It’s “Sharpy” Daddy

Guest Post by Rad:

About 5 years into raising the boys (Gress being 5, Mcree being 2), Emily and I felt pretty good about where we were headed as parents. Not that we had it perfectly figured out but frankly, boys are not that complicated. So we rolled with the challenges with a clear end in sight. Put another way, we thought “we’ve got this parenting thing figured out”.

Then God, from on high, probably laughed as He dropped Mabry on us. Yes, God made girls different…in almost ever way. Never have I been so turned upside down by a human. Mabry has forced us to reset our prideful, parenting skill set.

A good friend, Greg McGinty (with 9 kids), told me that a real man is defined by having a daughter. I could not agree more.

While I won’t, for a second, pretend I’ll ever have a consistent, repeatable response to her when she challenges my authority, that’s ok. Because I get to spend time with this precious, complex pinnacle of God’s creation (remember, women were the last thing God made). Our boys have made parenting them fairly easy. Mabry is God’s way of reminding me I’m not in control, I think. It doesn’t matter overall as the good so far outweighs the challenges. What a gift this little girl is.

She’s starting to get her voice (literally and figuratively)…and one of my favorite times of day is bed time, when I lean down to kiss her good night. She’ll often grab my face (and if there’s stubble), rub it and say “It’s sharpy daddy!”. I melt.¬†IMG_5833IMG_5840IMG_5831

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