which she was damaged that is going to be quite a project but oh how I love that she might sail again! Long live Turas!

    And with these sunny days, there have been a few trips to the beach. It’s always good for the soul, even if 2 smaller children are fighting over who’s pile of sand is who’s. And we have managed to tuck in more adventures to museums and parks and picnics along the way. It’s a great start to the new year. Loving these days….even though some seem harder than others, they are sweet.


  • Pondering

    It’s been awhile since my last post. Not sure if you noticed. This start of the new year has me pondering a lot of things….one being this space where I share our life’s stories. I find my photos full of life, but often void of me. I am behind the camera most times, just observing. And I feel like that has been where I have sat for some time, a bit disengaged. I want to remember these moments because I am in them…not just watching from the outside. I am moved by photos and that is where I find my love of words. But I have a feeling there will be less photos in the near future. More living, and less watching. I might change my mind but for now this is where I am.