• Almost TEN!

    In a little less than a week, I will be the proud guardian of a 10 year old boy. TEN! How did that much time pass. I can still remember when he was born and how he rocked my world. He has been my sidekick ever since. Gressett has been a great companion for all these years. There are so many things I love about him, many of these things have defined his character. He is a teacher and loves to help people experience the things in front of them. He is curious and is always searching for life happening around him. His is fun and loves to make you smile or laugh and will sometimes even laugh harder in that process. He is imaginative, an artist, smarter than he gives himself credit for, a great conversationalist, loves to serve especially making these two girls in his family feel extra special. He is a great big brother, a born leader, a loyal dog owner, a rule follower, a hard worker, and an extraordinary helper. Our lives are so much richer because of this one kid. And for that I am so thankful!

  • Thankful

    I am thankful for a dad who invests in my kids lives. Not only does he love me well, but he loves my kids too. He took the time to individually pour into them and get to know them at the stage they are in. He appreciates their silliness, their curiosity, doesn’t mind the noise, the bad jokes, the occasional bad manners, and he puts up with their antics (after all, he usually starts the jokes and tricks). They adore him, look up to him, and love to ask him questions (Gressett’s latest question including wanting to know about every scar on Pop’s body…I even learned a few things). Pop is a story teller, an inquisitive wanderer, and one who loves to experience and capture the moment he is in. In all my years of life, I have never seem him once wear camouflage. And this day at the beach, on his own accord, he lovingly included himself in my boys camo club.  He loves the beach and adventure as much as we do. On this particular morning, just after a tornado ripped through our little island damaging 30+ homes the night before, we headed out before the next storm rolled in. The conditions were overcast, windy, and ominous and it was a great morning to explore the tides. It was the perfect moment together!

  • Let’s Start Over

    Sometimes we only like to remember the good parts of the day. And this particular Saturday I am only remembering the moments after the challenging situation that could have turned catastrophic trying to get the boat in the water. Seems like we have had a lot of hands on learning and we are hearing that this is all part of boat ownership. So I am erasing the first part of the day from my memory (don’t ask, I won’t tell). I am choosing to fill my mind with the memories of wind in my hair, seeing my brave 3 year old jump off the boat into the water. playing in the tides, catching tons of hermit crabs, meeting another sweet family from Puerto Rico, and having a blast spending time with Pop on the boat. It’s always magical being out on the water and having a fun destination to dock up to. I am overly grateful to a random man who happened upon our situation and gave us his time, muscle, and encouragement. And I am especially thankful to a husband who looks at a situation with a glass half full and keeps moving forward. That right there was a life lesson to my kids about staying positive, and stepping in to help others in need.


  • Transformation

    Remember the caterpillar that Mabry caught that she cried over when it turned into “wood?” Well, today it turned into a beautiful butterfly. She cried again because we told her she had to set it free!

  • Friday Night Family Time

    Friday nights are usually our “hang out as a family and do something special.” This particular night we headed to the beach for the Savannah College of Art and Design Sand Arts Competition. It is always amazing to see what creativity these students possess. Restraint was hard for the 2 youngest to not pile on top of some of the ones that had huge caverns and mazes. Then the kids had some wild and free time in the water while Rad and I sat and soaked in the wind and sunset. I’m pretty sure Mcree never came out of the water the whole time we were there.

  • Hanging Out

    “Hey you have a 5 minute break.” And this is what they choose to do! So funny. And finally I could braid Mabry’s hair. Are those the tiniest braids you have ever seen? Hehe!

  • GROW!

    I am guessing a true farmer never would have planted so many squash and cucumber in one garden box. And amongst all that lush greenery are 2 rows of okra, a gaggle of radishes and a pepper. They have no hope of even seeing daylight. And because the squirrels stole every last tomato in our last garden, we planted 12 tomato plants this year. There are either going to be some really fat squirrels or we are going to feast on some delicious caprese salad come this summer. I’m dreaming of the later. And thanks to Mr. Caterpillar, we now have no dill or parsley. But thankfully we caught him before he did any more damage. Mabry quickly claimed him and put him in her bug box. She cried the other day when she realized her caterpillar turned to “wood.” Pretty sure he cocooned (or maybe shriveled up and turned to a hard brown decaying worm). And every time a sunflower gets ready to bloom, something gnaws off the stalk. If I find that animal, I might get one of my hunters to kill it. It’s so fun to go out to the garden daily and see what new growth we have! Such a fun lesson!

  • Inspired Artists

    We read about Georgia O’Keefe and were inspired to create art from her beautiful paintings. Oh how these kids love art. Gress asked Mcree what he wanted to be when he grew up, and he said, “maybe an artist.” Mcree asked Gress the same question and Gress decided he wanted to be something other than an artist. But this day, he was enthralled with painting and really took his time to create detail with his paintbrush. To say we all love art in this house is an understatement. I just signed up to take an online flower portrait class and am SO excited to learn more techniques and be inspired from an artist. 

  • Little Explorers in the Wild

    We LOVE our farmers. I often dream of living next door to them. We live in such different environments (us more coastal, them acres and acres filled with vegetables and oh so many animals). Every time we go to the farm, my kids fall in love with something there. This time I got to snuggle with the newest little farmer and the kids got to love on little tiny bunnies. THANK YOU E for sharing your brood of baby rabbits with us! They can’t stop talking about it!

    As part of our homeschool co-op we took a field trip to the shoreline to explore with a man who runs beach ecology walks. We found SO many animals that were hiding within the rocks and seined in the tides and found tons of fish and a squid! It was quite a fun educational trip! 

  • Where you go, I’ll go

    I can honestly say, life got way more fun when Rad entered the picture. I feel like I have known him all my life and I am so thankful that tomorrow we get to celebrate another year of him on this earth! He is a very sweet daddy, an incredible husband, a loyal follower of Jesus, courageous, strong, mentally tough, loyal, adventurous, hilarious (have you seen him dance), a risk taker, a deep conversationalist, knower of all things mechanical (aka the nickname Dr. Diesel), an encyclopedia of knowledge, a cheerleader of entrepreneurs, a fantastic chef (pretty sure this was one of the skills that really wooed me early on), and a true friend. Life is so much better with him by my side! Happy Birthday Rad! Here’s to another year of adventuring with you!

    (Yes, we backpacked together exactly one time. We didn’t get the map, started out hiking too late in the day, camped the night, woke up, got lost, hiked for 15 hours across 3 mountain ranges, carrying dogs back and forth too many times across the freezing rivers, and had to be carried out on horseback. And still…I would follow him wherever he wanted to go…because his story always ends way better than mine!)