• Turn your frown upside down!

    It was one of those days. The ones where everyone was just off, a little too self focused, and just plain sensitive. I myself was having a great day but the kids were rubbing each other all wrong and I was trying really hard to not let it ruin my mood. We sat down to pray and asked God to help us be better servants of each other. Not less than 5 minutes later someone was off again. So we finished up our main work and FINALLY, after talking about it for over a year, we had a “poetry tea time.” We set the table, Gress picked flowers from the woods, we filled the teapot with lemonade put out a plate of cookies and strawberries and we gathered fun poems and stories. We read and laughed and had a great time. Gress was nervous that he wasn’t going to be able to read the poems the right way. He did perfect. It was sweet. And different. And their moods were changed…for the better.

    After our poetry tea time, Gress was feeling the excited urge to do some creative writing. AHHH…YES! OF COURSE YOU CAN WRITE. He has been working on a short story about a knight and we have been working on finding the main idea, how to change usual words to more interesting ones, how to elaborate one point and take away the other and so much more. He is in love with writing. I think when I told him he could write whatever he wanted and spelling or grammar didn’t matter, his imagination took off. This has been fun to watch.

    And Mabry had a little painting time today. This girl could paint all day long!


  • Cheese!

    Our littlest artist loves to draw faces. She keeps saying the faces are me. Then I see the face and wonder where my smile has gone. I showed her the other day how to draw a smile and this is what she came back with…..TEETH, and lots of them. I guess to her that is a full smile!

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day

    Because I have no green outfits planned or even the energy to take a St. Patricks Day photo with my kids this year, here is a blast from the past. WOW! Happy St. Patricks Day!

  • Mimi’s here!

    I have so much to be thankful for. This week we were most thankful for Mimi and how she loves to come visit and just “be” with us. She so happy to go along for the ride and we all love having her here. We played games, she got the boys kites and helped them learn to fly them at the very cold beach, she shot BB guns with the kids and was quite an amazing shooter (who knew). She helped with school, and life, and chores and managed the crazy kids while Rad and I got some time working in the yard hauling way too heavy things around. My mom and I even got some girl time without little people arguing in the background. She always manages to pour out such gifts on us with her time, talents and presence and we are so thankful for her! We miss you Mimi!

    One of our favorite outings was visiting the Wilmington Island Farmer’s Market and seeing the lady with all the birds, the lady with blue hair that read great books at story time, and a girl dressed up as a carrot. Random and fun!

    Mcree was the only crazy person in the water on the WHOLE beach. I think he realized his insaneness once the numbness hit.

  • Art is a good thing ANYTIME!

    We love art. It’s always a part of our day whether I teach it or not. The table always ends up covered in colored pencils, watercolors, and great finished art. I am currently writing this at 6:45am and Mcree just woke up and asked me if he could look at some fish drawings so he could start creating. I LOVE that! I love that my kids love to draw, and use their imaginations. And when art is happening, it is usually quiet and peaceful and yes I will take more of that!

    Mcree drew those puffer fish without any help. And the other day he asked me to help him draw a “perspective” picture. Who knew Mcree had this in him!

    And Gress had to create a “book report” for his literature club and created a diorama. I was pretty proud of his effort! He has to present his book report in front of his class so we practiced this morning. Public speaking is a learned skill and it was really fun to see him testing it out this morning. Rad got up and taught Gress how to make it more exciting. I love seeing how Rad teaches them.

    And Mabry has not stopped drawing faces. Mostly me, looking rather unhappy. We need to work on the smile next!

  • Where We Started

    It’s hard to believe I have been homeschooling for 5 years. Considering I never thought about schooling my kids, this is a pretty special accomplishment. It’s fun to look back and remember where we started! Oh how many memories we have had together. It’s been a wild journey!

  • Magic of Childhood

    Yes, It was a school day and these kiddos were dressed for action. Someone was visiting next door and he looked at Gress and said, “boy what are you wearing on your legs?” Gress said, these are chaps.” The guy was so confused. HA! Kind of makes you wonder what people think about these homeschool kids. While all the other kids are going to school in uniforms, I had one little girl who escaped into the front yard in just her underwear to throw the ball to Luna and the boys in full cowboy/Daniel Boone attire with full spurs on and all.

    The magic of childhood is still alive and well in this house. I love that this 9 year old still likes to imagine life as someone else. You never know what the day will hold. Maybe I should sew a bonnet for this little prairie girl! At least she will have some article of clothing on!

  • Get Outside

    Adventures together never disappoint. It was a Saturday and Rad had a work meeting all day so the kids and I forced ourselves to get outside. They were happy to sit inside, I was happy to paint a bathroom and that was enough. But I thought memory making would be way more fulfilling. I was right. It was the highlight of our day. I think Luna was the most excited to get out and be wild and free. She frolicked in the sand and sea. It was a great day!

  • Reminder

    One of the fun reasons we homeschool is so that we can take advantage of truly experiencing life around us. And field trips are a great way to do that. I haven’t been taking time to do that lately. So I am posting this as a reminder to GO, SEE, EXPLORE and to let the work in front of us be for a minute. Find things that inspire, that we can touch, feel, smell and that draw out the adventurer in us. Let’s go! And maybe we can wear leg warmers just for fun!