Black Diamond Slope Ahead

Perhaps the goggles should have been a warning. We were headed for a ride on the mule to meet some homeschool friends at the park in the next neighborhood. I chuckled when Mcree put his goggles on. About 2 minutes out I realized he was the smarter one. He had taken off the front windshield that allows more wind to blow through the front. What I didn’t realize is that when you get up to max speed, it is almost impossible to keep your eyes open while driving. Impossible. I was a bit envious of those goggles. Lesson learned. I’m sure my friend (who has 3 girly girls and a brand new baby boy) wondered about this kid…hair unbrushed, sporting ski goggles 5 sizes too big, star wars shirt on, camo lanyards around his neck with a dangling compass. Oh this kid. IMG_5601

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