• Double Digits

    Pretty sure this 10 year old feels pretty loved. We had a party this last week to celebrate Gress. It was an all out boy party complete with fireworks, smoke bombs, a fire pit, flashlight tag well past bedtime, screaming at the top of their lungs, sports challenges, and to finish it off a campout. Luna could barely hold herself together with all the chaos that was happening. Lights out at 11pm and next time we will be giving someone a watch because Mcree came in at 2am to let me know everyone was awake and wanting to play legos. I can honestly say that you don’t need lots of structure for a boy’s party. They pretty much organized each stage of the evening. My mama self wanted to keep everyone in check but I was only allowed to observe. There is something freeing for boys when they can just be in the wild open with not a lot of rules. As one kid said, “this is insanitary.” Welcome to double digits Gress! 

  • Little Girl

    Fearless, carefree, opinionated, tough, loving, caring, sweet, feisty, independent, curious, and my favorite little sidekick.

  • Good Genes

    These curls. They are dreamy. He has the thickest, curliest hair. My dad and sister share that amazing trait. And coming from someone who has flat, thin hair, there is reason to be jealous. It was getting a quite out of control. He said he wanted it all one length, and I was planning to leave a little curl on top, but the clippers took over and next thing I knew, it was exactly what he asked for. Since the hair gene passes from my dad to my kids, I’m pretty sure he will be set for much of his life. Every time the kids get haircuts, I am reminded they are still so young!

  • Oh this place

    Oh this place! When I am here, I breathe deeper, my thoughts run wild, and my dreams start forming into how to make them reality. The beach and it’s tide are home to me.  I met a couple from California (San Bernardino to be exact) and I could see the feeling in her eyes as well. It’s a thread that runs deep into your soul! The storms were looming but we headed to the beach to explore and it was the perfect start to my birthday. The kids caught blue crabs, hermit crabs, sea anemones, fish and really pretty shells.

    My family and friends love me well and I felt so special on this day! THANK YOU for the birthday love!

  • Explore! Time and Again

    I’m happy to report the boat had a great launch on Saturday. Not going to lie and say I didn’t hold my breath or have a bit of a knot in my stomach as we approached the boat ramp. Practice makes us better, and heading out early before most people even think about being on the water gives us the chance to take our time and not miss any important steps. It was one of the most beautiful days we have had on the water. The sky was cloudy and the ocean was so calm. We got to Wassaw Island before any other boats had arrived. We saw three abandoned bicycles and later found out that there is a compound on the island where someone lives. WOW! We explored the tide pools, found some fun creatures to momentarily study, fished and swam. Once more boats arrived we met some new families (one in particular who Mabry wouldn’t leave their side and jumped off their boat over and over again). There is something so magical about being on the open water and something even more special about revisiting a place time and again to see what the tides bring in.