• Back Island Kids

    I think it has rained every day for weeks….or so it seems. The boys LOVE to run in the downpours and it makes me laugh out loud to see their joy and silliness. This particular day we went for a walk pre rain while the boys rode bikes. It was the first day they realized you could cut off jeans that had holes in them and make them into shorts. OH BOY! As my neighbor always says, “we are back island people.” And we love it back here where we can run wild and free and have kids that look like they live in the 80’s!

  • Summertime Days

    Where has the time gone? I keep asking myself that question. In a few short weeks we will start back to school. We all have mixed feelings about it. Mostly because summer is so fun and free! We’ve been very low key these last few weeks and it has be so refreshing to just hang out near home. We have managed a few beach walks, lots of pool time, an evening beach trip with friends, and a very few fun days away to Edisto, South Carolina with some long time friends (we have known for 13+ years!) The kids frolicked in the water for hours while the adults relaxed in the shade. Gress was excited to finally use his new kayak. It was gorgeous and so very fun to catch up with our friends. Sadly, we haven’t been on the boat. It has been rainy most weekends but hopefully we will get her back in the water soon! I am still here blogging, don’t worry. My plate feels overly full these days but I will try to get back at it!

  • Hanging with the littles

    Another day with these 2 cute kids. Art at home and then a little play time at the pool. This little girl is an amazing swimmer. No more floatation devices and she loves to go off the diving board and swim to the side. She taught herself. Smart little cookie!

  • Only 2 Kids

    I forgot what it was like to just have 2 kiddos and this week I got the feeling of that again. While Gress was sailing at camp on the Wilmington River all day all week, I got to make sweet memories with the 2 youngest in my crew.

    The dynamic is so very different when there isn’t the 3rd. Mcree and Mabry played all morning, making forts, making pretend meals for their stuffed animals, and playing so sweetly with each other. At one point Mcree was pushing a stroller for Mabry up and down the hall. I love seeing these sides of him! We decided to stay home today after 2 full days of adventure. Monday we made art all morning at a cafe/art studio and then frolicked in the water spray pad (and the kids got free lunch! YES!). And then Tuesday we met up with some friends to play at a park and meet their newest little girl from India, and then went to “Build a Bear” to make stuffed animals and then they had free lunch again! (Chickfila dress as a cow…and some sweet mom gave us the masks while we were there).

    I love making sweet memories with these kids!

  • Early Morning Walk

    This place. The tide pools. Seeing the kids deep in exploration. The smell. The salty breeze. The sunshine warming my skin. My favorite people along for the adventure. It was the perfect morning.